Is spiritual growth what you are looking for? If you are looking to strengthen your connection to spirit and self, this might be the intention you need. Spiritual growth is sought after when you are called to see the world for more than just its physical attributes. Spiritual development is a pretty wide-ranging topic. From enhancing our clair-senses, astral travel, spirit communication, and energy healing; this intention encompasses all that aligns with soul evolution and progress of the energetic self.

What can crystals do to help? You might be surprised to see just how far a little bit of belief can get you. While the list of things we need can vary greatly for this intention but one thing that all require is the strengthening or establishment of faith. The ability to be still and aware but release control is imperative if we wish to grow spiritually. Trusting that the answers we seek are always within our grasp is something crystals can help us with.

For more information on the crystals used in each piece, please visit the crystal information page.


copper, labradorite & blue apatite on a 17.25-inch cord.



Sterling silver, Aquamarine & sapphire

on an 18-inch sterling silver chain



Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “Path” made from copper, with sodalite accents on 16.5-inch leather cord with iolite accent with an amethyst bead.



Copper, ammonite & blue apatite on a 17-inch leather cord



Copper and crystal quartz on a 22-inch leather cord.



Copper & sodalite on a 17.5-inch leather cord



black & blue kyanite mixed wrapped with copper on a leather cord



sterling silver, shungite, fluorite, rutilated quartz, amethyst, iolite, sodalite, mookaite, seraphinite, sunstone, & garnet on sterling chain. Measures 22 inches



copper, tiger’s eye, moonstone on an 18.25-inch cord $



copper electroformed feather, blue kyanite, quartz, gold sheen obsidian, unakite, black moonstone, heliotrope, smoky quartz & shungite on a 20.5-inch cord.



copper, lemurian quartz & lapis lazuli on a 19-inch cord.



copper, super seven, golden rutilated quartz & amethyst on a 19.5inch leather cord



copper, tiger’s eye, heliotrope, golden rutilated quartz on a cord, adjustable up to 18-inches.



copper, amethyst, labradorite, heliotrope & silver sheen obsidian on an 18.5-inch cord.



copper wrapped triquetra with labradorite accent on a 17.25-inch cord.



copper, sapphire & rainbow moonstone on a copper chain. Adjustable up to 21.5-inches



copper, black tourmaline & shattuckite on a 21.5-inch cord.



sterling silver & scapolite on a sterling filled chain and amethyst bead



copper, prehnite on a 17.5-inch cord



Sterling silver, peridot, amethyst, silver sheen obsidian, rainbow moonstone, rainbow obsidian on a sterling silver chain. Measures 19.5 inches



copper, lodalite, biotite mica on a 21-inch cord



copper, quartz, golden rutilated quartz, heliotrope, garnet on a 23-inch cord



copper, sapphire, labradorite, silver sheen obsidian on a copper chain. Measures 24 inches long.

$105. 00


copper, dravite & quartz on an 18-inch cord.



copper, tiger’s eye & lapis lazuli on a 17.25-inch cord.



sterling silver, iolite, labradorite, blue kyanite & amethyst. 7.5-inches



Sterling silver, sandalwood, iolite, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, shungite, shattuckite & amethyst 9-inches.



Sterling silver, silver sheen obsidian, black tourmaline, garnet, labradorite, abalone shell & amethyst. 7.5-inches



Sterling silver, sapphire, shungite, iolite, rainbow moonstone & amethyst. 6.5- inches



Sterling silver, pietersite, labradorite, blue kyanite & amethyst. 7.25-inches


Lepidolite, labradorite, fluorite, gold sheen obsidian, smoky quartz, copper & amethyst. 7.25-inches



Chrysocolla, sandalwood, tiger’s eye, amethyst & sterling silver. 8-inches



Blue kyanite, labradorite & rainbow fluorite stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 13-inches



Copper & emerald 6.25-inch cuff (Including the gap) $60.00


Picture jasper, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye & sandalwood stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 12.5-inches



Copper, obsidian, blue apatite with amethyst. 7-inches.



sterling silver & sapphire spinner ring, size 9



Sterling silver & sapphire, size 9



sterling silver & amber size, 9.25


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Crystal Information

An igneous rock known as monzonite that is comprised of ternary feldspars, barkevikite, titanium-bearing augite, lepidomelane, and sometimes olivine, nepheline, or quartz; larvikite is a decorative rock that displays the much sought-after schiller effect known as labradorescence. That was a whole lot of words that don’t really tell us the energy of this “crystal”. Only, if we want to understand something, sometimes it helps to know the “ingredients”. 

If we were to try a cookie and it was good, we might say “What’s in this?” Most of the time we aren’t actually planning to bake a batch for ourselves, so why ask? Somehow knowing the ingredients helps us to better understand what we have eaten. Even if we don’t know what those ingredients are, defining them creates a puzzle that we can further examine if we so choose. For example, many of you may not be familiar with the term barkevikite, but odds are you might have encountered labradorescence.

As you read that first descriptive sentence you could have acknowledged the words, even though they did not mean much to you. Then when you got to labradorescence you might have noticed a similarity to labradorite and made a familiar connection. This is a fair description of how this stone works with energy. It helps to categorize and define the “ingredients”. Even if we aren’t sure what the ingredients are or what they mean, it helps us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves and situations that make up the whole. While compartmentalizing all of the influences and history of something can be confusing or even overwhelming, this stone also highlights the area in which to begin our understanding. By providing a connection to both spirit and the physical present, larvikite is an excellent stone for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

~ Aids meditation efforts 

~ Promotes grounding and stability 

~ Strengthens connection to spirit and self 

~ Facilitates emotional healing 

~ Promotes dream recall 

~ Aids divination efforts 

~ Facilitates an understanding of past events 

~ Highlights and promotes acceptance of multiple viewpoints 

~ Promotes feelings of inspiration & motivation 

~ Facilitates shadow work 

~ Helps breakthrough roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles

~ Facilitates forgiveness

~ Promotes confidence 

~ Strengthens faith

~ Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

~ Promotes acceptance of change & aids transformation

~ Helps combat effects of anxiety 


Thoughts From The Void

An ancient symbol whose name means “three cornered” in Latin, the triquetra is often associated with three. The three key words often change but the idea is three that are bound together. Past, present, future; life, death rebirth; honor, love, protect; mother, father, child; regardless of the word association that best resonates with the individual, the symbol represents three and how they influence one another and the circle that can sometimes be found intertwined within, symbolizes the connection the three forever share.  For a better understanding of this and other sacred geometry symbols please read Creation – through the lens of sacred geometry which can be found here


Thoughts From The Void

Associated with the number five, the pentagram aligns one with all present energy and provides order and direction amidst any chaos so that the pathway to resolution or manifest can be clearly managed.

To better understand how this and other sacred geometry symbols work, please read the Creation – through the lens of sacred geometry article that can be found here.

Signs & Symbols 

Thoughts From The Void

What do they mean?

There are an infinite number of descriptions and associations that we assign to “spiritual” symbols. Given the unprovable nature of spirit, no meaning could ever really be wrong; however, there are historical significances, common beliefs, and proven uses for many symbols and that is often a good place to develop your own understanding of them. 

Click on the images below to find my thoughts on the symbols that inspire us. 

New symbols will be added each month, so check back to find new insight.

Evil Eye
Metatron’s Cube
Seed of Life


Thoughts From The Void

The Key of Life

Thought by many to represent life itself, this ancient symbol is believed to be the key to unlocking the secrets that lie behind death’s door. The symbol dates back to around 2900 BCE and is often depicted in funerary artwork. It is believed that the gods would use the ankh to emanate the breath of eternal life into the dead. It is a symbol of power and wisdom just the same as it is of rebirth and regeneration. All things can be found within the ankh because when there is balance and cooperation between masculine and feminine energy, all things are possible.


Thoughts From The Void

Recently I came across an interesting thought about how we state our intentions. When it comes to working with energy, many will agree that our will is the most important factor in finding success. A big part of our will is stating our intention or telling the universe what we want. Whether we state it out loud or recite it in our mind, how we word our intention matters.

There is the energy behind our words and the universe isn’t going to fill in the gaps of our incomplete wording. We will get what we ask for or we will get what the energy of our words aligns with. The other major issue is often we state things in such a general way that there is much wiggle room for things to go not exactly as we intend.

The perfect example is the phrase “For my highest good”, this one I know many have used. We want things to align with our highest good, our soul’s purpose, etc., etc., but who is the judge here about our highest good? Is it us? Is it spirit? What I think is best for you and what you think is best for you are not always going to be in alignment.

This phrase in particular is one I used while cutting cords. “I cut all cords that don’t serve my highest good.” What does that really mean? The intention is flawed. It is incomplete. I know, on the surface this may sound confusing. If we ask for something good, how could it be bad? I have had many lessons taught to me the hard way from “spirits” that don’t exactly resonate at the highest frequency. To these energies, how they presented lessons for me was for my highest good. From my perspective they did not always act in my best interests; and yet, I learned what I needed to learn. Knowing this, I now prefer to keep the power and choose the words I mean very carefully.

Now when cutting cords, I think of the particular person I want to cut cords with, or I know I am cutting all cords that do not resonate at the frequency I want to resonate with. I think about the frequency I want to be at and that is where I stay. This means a precise feeling is what I focus on. Anything that interferes with that resonance is then removed. I choose, I am in control.

This is what it means to be specific with your intentions. Know what you want. Know how you will get it.

Leave nothing open to interpretations.

If we are going to take the time to heal, manifest, protect, or in any way work with energy, we must be clear and precise with what it is that we want if we hope to achieve a particular result. If we are indifferent about the results we get, then why bother manifesting at all? We might as well just leave it up to the universe if we aren’t going to be the ones calling the shots!


Thoughts From The Void

This question might be taken more seriously by some people than others and yet, we all practice some form of energy work – whether we realize it or not.

We assign energy to everything, even things that don’t seem personal at all – such as keys. You could be leaving your home to go for a walk with people you live with; and if someone shouted, “Hey grab the keys!”, you will likely take your keys, right? Why? You only need them to enter the house and the person in question didn’t say get your keys, they said the keys. This leaves it open to touch all keys that will be useful for re-entry. So why would most people look for the set they assign as their own? They are just keys, totally replaceable metal objects but somehow our keys feel very personal; they are our keys. I know they are our property, and we shouldn’t touch anyone else’s stuff, right? Only, we had permission to and again, they are just pieces of metal nothing at all of a personal nature. We won’t likely treasure those keys for our entire lives, they are not an important keepsake. What they do have is assigned energy. This is just one small example of how we engage in energy work without realizing it every single day.

Do you pray? A prayer is a petition, and a petition is magic. Do you hear some sad news and empathize with the person it is about? Do you hope things work out ok for that person? Well, that is energy work. Do you have your children make a wish and blow out candles on their birthday? Again, this is magic.

Magic is when we set an intention and assign energy to it. “But on my 17th birthday I wished for a car, and I didn’t get it” Yeah, sometimes it is hard to believe in magic as it doesn’t work that way. Just because we want something doesn’t mean we get it. However, putting the intention out there does up our odds. On our end, when we set our mind to something we work on a subconscious level to take steps towards achieving that goal. The more we believe we can achieve it, the more we commit to our efforts and the universe responds accordingly.

“The universe helps those who help themselves”

Have you ever heard the saying “The universe helps those who help themselves”? It holds much truth. When we take steps towards our goals with the confidence that shouts “This will happen”, we find more success than if we were to take the same actions in a passive way full of doubt. The experience is just always different and that has to do with the energy we assign to it.

We all have hopes and wishes, some people are just ok with referring to how they go about achieving them under the label of magic. This is really the only difference, but with a label or not, we all engage in performing some type of magic. Just imagine how much more successful we would be if we actually believed it.


Thoughts From The Void

What is a ritual?

If we look up the definition, the Oxford Dictionary tells us a ritual is “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” To me, a ritual is not necessarily a religious thing, although religions have perfected the art of ritual. I feel a ritual is anytime we keep our actions sacred in order to support an intention. When we act in a way that matters to us, and the actions and thoughts we engage in align with our goal or feelings- it is ritual.

Rituals can be deeply spiritual or normal everyday activities depending on your point of view. You may wake up, grab a mug, walk to your coffee pot, take a deep breath and pour your coffee. You collect yourself as you sip that coffee. With each gulp, you find yourself more and more present and ready for the day. If this sounds familiar, know you engage in a morning centering ritual. Although it may not be backed by much conscious intention, the actions you naturally repeat every day influence the way you feel. They impact your “energy”.

This ritual is instinct lead, it is an energy intention. Take note on the days you can’t complete this ritual as you normally do, and you will better understand the influence it does have on you. This isn’t something your mind has to dictate. Ritual is not just words or actions; the majority of what makes rituals effective is the energy that supports these things we do.

Rituals can be beneficial for everyone! While I believe they fall into the “magical practices” category, I also believe that there is magic in all we do.

“There is magic in all we do.

Those who engage in physical sports or contests likely have a way they like to prepare; something they do that gets their mind ready for competition. This is an example of managing our energy and aligning it with our physical being. This is magic in a practical application most people can embrace. Think of rituals like us aligning our physical self with our energy so that we can be prepared for whatever it is we want to face. Taking the time to be mindful and intentional when we want to achieve something or apply changes in our real lives, is the first step towards success. I feel that this is something to keep solemn and sacred. We are worth that effort. Just as that athlete has their own way to prepare, and no two are ever exactly the same, there is no wrong way to conduct a ritual. At least, not one you create yourself.

Mindfulness is the key to ritual

Rituals can be complex, or they can be simple, this all depends on what feels right to the individual. If we want to see how we can incorporate a more intentional way of being into our lives, all we need to do is be more mindful. As you go about your day, take notice of the things you might already be doing that fall into the unconscious ritual category. Then take note of the areas you wish to apply change to in your life. As you begin to introduce change to achieve your intentions, gather all of your being and really focus your energy on your goal. Be more intentional with your actions.

Love, money, healing, and happiness are typically the things people ask for when engaging in ritual work. While it is good to identify the areas you want to improve, it is imperative to have an actual specific plan. Nothing will just improve because you want it to. We must take some action. If money is what you want, ask yourself what actions you are taking to help you acquire more financial success. Can you be doing more? Apply changes where you can, and as you engage in these actions during your day; know you are doing them because they will draw money to you, and not just because it is something on your to-do list.

I personally hate entering receipts for my business. I am a business of one so I must take the time and do it. When I do, I grumble and complain and feel I am wasting my time. There are so many things I could be doing instead. It is an important part of a successful business though. The thing is, when I align my energy with annoyance, I am not aligning myself with success. If instead, I sit down, take a breath and tell myself that what I am about to do is a key part of facilitating success for my business, I start with a different energy. As I do the tedious work, I think of all of the success my business has seen and envision all of the future success it will have. In doing this, I align myself with that energy. I turned my dreaded to-do list into an intention-based ritual.

While this may not be as exciting to some as candle or crystal magic, our thoughts/intentions matter all of the time – not just when we are feeling extra magical. Instead of feeling as irritated or annoyed, I leave the task feeling more optimistic. This matters because once finished, I won’t be spending any time in recovery. I won’t be needing to raise my frequency, or shift my mindset, and I won’t be trying to make up for lost time because I know what I just did had value. This may not sound all that magical, but remember, how we feel influences how we act. This is where ritual holds some of its greatest power – from my perspective anyway.

The energy we are putting into the universe holds power ALL the time.

If we want to apply change and make the most out of what we have to work with, then every moment that is dedicated to our intention should become some level of ritual.

If we dedicate time and really bring our focus and energy to our goals, we will find that we achieve more of what we wish than if we just say we want something and wait for it to find us. This is the foundation of the art of ritual.


Crystal Information

With its name coming from the Greek “rhodon”, which means rose, this crystal has more than color in common with this well known flower. The rose is thought by cultures across the globe to be a symbol of the divine. Associated with universal love and divine work, many think the scent of the rose is left behind when help from angels has been received. The theory is they select the rose as a calling card due to the rose being the highest vibrating plant- as much as five times higher than other plants. This isn’t just something that we claim, it is measured with actual science and comes in at 320 Hz significantly higher than other plants. 

There is more than just the high frequency of the flower that makes it the perfect form of communication, such beauty can be found in how it grows. This is where we find the meaning of our crystal in question as well. As the rose sprouts from the ground, it does so from sparse stick like branches, branches that develop pointy and sort of dangerous looking thorns. As the plant grows taller we see leaves grow on these sticks of doom, but they are not overly inviting looking leaves they are sort of jagged and not really soothing. As the plant grows more, it develops many of these branches and they are intriguing to look at. Upon gazing at them we are sort of called to look deeper and follow the intermingled mess of dull colored twigs until eventually they sprout tiny buds that break through the dull and dreary bush like base. Once these buds appear the entire plant transforms. The leaves hold a bit more color, the thorns seem a little less ominous and the beauty and perfection of even the tiniest hint of a flower is undeniable. As that flower begins to open, an even greater beauty is revealed. A completely unexpected captivating beauty sprouts from those pointy sticks. Little by little it unfolds from its compact state growing more unbelievably stunning as it blossoms and becomes the rose we all know. Unfolding layers of petals in order to become what it was intended to be. This journey from the dirt to the flower is why this plant is said to be the work of the divine.

The journey the rose takes draws a parallel to our own journey and the idea that sometimes the most beautiful things grow from unexpected places. We just need to peel back the layers. Those thorns were needed to protect the plant so that it could grow and develop the way it needed to. So too do we need all of our experiences in order to become our best self. Rhodonite aligns us with our own journey so that we can see that even our thorns contribute to our great beauty. A stone associated with love, and deep emotional healing; it works so well to connect us to the purpose of our experiences so that we may embrace all that we are and everything that helped us become the us we know today. It also allows us to see that we are never done growing. Just as the one rose will die, a new one will sprout. There are always new transformations blooming, even when we don’t realize it. This crystal promotes an awareness of ourselves and our connection to the divine. Providing the supportive knowing that we are never alone, and we have all we need to grow and flourish if only we look within. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates acceptance 

-Promotes self love 

-Inspires compassion 

-Promotes the feeling of unconditional love

-Strengthens the connection to the divine

-Helps find the pathways to forgiveness

-Helps align one with their path

-Raises vibrations and strengthens the auric field

-Strengthens bonds and relationships

-Helps find logic and promotes calm in times of panic

-Helps one release anger, guilt, shame, and fear of abandonment

-Strengthens the connection to our higher self

-Facilitates the integration of lessons from this lifetime and previous

-Facilitates emotional endurance and stability

-Helps uncover hidden talents and innate abilities 

-Helps overcome shock, trauma, and grief

-Promotes self esteem and confidence 

-Promotes selflessness and the will to help others

-Inspires the feeling of unity and equality 

-Facilitates the will to embrace emotions after painful experiences 

-Facilitates lucid dreaming and astral travel recall so that we may learn from those experiences

-Resonates well with all chakras and clears blockages within the entire system

-Provides a strong grounding and centering vibration

-Birthstone for those born under the sun sign of Taurus