Is protection what you are looking for? If you are looking to feel safe, strong or empowered this might be the intention you need. Energetic protection is required when you suffer from spiritual attack, psychic attack, nightmares, fear, unbalanced energy or emotion, and pretty much any time you feel you are not enough to keep yourself safe. What can crystals do to help? You might be surprised to see just how far a little bit of belief can get you. Often the thing we need most when we seek protection is simply remaining aligned with the idea that we are safe. Crystals can help facilitate that connection. 

For more information on the crystals used in each piece, please visit the crystal information page.


copper, tiger’s eye & lapis lazuli on a 17.25-inch cord.



copper & carnelian on a 22.5-inch cord



copper, quartz, golden rutilated quartz, heliotrope, garnet on a 23-inch cord



copper, prehnite on a 17.5-inch cord



copper electroformed starfish & garnet on a 21.5-inch cord



copper & tiger’s eye on a 19-inch cord



copper, black tourmaline & shattuckite on a 21.5-inch cord.



copper, tiger’s eye & sunstone on a 16-inch cord.



copper, almandine garnet on a copper chain. Measures 20.25-inches long *adjustable.



copper, tiger’s eye, heliotrope, golden rutilated quartz on a cord, adjustable up to 18-inches.



copper, pyrite, rainbow obsidian & amethyst on a copper chain. Measures 22 inches * adjustable.



copper electroformed feather, blue kyanite, quartz, gold sheen obsidian, unakite, black moonstone, heliotrope, smoky quartz & shungite on a 20.5-inch cord.



copper, tiger’s eye, moonstone on an 18.25-inch cord $



Sterling silver & black kyanite on a 19 inch leather cord with sterling findings



black & blue kyanite mixed wrapped with copper on a leather cord



Copper & carnelian on a leather cord



Copper & carnelian on a 17.5-inch leather cord



Copper, ammonite & blue apatite on a 17-inch leather cord



Sterling silver, shell, basalt, carnelian, gold sheen obsidian, gray moonstone, black tourmaline & amethyst. 7.75-inches



Sterling silver, sandalwood, iolite, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, shungite, shattuckite & amethyst 9-inches.



Sterling silver, hematite, basalt, garnet, silver sheen obsidian & amethyst. 7.5-inches.



Copper & lapis lazuli “Evil Eye” with amethyst. 7.5-inches



Basalt, hematite, tiger’s eye, larvikite & sandalwood stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 14-inches



sterling silver & dravite (brown tourmaline), size 6



sterling silver & sapphire spinner ring, size 9



sterling silver & amber size, 9.25



Sterling silver & sapphire, size 9


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Working with energy is personal and there is no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect crystal match for an intention. There are some crystals that generally align well with particular goals. Sometimes suggestions can help us find our way to the energetic support system we need. Whether you believe that crystals can help attract what we are looking for, or if you think they are talismans that simply remind us of what we desire; the suggested pieces on this page might be ones that can help align you with the intention or goal you wish to better resonate with.

Crystals can align with many different intentions so you might find that one piece is useful for many different goals. It is also important to remember that a suggestion isn’t fact. If a crystal feels right for you, there is likely a reason. We don’t always see clearly what it is we need. We do, however, gravitate towards what it is that can get us to where we need to be. If you are unsure of your crystal selections, please feel free to message me for a free consultation to help you find your crystal match.

For more information on the individual crystals, you can find all of my crystal write ups and cheat sheets here.

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Thoughts From The Void

Spirit is always listening

I was having a conversation the other day with someone who recently began “manifesting” on behalf of other people. She was a little concerned that there has been more spiritual activity in her home and around her since she started performing more rituals. Her concern was mostly about the “entities” that seemed to be creating a bit of chaos in her life. I responded without thinking and gave her a “Well yeah, what did you think happens when you do a ritual? Spirit gets involved.” This upset her. She had never thought that spirit would show up when she did rituals. She honestly thought that she would perform the ritual and her intentions alone made things happen. That her will was the only thing at play. Her reaction confused me and brought me to write this piece about what happens when we perform rituals. 

As always, I start by saying I speak from my experience and share my perception. What I believe and what you believe don’t have to align. Still, this seemed like something logical that this person never even thought to entertain. If you perform “manifesting rituals” what do you think happens behind the scenes? Have you thought about it at all? From what I have seen, most people don’t think about it, even a little bit. They do the rituals as instructed or even as they plan out themselves, but then they don’t watch and pay attention to what happens after the ritual is done. Depending on the ritual and the intention, we are likely calling on spirit to act in some way – even if we never say that in so many words. Someone in spirit is always listening and sometimes they respond. 

This sounds cool, right? If we are looking for some help achieving our goal, why wouldn’t we want spirit to help? I would be willing to bet that most of the time whatever attention our rituals attract is harmless or even temporary. However, when it is not, the trouble can be significant. Where do you turn when you have this kind of trouble? This is a big part of why it is important to have a clear intention and to know your energy well before engaging in any kind of ritual. Once done, cleansing is important. I know people like to think they are above that step. I have seen the memes about it, and I strongly discourage that way of thinking. I promise you are not stronger than the worst you can find in spirit. While I believe we are all equal, we are out matched when it comes to what takes place in the spirit world. We can’t gain the full picture. We have only a small amount of clarity and spirit has lifetimes of experience compared to our fragmented perception. Take care of your energy and your space or it might not remain yours. 

Even in our everyday lives when we put an idea into the world, someone in spirit is aware of it. Spirit can choose to intervene. Spirit can choose to manipulate a situation to better align it with their goal if they want to. Spirit can manipulate you without you ever knowing it’s happening. Spirit does not just mean your great Uncle Stu who was really nice when he was alive. Spirit is not all good. From what I have experienced, those that are “all good” don’t help or intervene unless we directly ask for help, and even then, they don’t always assist. When we perform a ritual with an intention, I want you to think about what happens after your candles are done burning, when your petitions have long been ash, when all of your pretty crystals are put back to their resting place on your shelf; think about what happens next. Is it all just over then? Or is someone in spirit watching and waiting? Is someone in spirit influencing?

Odds are, the spiritual energy you gather during the ritual and even the time leading up to it attracts someone. They don’t need to be in your space either. Spirit works in ways we can’t fully understand. Maybe you have a keyword in your petition that aligns with something someone in spirit holds a strength in. Maybe that word is one that someone in spirit looks for because it makes you an easy target. Maybe someone in spirit just wants to help people who look for a certain type of strength. All of these are possible, and more. There is no guarantee spirit will hold malice or benevolence. There is a 50/50 chance of either. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t engage in rituals? No. I do not think that is the answer. I just think it is important to be fully informed before you do. Many people see things on Pinterest or in Facebook groups and just give them a try. This is the type of ritual I would not engage in. You should know your energy first. You should know how to heal your energy and clear your space. You should know what you believe. If you have an ally in spirit that is great, but I don’t feel it is required. I can say that when things get scary and you don’t have an ally, you must have a very strong will and unwavering sense of self. If you do not have those things, I would not engage in rituals. You should be aware of what the spirit world holds. You should know who lurks in the shadows. Pretending there is only good in spirit will not be beneficial in the long run. Holding the delusion that you are somehow more powerful than anything you will encounter is also a falsehood you would be wise to avoid. No one is all-powerful. 

When a ritual is performed, the wheels start turning. All the in-between stuff starts shifting. The energy surrounding you and your situation begins to change. This doesn’t mean the change is in alignment with exactly what you want. This just means there is a shift. That shift could be in alignment with what you desire, it could be spirit setting up the lesson you need to learn, or it could be spirit taking the chance it has been waiting for to get it one step closer to one of its goals. You protect yourself and keep the control in your corner by knowing your energy, preparing your space, keeping your intention very clear, and then clearing your space and yourself when you are finished. This is how you help protect yourself. This is how you keep as much control over your energy as possible. Spirit is always present. Spirit is always influencing. If this idea frightens you or if you are not prepared to face that reality, then perhaps it might be in your best interest not to engage in ritual manifesting. 

I wanted to share those thoughts simply because people don’t seem to mention this aspect of ritual work. I had thought it was just understood that if you try to work with energy, those who reside in the energetic world will take notice and could participate in helping, hijacking, or harming in relation to whatever it is you are doing. When it came to my attention that this is not something that everyone realizes, I felt it important to write about it. I don’t feel you should fear ritual work, but I do think it is important to be well informed prior to engaging in something that could result in negative consequences. Learning the hard way with spirit can be very harsh and there is no guarantee you will come out of the experience feeling good about it.


Crystal Information

An igneous rock known as monzonite that is comprised of ternary feldspars, barkevikite, titanium-bearing augite, lepidomelane, and sometimes olivine, nepheline, or quartz; larvikite is a decorative rock that displays the much sought-after schiller effect known as labradorescence. That was a whole lot of words that don’t really tell us the energy of this “crystal”. Only, if we want to understand something, sometimes it helps to know the “ingredients”. 

If we were to try a cookie and it was good, we might say “What’s in this?” Most of the time we aren’t actually planning to bake a batch for ourselves, so why ask? Somehow knowing the ingredients helps us to better understand what we have eaten. Even if we don’t know what those ingredients are, defining them creates a puzzle that we can further examine if we so choose. For example, many of you may not be familiar with the term barkevikite, but odds are you might have encountered labradorescence.

As you read that first descriptive sentence you could have acknowledged the words, even though they did not mean much to you. Then when you got to labradorescence you might have noticed a similarity to labradorite and made a familiar connection. This is a fair description of how this stone works with energy. It helps to categorize and define the “ingredients”. Even if we aren’t sure what the ingredients are or what they mean, it helps us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves and situations that make up the whole. While compartmentalizing all of the influences and history of something can be confusing or even overwhelming, this stone also highlights the area in which to begin our understanding. By providing a connection to both spirit and the physical present, larvikite is an excellent stone for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

~ Aids meditation efforts 

~ Promotes grounding and stability 

~ Strengthens connection to spirit and self 

~ Facilitates emotional healing 

~ Promotes dream recall 

~ Aids divination efforts 

~ Facilitates an understanding of past events 

~ Highlights and promotes acceptance of multiple viewpoints 

~ Promotes feelings of inspiration & motivation 

~ Facilitates shadow work 

~ Helps breakthrough roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles

~ Facilitates forgiveness

~ Promotes confidence 

~ Strengthens faith

~ Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

~ Promotes acceptance of change & aids transformation

~ Helps combat effects of anxiety 


Thoughts From The Void

A symbol thought by some to have been created from the soul of an Archangel, Metatron’s Cube brings order and balance to all energy. It supports the connection between all things and harmonizes one with the divine. Associated with numbers such as 6,13, and 78; this symbol contains all of the platonic solids and can resonate with any application. It is believed to connect one with “angelic” energies and facilities a strong connection to both the world of spirit and the physical. It worth noting that this is a three-dimensional shape that is often depicted with a two-dimensional representation.

To better understand this and other sacred geometry symbols, please read the Creation -through the lens of sacred geometry which can be found here.


Thoughts From The Void

This symbol always perplexed me because it seemed to be called the very thing it was intended to defend against. Not only that, but it can also be used to send out the energy many feel it wards against. That said, the evil eye is a concept that dates back to antiquity. One of the oldest known beliefs is that people had the ability to harm others through nothing more than a gaze. Sometimes this was done intentionally and other times without awareness. Either way, many believe the harmful glare of some could curse another causing misfortune, distress, or even injury.

 A form of apotropaic magic used to defend against such evil glances was the use of a talisman or amulet in the likeness of an eye that could reflect the harmful intentions of another back to the originating source. Whether the malice was sent due to jealousy or spite, with intention or without awareness; the evil eye has been used to provide protection from the “evil eye” since the dawn of civilization.


Thoughts From The Void

The Key of Life

Thought by many to represent life itself, this ancient symbol is believed to be the key to unlocking the secrets that lie behind death’s door. The symbol dates back to around 2900 BCE and is often depicted in funerary artwork. It is believed that the gods would use the ankh to emanate the breath of eternal life into the dead. It is a symbol of power and wisdom just the same as it is of rebirth and regeneration. All things can be found within the ankh because when there is balance and cooperation between masculine and feminine energy, all things are possible.


Thoughts From The Void

The idea that we control our energy is a difficult to learn. It is a concept that is much easier said than done. The idea that people or circumstances should not shake us is something we can all agree on, but we don’t always find success during application. The opinions of others, both good and bad should not dictate what happens within our energetic field. One’s value is not determined by the level of importance other people bestow on us. Also, the storms others may be weathering only can influence us if we choose to let them.

This is one of those things we all do and very rarely pay much notice to; unless of course, it has a negative impact on us. Think for a moment about how much energy you give away. How much control you hand over to others. I never gave it much thought from this angle but think of how you feel when someone pays you compliments. Think about when you unintentionally seek approval from other people. If we feel unsure of ourselves, we might look for validation. This is natural, but that feeling of self-approval that comes from a source other than the self is not really the best practice. It is one thing to enjoy a compliment, but it is another thing entirely to require them.

When we look for validation in others, the control over how we feel is no longer ours.

We control what energy we allow to influence us. Very few situations fall outside of this truth.

The same goes with the negative side of this. It is ok to say, I am not participating in this. There is nothing wrong with recognizing someone else’s storm and deciding you don’t want to weather it with them. Then simply walk away from that bit of turbulence until the time comes when you are comfortable to revisit it.

Remember, it is our energy, and it is our job to maintain it.


Thoughts From The Void

Root Chakra

Often people ask what crystal to use for particular applications. My opinion on this is that suggestions are amazing, but nothing beats your own belly. If you feel a crystal is the right one, it is likely the right one – even if you don’t know why. With that said, I feel you can use pretty much any crystal to balance any chakra. They all attract or repel something, and sometimes our issues are not “standard”. Blanket lists are not going to work because our issues are not one size fits all. I do have some favorites that I feel resonate well with most disfluency issues. The crystals I chose for the first chakra, are selected for their ability to provide stability, strength, and support. 

Think of our energy system like a tower of blocks. If you put a triangle block on the bottom, you can’t very well build a stable tower. The base is crucial! So, stability is the name of the game for me when it comes to the root chakra.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara which translates to “Root of existence”, and it is associated with Earth.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Crystals Book One Finding Your Way, which is available on Amazon.

Common name: Root or Base Chakra                

Color: Red                                                           

Keywords: Grounding, Security, Survival                                                

An imbalance in this chakra means you experience the world through a filter of fear and insecurity. The effects of which can manifest in a multitude of different ways. If you find you are always in survival mode, you may want to take a closer look at this chakra. Below are a few indicators to help you determine the functionality of your first chakra. 

Suggestive signs of excessive energy: obesity, overeating, greedy, materialistic, egoistic, boredom, lethargy, insensitivity, pessimistic attitude, selfishness, indifference, fear of change, hoarding, stubbornness, addiction to security 

Suggestive signs of energy deficiency: excessive worry, phobias, fearful/panic, confusion, suspicious, uneasiness, underweight, hopelessness, poor boundaries, withdrawn, disinterested, absent-minded, chronic disorganization, disconnection from body, sense of not belonging, anxious, restless, can’t settle 

The following is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Root Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. My personal favorites for this chakra are:

Carnelian, Garnet, Red Jasper and Hematoid Quartz 

 That being said, you should experiment and find your own favorites! 

Crystals that resonate well with Muladhara  

Aegirine -“Stone of Integrity” Courage, Confidence, Stability, Protection, Ground 

Almandine Garnet -“Stone of Tangible Truth”, Protection, Strength, Security 

Alunite (Angel Wing) – Grounding, Stabilizing, Creativity 

Anyolite (Ruby Zoisite) – Intuition, comfort, protection, grounding 

Apache Tears – Protection from grief, psychic attack or other negativity 

Aragonite- “The Conservationist’s Stone” clears negative emotions, anxiety and blocked ley lines, grounding 

Black Amethyst – Auric protection and psychic development, grounding 

Black Andradite Garnet – protection, confidence empowerment, grounding 

Black Diopside – Balances the aura and aids connect with the elemental beings 

Black Jade – Transforms negative emotions and protects from negative energies/ intentions, strengthens the aura, grounding 

Black Merlinite – Luck, magic, duality of the soul 

Black Shamanite (Black Calcite) – Purification, protection, spiritual development, grounding 

Black Spinel – Empowerment, protection, grounding 

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) – Strength, passion and courage, grounding 

Brochantite – Connects to higher realms & stimulates Intuition 

Brecciated Jasper – Strength, vitality and mental clarity, grounding 

Cacoxenite Amethyst – “Stone of Ascension” spiritual awareness, healing, clarity, grounding 

Carnelian – Strength, courage, passion, grounding 

Chrysanthemum Stone – Good fortune and positive synchronicities, grounding 

Crocoite – Energizes, stimulates creativity, passion 

Cuprite – Will power, strength, security, grounding 

Dravite (Brown Tourmaline) – Courage, acceptance, protection, self-healing 

Ethiopian Opal – Strength, purification, balance, grounding 

Fire Agate – Stabilizing, strength, self confidence 

Flint – “Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”, grounding, lighting the spark, manifestation 

Pyrope Garnet – Protection, creativity, charisma, grounding 

Goethite – Grief, emotional and past life healing, grounding 

Hematite – Balance, protection, transmutes negative energy, grounding 

Hematite in Quartz – Balance, confidence, will power, protection, grounding 

Hypersthene – Boost psychic abilities, magic 

Ilvaite – Aids patience, perseverance, creativity, grounding 

Jasper – Comfort, stability, balance, grounding 

Jet – Magic, elementals, protection, grounding 

Kyanite, Black- Balance, cleansing, protection, grounding

Larvikite – Cleansing, protection, psychic abilities, grounding

Mt Hay Thunderegg (Star Agate) – “Amulet Stone” harmony, stamina, protection, grounding 

Luxurianite – Confidence, healing, stress relief, grounding 

Nebula Stone – ‘The Birthstone of the Cosmos,’ protection, cleansing, psychic development 

Nuummite – “Sorcerer’s Stone” Personal magic, luck, protection, strengthens the aura, grounding 

Obsidian – Protection, self-discovery, addresses old traumas, grounding 

Peacock Ore – Happiness, understanding, healing 

Petrified Wood – Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Poppy Jasper – Protection, positivity, grounding, balance 

PuddingStone – Balance, healing, grounding 

Pyrolusite – Clarity, hidden truth, transformation 

Que Sera – Calm, balance, psychic development, aura strengthening 

Red Aventurine – Manifestation, confidence, energizes, stamina 

Red Calcite – Detox, energizes, grounding, protection, provides zest for life 

Red Spinel – positivity, protection, grounding 

Red Tantalite – Protection, good decision making, grounding 

Red Tourmaline (Rubellite) emotional healing, grounding, protection, balance 

Rhodolite Garnet – Inspiration, emotional healing, grounding 

Rhodonite – Love, acceptance, forgiveness, grounding 

Ruby – Passion, protection, prosperity, grounding

Ruby Kyanite – Balance, protection, transmutes negative energy, grounding 

Rutile – Strengthens energy flow, strengthens aura, clarity 

Rutilated Quartz – Promotes spiritual growth, strengthens and cleanses the aura 

Septarian – Confidence, tolerance, grounding 

Shiva Lingam – Increases pranic energy, grounding 

Shungite – Healing, grounding, protection, aura strengthening 

Sillimanite (Fibrolite) – Stimulates feelings of euphoria, clairaudience, aligns chakras 

Smokey Quartz – Protects, grounds, heals 

Snakeskin Jasper – Dream recall, shamanic journey, grounding, protection 

Snowflake Obsidian – Balance, protection, healing, grounding 

Specularite (Specular hematite) – Dissolves negativity, grounding, assists mental function 

Spessartite Garnet (Spessartine) -Creativity, inner growth, grounding 

Staurolite (Fairy Cross Stones) – Grounding, communication with fairies, healing, dream clarity 

Suleiman – Absorbs negativity, aids channeling, grounds 

Tiger Iron – Grounding, physical vitality, stamina, courage 

Tiger’s Eye – Balance, strength of will, vitality, protection, grounding 

Tourmaline Black – Protection, grounding, cleansing, purification 

Tourmalinated Quartz – Healing, harmony, protection, grounding 

Turritella Agate – Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Unakite – Compassion, balance, grounding                 

Vanadinite -Creativity, mental stimulation, personal power 

Witches Finger Quartz – Healing, protection, overcoming fears, grounding 

Wulfenite – Past life healing, transformation, grounding 


Thoughts From The Void

“How am I feeling?”

Healing is a very complex topic, especially when we start digging into the various forms and methods used to target the act of healing. We can see a doctor, a shaman, a priest, a friend, or even a loved one to achieve various forms of wellness and balance, and that all falls into the category of healing. When we use a combination of all available practices, we increase our chances of finding the harmony we are seeking. I typically try to address the energy behind my ailments first and then go from there. For all things that seem strictly physical, seeking advice from someone who is well versed in healing the physical body is the most logical thing to do. It is important to realize that we are more than just our physical body. For all of those issues that fall outside the realm of our conventional medicine’s effectiveness; this is when we look to our energy. These are the areas we are capable of healing all on our own! 

The biggest part of self-healing comes from being mindful of how we are actually feeling, and more importantly – why. Getting into a routine where we perform “self-checks” is the hardest part of this. This first step of self-healing can be completed with the foundational information I have already shared. You do not need to be a Reiki Master in order to heal yourself. You just simply need to have the will to have balance and strength in your own being. As always, if there are parts of what I do that resonate with you, take them and make them your own. If there is anything that feels like it needs modification, make the changes and apply them to your personal practice how you see fit. 

This practice is very easy and takes minutes a day. The key here is doing it every day as the benefits of this “ritual” will be felt over time and will help to provide emotional and energetic stability as well as the recognition of when we need to make a change in our physical lives to facilitate our own wellness. Yes, I say ritual because I believe a ritual is anytime we act intentionally concerning something sacred to us. We should be the most sacred thing to us. We deserve our full attention at least twice a day! When we are at our best, we can do more good for the world around us.


Upon waking in the morning (or whenever it is you start your day) take a few moments to become centered and take notice of how you feel. Actually ask yourself “How do I feel?” Take note of anything going on within your personal bubble. Are you feeling sluggish, do you have any physical discomfort? Then go deeper, emotionally how are you feeling? Are you looking forward to the day? Are you filled with a bit of dread? Then go deeper. Energetically how do you feel? This one might be tricky at the start, but this is the answer we are looking for the most as it is the “behind the scenes” influencer of most of the previous answers. This is where our state of being is hiding. 

Have you ever heard someone say, “My soul is tired”, or the opposition of “Bursting with joy”? These are the feelings inspired by our energetic body. Both of which might require some grounding and circulating. When we encounter various frequencies that impact our energetic system and do not address them, they remain and circulate in our energy field. As they do this, they have subconscious influence over our being. These energies are what we are hoping to become aware of. This will be the starting point for our self-healing.   

As we take notice of everything we are feeling, from the physical to the energetic, try to find the origin for what it is we feel. Example: “My knee hurts because I walked up the steps a dozen or so times”. Only, we want to do this for everything we feel. Maybe you feel frustrated with a conversation you had. Perhaps you are worried about a loved one. Notice all things you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of these things impact our ‘energy’. Everything, every single energy we take notice of, we want to find the point of origin. NOTHING gets to reside within our energetic field without us being aware of it.

Awareness is the key to resolution and healing.

If we don’t know why something is influencing us, we can’t control its influence. 

Once we recognize what we are feeling and why, it is then time to ask ourselves if this is a temporary feeling or something that requires addressing. The knee pain, for example, will be temporary. If I want to, I can put some ice on it or take some anti-inflammatory medication, but it will most likely resolve itself. Take the time to go through addressing everything and decide if actions must be taken to bring resolution to the energy behind the feeling. There will be things we can’t find resolution for. This is okay, take stock of those particular energies and know they are working behind the scenes. They will present themselves in “triggers” and irritants throughout your daily life. They will not go away for good until they have been addressed but try to not dwell on them at this point as they are likely something that requires shadow work, and that is a topic for another day. For now, simply acknowledge they exist and honor yourself by knowing that when you are ready, you will find a way to address these energies. 

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical body all influence our ‘energy’.

Sometimes we will feel overwhelmed when we really start to take notice of what is going on within our system. Should we encounter this sort of spiral of overwhelming energy and emotion – pause and collect yourself. Being mindful and aware is important when engaging in self-healing and we must remain in control. This means, recognizing when it is time to re-center and ground. When moments of overwhelm occur, it is okay to take a step back and remind yourself of the present moment. Every feeling holds merit, every emotion is an important clue to our well-being, but everything does not require your attention at the same exact time.

When lots of energy comes forth at once, center, ground and then ask yourself, “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Locate the area of your life you feel you lack control over and find a starting point to regain control. Maybe you have more to do than you can really accomplish in a day. Perhaps you feel like the weight of the world is falling on you. You have to work, manage the house, pay the bills, take care of family, find time for yourself, and more. This is a common area that overwhelms people. When we encounter these energy overloads, look to the origin – what do all of these troubles have in common? Is it that we have too much to do? Or is it that we don’t feel supported enough to ask for help? Do we not enjoy doing all of the things or some of the things we have to dedicate our time to? There is always an underlying reason for what energy resides in our field. The foundation of healing comes from the identification of these reasons. 

When there is chaos in our system, it wreaks havoc on our lives.

These are the energies we really should not leave unaddressed. We can accomplish all of our long to-do lists and more; but if we don’t face those feelings that lie beneath our chaos, then they will continue to influence our lives in less than positive ways. For the one example given above, we would need to vocalize how we are not feeling supported and bring it to the attention of the people we feel are not lending us the support we need. We also need to take responsibility for our own well-being. We can’t do everything, and it isn’t reasonable to think we can. So, a shift in perspective is also required to resolve the disharmonious energy that pertains to our overwhelming feelings in this example. We need to reevaluate what we think we need to do, delegate what we can, and ensure we are dedicating some of our time to what makes us feel fulfilled.    

Once we have addressed or acknowledged everything we are feeling, it is time to ground and circulate our energy. We want to get all of our energy flowing, filtering it through the Earth’s energy and back up through our system so that we resonate at the frequency that best suits our current needs. Do we need a day of rest? Do we need to be motivated? Do we need more grace? Start the day by attuning yourself to the frequency you require to have the day you want to have. You can do that! As you circulate your energy, focus on how you want to feel. Not simply “I want to feel good”, but rather match the energy of where you want to resonate

There are a lot of words in there that make this all sound a bit mystical and not based in reality. While I prefer to use words that have a meaning we all agree upon, understanding that these terms have real life applications only takes a minor shift in perspective. Being aware of how you feel is not some kind of magic. Influencing your ‘energy’ is simply no different than choosing to control your mood. Being aware of what bothers you, addressing it, and rising above it is where self-healing begins. There is no magical source that is coming to fix you. You and your will can influence how you feel on a daily basis. It requires patience as well as the will to keep trying even when you fail. Our beliefs dictate how far into the mystical we go with healing, but I like to keep one foot firmly planted in reality. The energy around us can help if we believe we have access to it. However, it can’t do for us what we are not willing to do for ourselves.

Self-healing is a lifelong practice, and not just a one-and-done deal. Being mindful of how we are feeling is the starting point for any of the healing methods you might wish to engage in. Be it a trip to the doctor or the balancing of chakras, we first must acknowledge how we are feeling if we want to find effective “treatments” for the areas in which we feel dis-ease. Performing some method of self-assessment each day can help to produce lasting balance and an overall improved quality of life. Ideally, we will find the time to perform this check both when we start the day and just before we end the day. You might be surprised to find how much baggage we process while we sleep. If left unaddressed, these energies will be influencing our dreams and astral experiences which might prevent restful sleep – this is something that impedes wellness.

In time the process of self-assessment will be much quicker and take only minutes to complete. The more time we dedicate to honoring what we are feeling, the more we will understand all we are feeling. The more conscious we become of the energy that circulates within our field, the less subconscious influence those energies will have over our daily lives.