Thoughts From The Void

The Empath. This topic requires a gentle touch. To be perfectly honest, I am just not gentle. I know everyone has an opinion and I am sure we all think ours is valid. I suppose mine concerning the topic of “empaths” is no different. I am going to try and articulate the helpful points of my opinion because I think now, more than ever, those who consider themselves to be “empaths” are struggling hard. Please remember this is my opinion, my assessment of things based on my experiences. If my thoughts don’t resonate with you, please just disregard them or maybe revisit this at a later date. I promise all of my words are coming from a place of love and personal experience, not simply judgment – as it might come across to some. If you are willing to hear what I have to say, it just might change the way you view the struggle you face.

“I am an empath”

“It’s such a hard gift to be an empath”, “It is a curse no one would want” or the old narcissist vs empath victim posts. I have seen more of these than I can ever count, we all have. Comments, memes, or posts declaring how difficult it is to be an “empath”. We are going to come back to this but first, let’s talk about the sense of empathy. It is a clair-sense– just like clairvoyance. It is considered one of our “extra” senses. Now, just like most people have the ability to touch, taste, smell, hear, and see; most people have some level of the clair-senses. I say most as we know some people may lack in one or more of these areas but make up for it with amplification of other senses. Again, this is my opinion based on my experiences, you are welcome to disagree, hate me, or whatever you like but know I didn’t just pull this thought out of thin air. EVERYONE has the clair-senses, we just don’t all acknowledge them. Clairempathy- this is the one people are referring to when they say they are an empath. Just as the sense of clairvoyance draws its strength from the brow chakra, clairempathy resonates with the heart chakra. If you want to help to manage this clair, one way you can do it is by working with your heart chakra and making sure it is balanced.

Now, I know right off the bat some people will disagree with what I have said so far. “Being an empath isn’t something everyone has; this is a special ‘gift’ I am cursed with”. They will say I don’t understand. Yeah, I hear you, I do, but look at that statement. You believe it is reasonable that spirit has cursed a select group of special people to feel too much? That is your special gift? Are you more special than other people? Take a moment and let that sink in. Get over your response that I am an asshole, and let’s move forward because again, I promise an alternate view on this topic can change your life. I am speaking from personal experience. I am not viewing this from the outside looking in.

I promise I am not just an insensitive jerk.

The next debatable point is “But my ex is a narcissist, and he was absolutely not an empath.” I want to start by reminding you that some people are born deaf or lose their sight, so by that logic, there are some that lack a few of the commonly agreed upon senses. I can only imagine this holds true to a small portion of people when it comes to the clair-senses as well. Like any aspect in life, if there is a rule- someone is breaking it. For one reason or another, there might be people out there that really don’t have clair-empathy on any level. Maybe it is turned off? Maybe they don’t need all of the senses? Maybe they have a lesson that requires they don’t have them so that they focus on another sense? I don’t know, but what I do know is most people will have some level of clair-empathy, especially the so-called narcissist. I say ‘so – called’ because I am not a doctor. I do not have the years of study required to diagnose someone with a medical/psychiatric condition. Most people who label others with this term are also not doctors, they have just been hurt. I understand the reasoning, but pain doesn’t make us experts in the field of diagnosing mental illness or psychiatric conditions. Good common sense dictates this line of thinking. Keep your emotions in check here. It is difficult, but only you can do that for yourself.

I am not saying that people are not shitty sometimes or that they don’t behave poorly. I am especially not saying people don’t harm others who don’t deserve it. This is not what I am saying at all. I am not belittling anyone’s experiences with people who do act that way. Please don’t feel that from my statements. Remember, I love you all, we are one! I promise I am trying to help and if you stick with me here you might get to where I am trying to bring you. Those we self-label “narcissists”, how else could they manipulate us if they didn’t know exactly how we feel? They can feel what you feel and also anticipate how you will feel. That is the essence of clair-empathy. Understanding and knowing how someone is feeling and how to influence the energy around you, is clairempathy. Some are masters at utilizing this sense and don’t even realize it.

The so-called narcissist is a master at using clairempathy

Think of it like using the dark side of the force. They are using the same tools as a healer; they just are not using them for good. The difference between the “empath” and the “narcissist” is they choose to not become the emotion. They don’t take ownership of the pain and baggage that doesn’t belong to them. These so-called “narcissists”, use the information they gather to manipulate. They choose to be selfish but the way they assess the world and the energy around them is by way of clairempathy. This is no different than the healer who uses this sense. What they do with the information is what sets them apart.

The imbalance lies within the “empath”

The problem is not the “curse” of clairempathy but rather your inability to manage it. This is not an insult, it’s just an observation. On the flip side of that narcissist debate is a fact that will be contested, and I know will make some angry; but it doesn’t change the fact that when someone makes those posts, the ones about being an empath and how it is so horrible, they are attempting to draw energy to themselves. They are manipulating others to get attention and energy. Those posts and comments are an attempt at making yourself seem like a victim. The poster wants others to sympathize with their struggle. I know that is hard to hear but honestly ask yourself what is at the heart of that action? When those posts or comments are made, what emotion, what energy is it derived from? What are you sending or trying to get? Very, very rarely would it ever be an attempt to build someone or yourself up, because if you want to give someone hope or strength you would never tell them they are weak, or that they are just a victim. Would you?

The same logic is applied when we speak of ourselves. There is an energy, an intention at the heart of all we do, even if we are not aware of it. If we follow the logic here and we say, “I am an empath” and then we go on to post and declare that being an empath is a curse, and it is so difficult, etc., we are saying we are having a hard time or that we are struggling with something. Do you declare your struggles to spread happiness? No, we declare our struggles because we feel weak, defeated, or require backup in some way. This is normal but at the heart of it, this is an attempt to draw energy to you. Those posts and comments can be seen by some as “narcissistic” behavior. The very thing that some are claiming to be a victim of. Those posts are attempting to influence our environment or the energy that is coming our way. Manipulating energy is at the heart of those statements. Again, I love you and I promise this gets better so please stay with me.

This is not an attack. This is the start of empowerment.

I know right about now many are stuck on the idea that I am just a bitch, and I don’t know what I am talking about. I get it, I am the worst. I know. Let’s revel in that notion for a few minutes. I know as I write this it will not be well received by all or even most. I also know with all I have that my asshole opinion on this topic holds merit and can help at least one person break through their “I am a victim” mentality. I can tell you with all certainty you will never get past that stage until you realize you have put yourself there.

I like to believe that we are all connected. Not just some people, but all people. We are all one. Working with energy on any level proves that over and over. I know how I would respond to this if I didn’t agree, and I am sure someone out there is cursing me right now. Please know I do understand. I have been the “victim empath”. I choose not to be that any longer.

Do not choose to be a victim. You are stronger than that.

Telepathy, I like to think of telepathy as being tied to clair-empathy and the rest of the clairs. Telepathy is the act of communication, and the clair-senses are how communication is executed. When telepathy is out of control, you find yourself in a very bad way. Imagine trying to read a menu in a restaurant but can’t hear your own thoughts because you can hear everyone else around you- all at the same time. A choir of voices all sharing their thoughts in unison. Only, the people you are dining with aren’t hearing what you are. They are starting to look at you funny because you are freaking out. You can hear and feel their judgment which only makes things worse. You know you must get focused and in control, you run the gauntlet of emotions all in a matter of seconds. The room spins and finally, someone shouts “Snap out of it!” You wonder for a moment who you heard as you catch your breath only to see the waitress standing there waiting for your order. The trouble is, you haven’t read a single thing on the menu yet. You desperately search your mind for a breakfast food because reading the menu isn’t going to happen. You can’t read, you can’t think, and you pray someone might just order you some waffles. Waffles! That’s a food, “I will have waffles.” you desperately exclaim. The waitress leaves and things are quiet, you are relieved the moment is over as you hope no one realized how awful the last few minutes were. Then you think “Man, I don’t even like waffles”, but really in the grand scheme of things it could have ended much worse than ordering some food you don’t want to eat.

The above scenario is a real-life experience that was a result of clair-senses that were out of control. I promise when I say I am speaking from experience, I mean I am speaking from some of the most horrific experiences you can imagine. I am telling you that we all have the power to control our clairs. Imagine it was you in the above-mentioned situation. This is where you could sink into victim mode. No one understands what you just went through, right? For as much as that can make you want to go into the fetal position and stay there for eternity, I am also sure there is a “spiritual situation” that is even less pleasant to deal with than that one! When I tell you I know the struggle we are talking about well, I mean I know it well. I am not looking at it from the outside, I am speaking to you from the depths of the struggle.

The point is; you can’t complain about what you have to work with. When you see a person who has no hearing and yet they can play the piano, what do you say about them? Most people are amazed by their strength and determination, right? That person could very well just sit around and complain that they can’t hear but that will never help them. That will never bring them happiness. They will never be the best version of themselves if they stay stuck there. It doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t all understand if they stayed stuck there, but we know things will never get better if they don’t change how they view their situation. There comes a point where they must accept what they have to work with and figure out how to flourish. The same logic applies here!

I could sit around forever crying that no one understands and that my struggle is so great. I could embrace the idea that I am a victim.

“Why me?”

I could cry “why me” all day long, and some days I do, but how does that help? Where does that get me? Nowhere! It leaves me stuck in a pattern of feeling sorry for myself, complaining about it, and draining others of their energy. Even though I would never intentionally do that, it is the fact of the matter. When you complain about how awful things are, you are spreading negative energy. Yes, we all have weak moments, and man I tell you when I get low, I get really low. The key is to not stay there. Notice you are doing it and try your hardest to not bring anyone else there with you.

Sure, you may need a friend to talk to but be sure your friend is prepared to share your burden. It is important to point out I am not talking about chronic mental health things here, that is a different story, and you should always try to get help when you need to if you genuinely can’t manage on your own. I am talking about those moments when you feel too much and are ready to complain about being an empath. The day in and day out emotional struggles. So, don’t twist my words for those of you still not ready to listen. I see you and again, I still love you.

When push comes to shove, you have the strength to handle your own energy.


Own that shit! If you call yourself an “empath” learn techniques to help you manage and understand your energy. You must know how to identify what you feel and why, so you know when a feeling isn’t yours. Know when you have vibrations in your energy field that you don’t want there and get rid of them. I know that sounds harsh but there is a ton of negative energy out there right now and if you don’t want to drown in it, you need to pull yourself above it and take control. You are not a victim; you just don’t have control of your clair-empathy. We aren’t talking attachments or anything that might require outside assistance here, we are talking about the normal energy funk we all pick up and encounter. Most of the time we need to just do a better job of managing our energetic field.

Sometimes this is hard to do. Everyone will need help from time to time and that is ok, but your mindset needs to change. If you think you are a victim and at the mercy of “being an empath”, if you in any way view yourself as not in control; then you are not in control and damn it any way YOU need to fix that. You are strong, you are more than capable of managing your energy, and when it is overwhelming, ground and stay away from people until you can regain your strength. When that isn’t possible there are always ways to help manage your energy.

There is ALWAYS a way.

~First and foremost, know your energy! If you don’t have an intimate relationship with how you feel, you won’t know when something else is mucking up your energy.

~Stay grounded. This isn’t a whimsical walk in the park, it is actually being in touch with reality and then focusing on exchanging your funky energy with the Earth.

~Step up your shielding game! Try new methods of shielding and really know it is working, feel it working, and practice more than you have to. Then when you need it, you don’t have to try so hard.

~Crystals are also a big helper here! Black tourmaline is great but not great for people who can’t manage clairempathy. It is not always the one I pick or suggest for this purpose. Sometimes those who haven’t learned to manage this clair can feel the negative energy being transmuted within the tourmaline. So, if this is the case then short 5-minute sessions to release negative energy into the tourmaline is suggested and then carry shungite and satin spar. Those two are universal in the sense that one clears and filters dis-ease and the other overfills an area with high vibrational energy. The other thing about both is they repair your aura which is needed when you can’t manage your energy well. This is not an insult; it is just how it is. A gymnast doesn’t just decide to be a gymnast, wake up and win the Olympics. They must train, and they must learn, they must do the work. Managing any of your clairs is no different.

~The food you eat also can help you stay grounded and keep your vibrations high. These are the basic things of working with energy and if you are struggling that is where you need to go. Back to the basics!

Don’t remain a self-made victim

I know this is a topic that is hard for people to hear but being an “empath” is no different than being a “clairvoyant” you have to manage your clairs. If you fight them, if you make yourself out to be a victim, then you will never master them, and you will remain a self-made victim. You will be stuck in a cycle of minor progress and then defeatist regression for as long as you live. You have the choice, you have the power, you are not a victim! I have faith in you, and should you find yourself in a struggle, you go ahead and message me every time. I will hold a spot for you to lean on because growth is hard, change is even harder, but nothing is impossible!


Thoughts From The Void

Sacral Chakra 

Associated with water, its Sanskrit name is Swadhisthana and translates to “Where your being is established”.

This energy center is often described as being linked to pleasure and sexual expression. I feel this never fully resonated with me. Recently I came across a deeper explanation of this that seemed to fit a bit more for my own understanding. While disfluencies can occur here due to denying or overindulging in the things that bring us pleasure, this is the center of creation. If you think about it, that is kind of what sexual energy is. I feel limiting this chakra to “sex” doesn’t fully do this energy center justice. Our will to create begins here.

The very first thing we create, before we can create anything external, is the self. By denying the things we feel bring us fulfillment and contentment, (both of which can lead to pleasure), we can create blockages in this chakra. An unbalanced approach to creation is what prevents free flowing strong energy here. This can be a lack of belief in ability to create, it can be a lack of self-control and creating in a way that causes harm to the self. Every action, every thought we make creates our existence. When we lack balance in these areas, we see it within this chakra. It is more than sex and pleasure, it is our foundational self, built upon the security that was established within the root chakra below it.

*Excerpt from Crystals Book One Finding Your Way

Common Name: Sacral Chakra                            

 Color: Orange                                                    

Keywords: Pleasure, Personal Power, Adaptability 

An imbalance in this chakra can affect your creative pursuits, healthy and pleasurable sexual activity, and all sensual and feeling activities. Below are a few indicators to help you determine the functionality of your second chakra. 

Suggestive symptoms of excessive energy: Overemotional, moody, dramatic, excessive emotional attachment or neediness, sexual addictions 

Suggestive symptoms of energy deficiency: Unemotional, closed off, lack of self-esteem or self-worth, stiff, frigid, pessimism or depression, low libido, sexual or pleasurable guilt/shame, lack of creativity, sluggishness, lethargy.

Here is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Sacral Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. A few of my favorites for this chakra are: 

Orange Carnelian, Peach Moonstone and Aragonite 

Again, you find the ones that resonate best with you!  

Crystals that resonate with Swadhisthana

Aegirine – Protection, detoxification, release from negative habits 

Alunite – Balance, creativity, grounding  

Amber – Balances mind and emotions, past-life recall, purification 

Analcime – Clarity of mind, cooperation, stimulates innate gifts 

Apache Tears – Grief, release of negative emotions, provides warning of psychic attack 

Aragonite – Grounding, clears blockages, shadow work  

Bastnasite (Bastnaesite) – Grounding, logical thinking, healing traumatic experiences  

Black Moonstone -Psychic gifts, grounding, balance, protection, blocks negative energy  

Bronzite – Compassion, psychic protection, forgiveness 

Bumble Bee Jasper – Protection, personal power, vitality 

Bustamite – Love, creativity, happiness 

Cancrinite – Confidence, strength, will power  

Citrine – Personal power, balance, manifestation 

Clinohumite – Pain relief, happiness, insomnia 

Cookeite – Psychic protection, problem-solving, meditation  

Copper – Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, energy amplifier 

Creedite – Purification, meditation, aura strengthening 

Crocoite – Psychic abilities, balance, passion  

Cryolite – Balance, spiritual awakening, kundalini 

Cuprite – Healing, grounding, life force energy  

Epidote – Release from negative behavior, healing, inner wisdom

Ethiopian Opal – Strength, purification, balance, grounding     

Flint – “Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”, grounding 

Golden Healer – Balance, master Healer, positive Change  

Golden Rutilated Quartz- Manifestation, amplification, release negative emotions  

Gyrolite- Meditation- Healing/ pain relief broken bones and sore muscles  

Heliodor- Leadership, confidence, honesty  

Hematite – Balance, protection, draws out and transmutes negative energy, grounding  

Hureaulite- Intuition – Release of anger or resentment, intuition, stimulates libido  

Leopardskin Jasper – Connection to the animal kingdom, grounding, nurturing 

Libyan Desert Glass *A form of Tektite and may tear holes in aura*  

Menalite – Past life recall, fertility, female energy  

Moonstone – Lunar energy, psychic abilities, aura strengthening 

Mt. Hay Thunderegg-  “Amulet Stone”- Harmony, stamina, protection, grounding 

Orange Aventurine – Good fortune, manifestation, innate abilities and talents  

Orange Calcite – Healing, confidence, positivity  

Orange Carnelian – Personal power, confidence, stamina 

Orange Kyanite – Inspiration, transformation, will power  

Petrified Wood -Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Picasso Stone – Optimism, weight loss, grounding

Pyrite – Protection, manifestation, personal power               

 Red Zircon – Lethargy, grounding 

Yellow Topaz- Manifestation, faith, clarity of mind 


Thoughts From The Void

What defines reality? One definition is that reality is something that is seen or experienced. Is my reality the same as yours? Who is right? Which is the real reality? These are all valid questions that man has pondered since ancient times. From scientists to philosophers, to the religious and spiritual-minded; many believe that there is more than the physical world that we can see and feel – more than we could ever understand. 

If we think about what happens when we sleep, we can get a glimpse of just how vast the possibilities for reality are. Many will say that these things we experience while sleeping are only in our minds, but I argue that everything we experience is in our minds. How I experience an event is not the same as anyone else, but that doesn’t make my experience any less real. What makes our physical reality real? Is it the shared experience? People share dreams all the time, so that can’t be it. Many dreams are just as “real” feeling as waking life. Why are they not considered a reality? What if the physical reality we know is the dream? While this all sounds like crazy talk, if you experience enough, you might just entertain the concept.

“The lack of experience of many does not invalidate the experiences of a few. “

This brings up a key point for me personally; a lack of experience does not disprove existence. What does that mean? Well, I have never been to the Moon. My physical body has not been there. I have not experienced it. Does this make the idea that anyone could go to the moon impossible? Does it make the Moon not exist? No, these are ridiculous thoughts, right? Well, many who see spirit can relate to this idea. The lack of experience of many does not invalidate the experiences of a few. 

So, what is astral travel?

I find this topic difficult to define. Mostly because I have yet to find words that properly describe how I experience things that fall within this area. There are many resources out there that proclaim things as fact. Statements like; there are X number of astral planes, and this is exactly what happens when you “exit your body”, and many more areas of expertise. I find this all a bit limiting. Everything I share on this topic is my perspective. It may be helpful, or it may not be. How I experience things may not be how you do. From my dealings with others, this is the number one reason I have noticed that people fail to recognize their own “astral” experiences. These are unprovable things. I say this often, but it is important to me that the reader doesn’t take anyone’s word as gospel. Take what resonates and find your way. No one can (or should) tell you one hundred percent what your experiences will be like. 

Perception is often what prevents us from finding agreement

I feel all things “astral” are not somewhere else. Not in someplace we need to unlock or go to, I feel they are all right here. If we look at the word astral, its root word in Greek and Latin means both “of the stars” and “pertaining to supersensible substances” or things that can’t be perceived by the normal senses. So in the context in which we use it, our experiences in “astral” would be any experience that we have that isn’t perceived with our normal senses. Our other senses are at work, the clair-senses. Senses we all have but don’t all understand, accept, or embrace. Some will argue that a nightmare is a clairvoyant experience. Clairvoyance is the sense that allows one to perceive information not detectable by the physical eyes through visions or “sight”. Sounds kind of like a dream to me. Everyone has had a nightmare at some time in their life, so by this definition, everyone has had a clairvoyant experience. Of course this sense can be developed and fine-tuned to perceive information during the waking state, and it is like any skill or craft that can be “mastered”. Time, effort, and natural ability are what set apart the professional ballerina and the 5-year-old recreational dancer. The same logic applies here. 

I have found it to be less than helpful to try to determine what astral travel is, what is lucid dreaming, what is remote viewing, and what is the other thing that I experience. Trying to define or label the things that really defy explanation by our current understanding of the physical world is mentally exhausting. It also is totally not necessary. I spent years trying to find the label for each experience until I finally realized they are one and the same. At least, if we use the definition of astral travel as being an experience that was obtained through the use of our extra senses, the logic holds. That said, there are differences in these experiences. I feel the difference is where we are resonating. What part of our own consciousness is having the experience, is what dictates if it is a lucid dream, out-of-body experience, remote viewing, or other. 

Remember this is all my perspective.

When we are grounded all of our consciousness is present and in our physical body. When we are distracted, maybe our mind is not fully present. Our consciousness is in what many will call our “mental body”. If we are hyper-focused on how we are feeling emotionally, some may say we are in our “emotional body”. These are all layers of the human energy field as perceived by some. We can resonate mostly in any of these. There seem to be many thoughts on what these layers of the human energy field are called. So, I will just briefly talk about them with numbers. 

Layers of the human energy field

The first

or closest to the physical body is where the energy that immediately influences our physical self and well-being can be found. This is the energy that most people will see when viewing auras. It is heavily influenced by the wellness and functionality of the physical body and our environment.

The second

is where our emotional energy is located. Often this is where we find our “emotional baggage” being stored. What we feel in the physical world resides within this layer of our field. These are both the emotions we create and the emotions that we encounter. When we take care to clear our energy field, this layer gets the brunt of the work for most people. While the first and third do gain influence from surroundings, the second is where our interactions with others weigh heavily on our energetic being.

The third

or next furthest away from the physical body pertains to the mind and conscious thought. The energy manifested from our intentional thoughts can be found here, as well as the energy that influences our conscious thought.

The fourth

is thought by many to be the connector of the “lower” and the “higher” levels. The bridge between the “physical” self and the “spiritual” self. The lower three are believed to harness the energy that pertains to physical existence and the upper three are working behind the scenes most of the time dealing with the more subconscious experiences we have. Those blessed with the ability to naturally see auras might experience this level of the energetic body. Although I believe all levels can be seen or experienced by those who really try.

The fifth layer

is thought to be where the energy of creation is stored. All things that will take physical form eventually find their origin in this “plane”. It is thought that there is a replica of the physical self here and it is what created a negative space in physical reality in order for the real physical body to exist. Many who see spirit in the shape of a physical form, might be seeing this plane of existence. Looking to manifest something into reality? Then this might be the part of the self you might want to try to connect to. 

The sixth layer

is thought to be where the emotions of the spiritual self reside. These are the thoughts and feelings that connect us to “spirit” – whatever it is you believe that to be. This is also where our “Karma” resides. The lessons we have learned and have yet to learn are an energetic blueprint of who we become in the physical world. All of our experiences are recorded here within the sixth layer of the energetic self. 

The seventh layer

is believed to be the connection to the divine. This is the source of all energy within our system. It fuels all other bodies – or at least this is what I believe. 

Some people find an experience that resonates with any single one of these “bodies”. Some may experience many, some may be very physical people and are not able to see past their physical self. All of these are more than okay. Wherever you are, is exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

It is worth mentioning that there is also belief that there is an entire “world” that resides within each of these “layers”. Our physical world is one we all can agree about on some level. However, there is thought to be multiple “worlds” or dimensions, just as there is multiple layers to our own energy. Let’s think of it like our world having its own energetic field, with its own layers to it. All of these layers are right here intermingled with one another – just the same as our field is. People living in a physical body live here on the physical plane. Where the consciousness of a being resonates, might dictate what plane or level they reside at when not in a physical body. This is my belief; you are welcome to find your own belief that feels right to you.

Do you have to have an out-of-body experience to really astral travel? 

I feel the answer to this is no. My personal opinion is that if you feel yourself “leaving” your body, it could be because your connection to your physical self is strong. Perhaps to transition your consciousness to the next layer of your energetic body, this “ritual” is required. Some people do not require this step. This does not make them more advanced; it just makes them more connected to a different portion of their own energy. Like someone is a fast runner, compared to someone who is excellent at math. Both are using their bodies, no one is better than the other, just different. So far, the biggest lesson I have learned is that belief is really all that is required in order to have these experiences. The moment you believe something is possible, that it is real, a whole new set of experiences are unfolded before you. This applies in the physical world too. When we doubt our ability to do something, we often find success eludes us. When we are confident, we will have success, we usually have an easier time achieving our goals. There is something to be said about the power of belief.

Common questions

What will it feel like?

No two experiences will be identical, and I say again, your experience relies on your belief in your own self. Do you chalk up a dream to be just a dream, or do you try to control it? Do you go with it or influence it? Do you create and interact, or just wait to wake up? Do you even know you are asleep when sleeping? These are the places to begin looking for your own experiences. Every single experience is unique. No one can tell you what it will feel like. You might find people who share a similar experience and feeling, but if I tell you it will feel a certain way, you will likely dismiss what you actually feel and experience because it doesn’t match my description. I will not be telling you what you will be feeling for this reason. If you are looking to see what other people experience or compare notes, there are groups on social media that people share this information. I have not yet found them overly comforting, but they do exist. The key thing I find useful in these types of interactions is the reinforcement that you are not just crazy or imagining things. This is the toughest thing to overcome when dealing with anything that is perceived with our “extra senses”. In all honesty, when you finally discover that you have been doing it forever, it will just feel natural. It will feel like you have done it a thousand times before, because you have!

Will you get stuck or lost?

No, that is ridiculous and let me tell you why. You haven’t gone anywhere! You are still right in your body, even if you feel as though you have left. Part of you is always there. Just the same as part of you is always in the higher levels of your energy field. Many will disagree with me and that is okay. Again, I speak only from my own experience. When you connect to the highest levels of your own energy field, you also connect to the “All”. The energy of spirit and source, which is connected to everyone else. So, by logic, when you connect to someone else who isn’t physically near you it is because you are connecting to the energy of source. All experiences take place right here. Part of your consciousness may go on a journey, and it feels very much like you have left, but part of you is still right in your physical self. To get “back” you need only to think of your physical body. Most of the time this happens by accident. It only takes a second to bring your awareness back to the present “reality”. A noise in the room, an itch, a sneeze, an emotion, a thought, anything within the lower three energy layers will snap you right back to your physical self. Becoming fully centered and grounded is another story. That might take some intention and effort.

To answer the question though, no, you can’t get stuck floating off in some dimension somewhere. That said, you can become severely ungrounded. This is where the real danger is. When we do not re-center, and re-ground we lose touch with the physical reality we are all participating in. This is a problem. All experiences are real, all are valid, but we are here in the physical, and that one takes precedence over the rest. Spirit can wait until we return, we only have a short time here, so it is best to always ensure we fully return after whatever experience we have had. 

What about energetic beings?

One more thing people worry about is the “entities” they might encounter. This is difficult to talk about because no one agrees on this topic. My experience proves to me there are very real energetic beings around. Some are kind, some are malicious, and some are indifferent. Who we encounter is determined partly by where we resonate. If we keep our energy field clear and vibrating at a higher frequency then we will not likely encounter the less than pleasant energies. It is also important to remember that just because something seems good, doesn’t mean that it is. This is why I always am talking about personal discernment. If you have trust in yourself, it doesn’t matter who you encounter. Stay true to who you are, have faith in your own self, and know that for every evil, there is a good to match it.

If you have a scary or less-than delightful experience, the best advice I can offer is to leave that experience behind. No need to analyze it. Treat it the same as you would an encounter with a physical person. If you come across someone who was nasty to you and dwell on it, it will influence you going forward; but if you can let it go then the influence ends with the experience. I can tell you that I have had had some of the scariest experiences one could imagine, and they stayed right where they were when I became present in my physical self again almost all of the time. They had things to do where they were. I went to them; they didn’t always come to me. Once I was present back in my physical reality, it was nothing more than a memory. So, when scary things happen, just re-center and ground, then most importantly, let it go. Managing your own energy is your best defense always. Controlling your thoughts and emotions is a huge part of that.   

I feel that if you aren’t prepared to encounter the bad, you shouldn’t try to encounter the good. You will always find both and I promise it isn’t always easy to tell the difference. Treat it the same as you would any encounter with “real” live people. You are in control of who you interact with.

Are there things you can do to have a recognizable experience?

There are practices you can implement that will increase your chances of having a memorable experience. The simplest place to begin is with our dreams. This is because we are less likely to try and “make something happen”. We are already doing it; we just are not aware.

Step one is to start keeping a dream journal. 

What? You don’t dream? Well, everyone dreams, you just don’t remember. This can be improved with dedication and patience. Keep a journal next to your bed. I know, who wants to really do that? But I swear it makes all the difference in the world. When you have a dream that you become aware of, write down any details you can remember. When you wake in the morning, do not get out of bed. Sit and try to reminisce about any dreams you may have had. Ask yourself how you are feeling. If you can’t recall anything from the night, think of how you felt at the moment you became aware you were awake. We all have different levels of awareness while at rest. There are people who are present the entire time and aware, some can recall experiences but were not aware they were dreaming, others recall nothing. Wherever you are, is where you start. If all you can remember is how you felt when you woke, write down the date and as many descriptive words as possible. If you can recall the night’s events like a movie, do so as though it is happening right now. No past tense, write as though it is happening to you right now. This triggers our mental recall, and you will eventually remember more details and become more aware while dreaming.

I will also say that I recommend doing this in stages if you do recall your experiences well. I remember everything and this becomes exhausting! It can be as though you are never really asleep and never really awake. This takes a toll on your ability to function in the physical and spiritual worlds. I have found it helpful to only record dreams two nights in a row; then, I work to forget and not be so aware. Many people are like this. The hyper-aware need to take a different approach than the people who sleep soundly and are not aware during their rest time. Use your discretion and if anything causes you distress, then it is not the thing for you. You can always take a break. The world of spirit will always be there, but the physical world won’t. If anything interferes with your ability to function in the physical world, it is something that should be avoided.

Step two is becoming aware.

Now, again if you are already aware then you don’t really need to do this. I find it helpful to have a “trigger” something to help me determine if I am awake and if I am asleep. To many this will make you squint and think “What is she talking about? Of course I know if I am awake”. Well then my friend, you might not be aware when you are sleeping. The experiences while asleep are just as vivid and real as our physical lives sometimes. If you want to be able to control your “dream state” you must know you are dreaming while in the dream. Most of the time we know we are awake, but we don’t usually recognize we are in a dream. The dream feels real when it is happening. There are also those dreams that seem real like the “false awakening” type dreams. These are the reason I said it is important to use your discretion. I would “return to my body” and wake, only I wasn’t awake. I would repeat this over and over in the morning and then when I finally did wake, I had no clue I was really awake. That is how real the experience can be. This can become an issue because the consequences in real life are much different than those in the “dream state”. Again, I am aware of how this sounds but for those who experience it, know the control is always in your hands! 

Step three is a trigger.

Having something that alerts you to if you are awake or asleep is very helpful for many reasons. Pick a thing. Something very physical. Not a sound, or a thought, but a physical thing. Like pinching yourself, snapping a rubber band on your wrist, or even squeezing your own hand. You want an intimate understanding of how this thing feels. It should feel the same every single time. If you do this every fifteen minutes throughout your waking day, you will eventually do it subconsciously while you are at rest. As you snap your rubber band or whatever it is you do, as yourself “Am I awake?” When you are awake this will feel ridiculous. I promise it helps when asleep. When it happens while you are in a dream state, it will feel different because you do not have a physical body there or your actual physical body will replicate the action and wake you up. Both have been experienced so don’t be too surprised if you wake yourself up. Either way, you just made yourself aware you were in a dream state. 

In time, you will do your trigger and become aware while at rest. Once aware, the choice is yours what you do. You can go between the layers of your energy field and have experiences to help discover information your own “soul” wants you to have, or you can have more external experiences. The limit resides only within your belief. 

Awareness is really the key

Once you are able to be aware and make some modifications to your dream state, another really helpful starting place is to use those beginning waking hours to “practice. If you wake before you need to be up, allow yourself to remain not fully awake. Lay in bed and you can try one of the following or another technique for “exiting the body”.

Climb the rope

This one was a technique I learned in a class a while back and I found the concept to be helpful. As you lie in bed still, partially asleep, bring all of your focus to your mind. Focus on the place in the center of your forehead. Look just above your forehead and notice there is a rope. Your eyes are not open for this. All of your energy self is in that spot right now. The “blueprint of who you are is ready to climb that rope”. Reach up and grab it and climb until your energy is fully out of your “body”. This entire process requires unwavering commitment. The moment you question if it is possible, or if you think it is stupid, you will fill yourself with doubt and it will stop working. If it feels like it’s working, don’t question it. Have faith. Anything is possible. Again, getting back won’t be an issue. You will likely do it by mistake. 


The same time works best for this technique as well. That magic time right after sort of waking is easiest but anytime will do. You want to lay and be still and centered. Knowing your energy is crucial! If you haven’t mastered that yet, I refer you back to the centering article. We want to feel our energy as it fills our body. Notice anything you are feeling and release any tension. Focus on your fingers. Feel them, they are still, your whole body is still, and it remains still through this entire process. No physical part of you will move. Try to make a fist. Again, don’t move your body but you know what it feels like to make a fist so feel what it would feel like if you did. These beginning steps require imagination. We are sort of going to trick ourselves here so just go with it and it will work. Practice moving your hand slowly opening one finger at a time. Feel your energy extend with each finger that opens. Now, feel that side of the body, focusing on the fist up to the shoulder primarily. Roll onto your side. Keep that focus on how it would feel to do this. Your energy knows how it feels and can do it without your body. Once you roll to your side, keep going and then open your eyes. This process might take more than one try depending on your level of commitment and belief as well as your level of experience with controlling and recognizing your own energy. Odds are, it works long before you realize it has.

These experiences are ones we do instinctually. Learning to control them is no different than learning to control your breathing. This is something many spend years mastering – yet we all can breathe. To master your own energy and awareness is the key to having a meaningful astral experience. There is not going to be a wrong method, there is only what resonates with you and what doesn’t. 

There are crystals that can help the process! 

The list of crystals that can help someone have an astral experience is endless because what we all need is going to vary. Some important things that I have found most people benefit from are the raising of vibrations, reinforcement of natural shields, connection to spirit, faith, the clarity and calm needed to navigate confusion, and most importantly something to re-center and ground once finished. I do have some favorites for these but feel free to experiment and find the ones that resonate best with you! My list of favorites is so long depending on the issue I might be having. Overall, these tend to work well to help facilitate control, recall, and awareness during “astral” experiences.

Try to remember we aren’t going anywhere

Even if we “travel” to view current events, the pyramids in Egypt, or the Moon; we must remember we are in control and we are still right where we started. If we take the super mystical out of this very confusing topic, we open up a world we might previously have refused to accept existed.

The physical world is contained within the spiritual, not outside of it. If we can remember this, the potential experiences we may have will increase exponentially.


Thoughts From The Void

Even if we do all the right things like eat healthy, exercise, and be mindful of our thoughts; it still will be necessary to periodically cleanse our energy field. What does it mean to cleanse our energy? Removing or healing any issues that prevent clear-flowing energetic pathways is pretty much the idea here. This can be energetic debris in our auric field, blockages in our chakras, or anything in between. There are many methods of energetic cleansing and what works best for you may vary depending on the level of cleansing you require at any given time.

How do we know if we should clear our energy?

The times when we feel sluggish, confused, overwhelmed, or maybe even just off. Pretty much anytime we are feeling funky, it is probably a good idea to cleanse and circulate our energy field to ensure our energy is free-flowing and strong.

In my opinion, the best way to prevent the build-up of energetic issues is to incorporate circulating our energy into our daily routine. It doesn’t take very long but if we circulate our energy, we can prevent stagnation and become more aware of any issues that are present. It also helps to check in with how our energy feels throughout the day because when we do this, we will be aware of the majority of the disturbances within our system. If we are aware of our energy, that means we can control it. When we control it, we can transmute it.

So far, I have used a few different words in reference to the same idea. To me, clearing and cleansing are, on average, the same thing. We are talking about the removal of energetic vibrations that do not match the frequency we wish to resonate with. For our everyday sort of issues, these two words are interchangeable.

Cleansing isn’t just washing away the negative or lower vibrations within our field.

When we clear our energy, we are taking control of the frequencies we resonate with. The idea of pushing away and ridding yourself of all negativities is a slightly incomplete notion. Most of the time if there are lower vibrations within our field, we are the ones who put them there or allowed them to influence us. The acknowledgment and understanding of these frequencies we find to be negative is a key part of having a productive energy clearing practice. If we don’t address why we resonate with certain frequencies, what thoughts, emotions or behaviors attract or produce them, then we can’t effectively remove them from our system. It is okay to feel negative, we can’t hide from negativity, but we can learn from it and work with it.

When we encounter these lower frequencies such as anger, fear, or jealousy, it’s important to own them. We don’t need to process them right at that moment; but if we acknowledge them and set an intention to address why we feel them, we honor our self. When we honor our self, we strengthen our self. This is so important! If we want the universe to honor our will, feelings, and intentions; we must first honor our entire self.

How can we manage our energy?

One way I like to incorporate energy clearing into my daily routine is just before bed. As I begin to unwind, I take note of how I feel. Focusing on the area around my heart chakra, I ask myself how I feel. I take notice of my emotions and then if there is anything bothering me that I can work out in that moment, I try to reach a resolution. If I can’t find some way to an understanding, I make a note to myself that I know I’m feeling a certain way. I then say I will set aside time to get to the bottom of the emotion but for now, I will release it.

After engaging in my centering, grounding, and shielding techniques (ensuring I cut any energetic cords) I focus on circulating energy through my system.

For me, I “visualize” the energy moving freely through all chakras from the root up to the crown and then out into my aura. Sometimes there is resistance in certain areas or even weak spots in my field and when I notice this, I reinforce these areas with strong fresh energy. How? My will mostly. Same as when we do shielding, it is our will that sets those boundaries, when our energy field needs something, our intent directs energy to those spots. We need only know our will to find success here. If visualizing works for you great! If feeling is better also great! If all you feel comfortable with is a matter-of-fact statement that your energy circulates freely with strength, well that great!

For me, the best way to clear my energy is through my own intention. Addressing the frequencies that are present and applying changes to my physical self to help prevent those frequencies from returning. When you create your own practice like this, you then notice over time the areas you must address to really heal any deep wounds you may be harboring.

We can take physical steps to help keep our energy field clear and strong.

There are so many rituals and methods used to help keep energy fields working at their best. These are the methods I tend to use:

-Our will

Just make it so.

This one takes some time and trust in our own self. If we don’t fully own our personal power, this method will not be totally effective. It has taken me years to get to this understanding. Be kind and patient with yourself if this one is tricky.

-Ritual Baths

These are amazing and can really help to heal and reinforce your energetic field! My favorite two things to place in a bath are salt and hyssop. However, this is an area that you really can’t mess up so throw whatever feels good to you in there!

-Ritual Shower

For a more serious cleanse, you can make a tea out of the ingredients you would like to use for your cleansing. Then while in the shower use it to intentionally wipe the energy from your auric field that you wish to remove.


There are countless combinations of herbs and resins people use with the intention of healing, cleansing, and reinforcing their energy field. My go-to is dragon’s blood but do some reading and find the one that feels right for you!

-Physical movement

Yes, exercise can help cleanse your energy field. Physical movement causes circulation through your energetic pathways. This is something that should be incorporated every day for general wellbeing and that is why it is on this list.


Crystals are amazing energetic allies! They can help strengthen your field, reinforce your intentions and clear your energy. There are so many, and no choice will be wrong. The best remover of energy in my experience is black tourmaline and the top healer is satin spar (often sold as selenite) this one works so well to repair energetic issues by overflowing a space with high vibrations.

Check in with yourself!

Be sure to check in with yourself throughout the day. Be mindful of your emotions and your physical being and you will become aware of the energy that is circulating through your field. When a frequency is there that makes you feel unpleasant, don’t ignore it, don’t push it away but rather face it, embrace it and heal it. This is how I feel we can best manage our energetic well-being.


Thoughts From The Void

Many of us are familiar with grounding and might even be aware that it is something we can all benefit from. If you aren’t, it might be a topic worth looking into. The thing is the important step of calling our energy back and becoming centered in the present is overlooked when grounding is discussed. We tend to skip right to connecting with the Earth’s energy. The old “Take a walk in nature” etc., etc. type of tutorials and suggestions as to how to go about grounding always seem to bypass the imperative first step to becoming grounded.

Centering is an invaluable part of the grounding process and takes a great deal of mindfulness to master. Centering is the act of calling all of our energy back to us, becoming aware of it all and being totally present in our current reality. Without this step, it is not really possible to achieve a stable and grounded state of being.

While I believe all spiritual practices should be tailored to the individual’s needs. There is a basic idea to how centering works. How I like to do it can be modified by whomever chooses in a way that feels right to them. I will share my techniques and please feel free to make them your own and apply it to your personal practice.


The first technique I will share is for those times when you already feel in control. Maybe you are feeling a bit funky, or even a little bit overwhelmed. I am talking about those times when a simple deep breath can help calm your being. In times like this I do the following:

1. I take a deep breath and feel the air go in. I notice how the air feels in my lungs, and then I breathe out slow and controlled. The goal is to breathe out for longer than you breathe in.

2. I notice my heart. Is it pounding or calm? If it’s pounding, I breathe again and focus on slowing my heart rate, really focusing on how I am in control of my heartbeat.

3. The next thing I do is focus on the area in the center of my forehead. I think about what I feel like, and I know that I want all of my energy to come back to that exact spot. Like one of those retractable dog leashes, this is like pushing that button and reeling in the line. This action is calling my energy back to me. Depending on how scattered I am, this can be quick or can take a couple moments.

4. I take notice of my body and feel my energy field tighten and shrink back to my physical body. I want all of my energy condensed and close. If you aren’t comfortable yet with visualizing or feeling your energy, simply imagine that your energy is coming back and in time, you will feel what feels right to you.

Centering is so important. Our mind wanders more than we realize sometimes; subconscious desires mixed with to-do lists, accompanied by minor irritants we may have encountered all own some of our energy. If we want balance, we must be aware of all of our energy. If we are aware of it, we can control it. From this state of knowing where my energy is, I then proceed to grounding and shielding.


Now sometimes we are not calm. This is a huge reason why practicing centering and grounding when we don’t need it is so beneficial. If it is second nature, it is much easier to help ourselves when we encounter those moments that are overwhelming. For the times we are out of control, manic, or in the midst of an anxiety attack or other extreme emotional state; it is helpful to apply a different technique. For those moments when control eludes me, I apply the following technique.

The 5,4,3,2,1 TECHNIQUE

Here we are going to employ our physical senses and gain control of them. It helps to have a starting place, somewhere to build a foundation of stability. When we are unable to easily gain control of our energy, it is often much easier to begin with our physical senses. So, I like to name:

-5 things I can see as I look at them slowly taking a deep breath with each item I see.

-4 things I can touch as I touch them, slowing and deepening my breathing further with each thing I count.

-3 things I can smell, really focusing on the smells.

-2 things I can hear.

-1 things I can taste -typically a glass of water, because all that deep breathing makes my mouth all sorts of dry.

From here I am in control and then can do the first technique. This is a bit of a process, but it has saved me during legitimate anxiety attacks the same as it has helped in times of extreme anger or psychic attack.

Finding your way to exhibit control over your own energy field will prove to be a skill that leads to personal growth, emotional stability and all-around wellbeing.


Crystal Information

Typically formed as a secondary mineral; Vanadinite was discovered not once but twice roughly thirty years apart and in two different locations of the world. Upon discovery the first time, Andres Manuel Del Rio sent the specimen to be verified across the ocean. Unfortunately, one version of this story says the ship carrying the newly discovered mineral sank and with it all hopes of gaining credit for the discovery sank with it. To make matters worse, a fellow scientist discredited the finding by saying the mineral was nothing more than brown lead. As you might imagine, this would have been devastating to someone who spent their life searching for new elements. Thirty years later a doctor turned mineral researcher came upon this complex iron ore and it didn’t match anything he knew existed. He gave it the name vanadium after the Norse goddess Vanadis aka Freyja.

This particular goddess is known for ruling over love, beauty, earth, fertility, gold, war, death and a very special form of magic called seiðr – which she taught to both gods and men alike. A magic that was said to be able to foresee the future and weave new patterns to help control the outcomes of situations. She was said to wear the necklace of Brísingamen. A one of a kind item crafted by dwarves with a stone said to look like golden fire. This necklace held magical attributes that made it impossible for anyone to resist her will while she wore it. One of the important roles she played was that of a warrior and when she went to battle, she claimed the dead. Half went to Odin in Valhalla and half went with her. Both parties having specific jobs, with the Valhalla fallen destined to fight in Ragnarok, and Frejya’s fallen warriors set to protect the families of all warrior – both jobs with high honors. 

This all might seem like a large bit of random information but the energy of our mineral in question finds its meaning within these tales. A mineral of second chances, determination, will power, honor, and enduring strength; we see its energy in the scientific discovery. That first guy who discovered this mineral and did not receive the credit, (Andres Manuel Del Rio) , went on to do more. In the face of a failure that was out of his control, he didn’t crumble, he persisted and paved his own way developing new methods of mining, took part in social revolutions, and eventually came to be the president of the Geological Society of Philadelphia. Even this brief overview of his journey shows us that we are more than any one experience. Even though some experiences have the potential  to crush us, we always have more to offer if only we are willing to keep pushing forward. If only we can find that inner fire. The discovery of this mineral shows that determination is undeniable. Eventually the mineral was discovered by a man who was a doctor and then became something else entirely. Another testament to the idea that we don’t ever have just one path or one choice. We are in control and we weave the experiences we wish to have – if only we can harness the will to do so.

With this mineral finding its association with Freyja, we can draw a parallel to vanadinite’s strong grounding energy. Filled with the passion, magic, and strength of fire, yet also the stability, endurance and balance of earth; we feel an energy of honor and personal power that can’t be denied. Much like the necklace this goddess wore, when we can harness our own unyielding fire, we can create the life we wish to have. This crystal holds within it the ability to be grounded in reality, so we can see our actions and how they will unfold in the world around us, so that we can create the experiences we want in our own story. Vanadinite works so well to strengthen the connection we have to our own self so that we are not easily swayed by the world around us, but rather supports the knowing that we control our own experiences.

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Facilitates grounding

-Stabilizes and strengthens the auric field

-Inspires passion and zest for life

-Promotes creativity

-Enhances personal power

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Promotes emotional stability

-Facilitates circulation of life force energy

-Inspires optimism when faced life’s challenges

-Supports all healing efforts

-Aids manifesting efforts

-Promotes good decision making

-Aids energetic protection efforts

-Helps overcome negative behavioral patterns

-Promotes mental focus

-Helps release and heal trauma

-Promotes drive and determination

-Brings balance and strength to “psychic abilities”

-Promotes feelings of calm

-Strengthens the connection to the self

-Support stone for managing out of control clair senses such as those of the “empath”

-Promotes a balance between action and stillness – allowing one to know when to act and when to have patience


Crystal Information

A blend of quartz, epidote, and peach feldspar, this crystal works well to facilitate balance within our emotions and auric field. With a gentle energy that provides the strength and stability needed to address issues that prevent us from growing spiritually, and emotionally; this crystal is an ally for all those who feel a little bit lost. Unakite holds a strong connection to the Earth’s healing energy. Sometimes when we think of earth energy we think of stability and strength, and this is pretty much always true. However, often we overlook the more fluid side of earth energy. 

Unakite makes me think of a plant’s roots. They grow deep within the ground and when they encounter an obstacle they are presented with choices. They don’t stop and tantrum that something is in their way, but rather they use their energy to tackle the issue in the most effective way possible. They will either go around or break through. This idea lies within unakite. It lends the strength to not stop when we are faced with difficulties. It helps us to face the challenge and either break through or use our energy in the most effective way possible to find the growth we seek. Unakite helps bypass the urge to avoid or disassociate from our issues. It is an ally for when we feel overwhelmed, confused, or having trouble focusing on the here and now. It supports us with energies of love, healing, and strength so that we can tackle even the most troublesome situations. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Provides grounding energy 

-Stabilizes energy after meditation

-Promotes psychic vision and visualization

-Combats electromagnetic smog

-Supports past life healing

-Promotes compassion and kindness

-Balances the emotional body

-Facilitates the gentle release of deep-seated emotions  

-Promotes patience and persistence

-Gradually eliminates bad habits and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them

-Assists with overcoming addictions

-Removes harmful toxins and energies from the system 

-Promotes promote steady lasting growth 

-Restores balance to the heart chakra

-Strengthens the connection between the root and heart chakras

-Encourages tolerance and gentleness 

-Inspires the will to bring harmony within the self

-Talisman for those who have trouble finding things

-Stabilizes and heals the auric field

-Inspires love and compassion for the self


Crystal Information

A pseudomorph after malachite, this mineral is a mixture of several potential copper ore minerals such as ajoite, chrysocolla, malachite, azurite, and occasionally forms within quartz. The formation of this crystal holds the best analogy for its energy. The least sciency way to explain how a pseudomorph mineral occurs is; there are changes made on an atomic level but the “structure”, the outward shape, of the mineral remains the same. Little changes are made, things so small they seem insignificant on their own but when we put those changes together, we end up with something new but the same. That is confusing, I know, but think of it like a new and improved version of the same mineral. As though you were to take all of the good that was there before, then changing the things that maybe weren’t the same level of awesome as your favorite parts so that they held the same level of wonder. This is the idea behind shattuckite and its energy. 

It facilitates change, little change but lots of it. Helping you to see the things on an energetic level that may not be your favorite and facilitating a shift towards improving them so that you have more parts you love and less that you don’t. The actual mineral combinations within each piece of shattuckite are unique, they are all so similar but different circumstances produce slight variations, just like people. Shattuckite works to assist us with accepting our mistakes, faults and flaws while helping us understand that all parts of our personal story helped us become who we are today. This stone has many strengths from being a highly spiritual stone to assisting profound healing, but its overall place of resonance is personal growth.

Here are a few more things this mineral can assist with:

-Enhances psychic abilities and intuition

-Assists all healing efforts

-Helps recognize and release negative behavioral patterns

-Facilitates the acceptance of trauma 

-Allows one to find the positive in negative circumstances

-Promotes personal and spiritual growth 

-Strengthens connection to the higher self

-Strengthens and repairs the auric field

-Resonates with the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras

-Assists meditation efforts

-Promotes truth 

-Aids self exploration 

-Promotes restful sleep 

-Aids lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Promotes dream recall

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Provides peaceful, calm energy

-Eases symptoms of anxiety 

-Assists energetic protection efforts 

-Strengthens communication with spirit 

-Enhances all clairsenses

-Raises vibrations 

-Promotes sincere communication