Thoughts From The Void

“How am I feeling?”

Healing is a very complex topic, especially when we start digging into the various forms and methods used to target the act of healing. We can see a doctor, a shaman, a priest, a friend, or even a loved one to achieve various forms of wellness and balance, and that all falls into the category of healing. When we use a combination of all available practices, we increase our chances of finding the harmony we are seeking. I typically try to address the energy behind my ailments first and then go from there. For all things that seem strictly physical, seeking advice from someone who is well versed in healing the physical body is the most logical thing to do. It is important to realize that we are more than just our physical body. For all of those issues that fall outside the realm of our conventional medicine’s effectiveness; this is when we look to our energy. These are the areas we are capable of healing all on our own! 

The biggest part of self-healing comes from being mindful of how we are actually feeling, and more importantly – why. Getting into a routine where we perform “self-checks” is the hardest part of this. This first step of self-healing can be completed with the foundational information I have already shared. You do not need to be a Reiki Master in order to heal yourself. You just simply need to have the will to have balance and strength in your own being. As always, if there are parts of what I do that resonate with you, take them and make them your own. If there is anything that feels like it needs modification, make the changes and apply them to your personal practice how you see fit. 

This practice is very easy and takes minutes a day. The key here is doing it every day as the benefits of this “ritual” will be felt over time and will help to provide emotional and energetic stability as well as the recognition of when we need to make a change in our physical lives to facilitate our own wellness. Yes, I say ritual because I believe a ritual is anytime we act intentionally concerning something sacred to us. We should be the most sacred thing to us. We deserve our full attention at least twice a day! When we are at our best, we can do more good for the world around us.


Upon waking in the morning (or whenever it is you start your day) take a few moments to become centered and take notice of how you feel. Actually ask yourself “How do I feel?” Take note of anything going on within your personal bubble. Are you feeling sluggish, do you have any physical discomfort? Then go deeper, emotionally how are you feeling? Are you looking forward to the day? Are you filled with a bit of dread? Then go deeper. Energetically how do you feel? This one might be tricky at the start, but this is the answer we are looking for the most as it is the “behind the scenes” influencer of most of the previous answers. This is where our state of being is hiding. 

Have you ever heard someone say, “My soul is tired”, or the opposition of “Bursting with joy”? These are the feelings inspired by our energetic body. Both of which might require some grounding and circulating. When we encounter various frequencies that impact our energetic system and do not address them, they remain and circulate in our energy field. As they do this, they have subconscious influence over our being. These energies are what we are hoping to become aware of. This will be the starting point for our self-healing.   

As we take notice of everything we are feeling, from the physical to the energetic, try to find the origin for what it is we feel. Example: “My knee hurts because I walked up the steps a dozen or so times”. Only, we want to do this for everything we feel. Maybe you feel frustrated with a conversation you had. Perhaps you are worried about a loved one. Notice all things you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of these things impact our ‘energy’. Everything, every single energy we take notice of, we want to find the point of origin. NOTHING gets to reside within our energetic field without us being aware of it.

Awareness is the key to resolution and healing.

If we don’t know why something is influencing us, we can’t control its influence. 

Once we recognize what we are feeling and why, it is then time to ask ourselves if this is a temporary feeling or something that requires addressing. The knee pain, for example, will be temporary. If I want to, I can put some ice on it or take some anti-inflammatory medication, but it will most likely resolve itself. Take the time to go through addressing everything and decide if actions must be taken to bring resolution to the energy behind the feeling. There will be things we can’t find resolution for. This is okay, take stock of those particular energies and know they are working behind the scenes. They will present themselves in “triggers” and irritants throughout your daily life. They will not go away for good until they have been addressed but try to not dwell on them at this point as they are likely something that requires shadow work, and that is a topic for another day. For now, simply acknowledge they exist and honor yourself by knowing that when you are ready, you will find a way to address these energies. 

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical body all influence our ‘energy’.

Sometimes we will feel overwhelmed when we really start to take notice of what is going on within our system. Should we encounter this sort of spiral of overwhelming energy and emotion – pause and collect yourself. Being mindful and aware is important when engaging in self-healing and we must remain in control. This means, recognizing when it is time to re-center and ground. When moments of overwhelm occur, it is okay to take a step back and remind yourself of the present moment. Every feeling holds merit, every emotion is an important clue to our well-being, but everything does not require your attention at the same exact time.

When lots of energy comes forth at once, center, ground and then ask yourself, “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Locate the area of your life you feel you lack control over and find a starting point to regain control. Maybe you have more to do than you can really accomplish in a day. Perhaps you feel like the weight of the world is falling on you. You have to work, manage the house, pay the bills, take care of family, find time for yourself, and more. This is a common area that overwhelms people. When we encounter these energy overloads, look to the origin – what do all of these troubles have in common? Is it that we have too much to do? Or is it that we don’t feel supported enough to ask for help? Do we not enjoy doing all of the things or some of the things we have to dedicate our time to? There is always an underlying reason for what energy resides in our field. The foundation of healing comes from the identification of these reasons. 

When there is chaos in our system, it wreaks havoc on our lives.

These are the energies we really should not leave unaddressed. We can accomplish all of our long to-do lists and more; but if we don’t face those feelings that lie beneath our chaos, then they will continue to influence our lives in less than positive ways. For the one example given above, we would need to vocalize how we are not feeling supported and bring it to the attention of the people we feel are not lending us the support we need. We also need to take responsibility for our own well-being. We can’t do everything, and it isn’t reasonable to think we can. So, a shift in perspective is also required to resolve the disharmonious energy that pertains to our overwhelming feelings in this example. We need to reevaluate what we think we need to do, delegate what we can, and ensure we are dedicating some of our time to what makes us feel fulfilled.    

Once we have addressed or acknowledged everything we are feeling, it is time to ground and circulate our energy. We want to get all of our energy flowing, filtering it through the Earth’s energy and back up through our system so that we resonate at the frequency that best suits our current needs. Do we need a day of rest? Do we need to be motivated? Do we need more grace? Start the day by attuning yourself to the frequency you require to have the day you want to have. You can do that! As you circulate your energy, focus on how you want to feel. Not simply “I want to feel good”, but rather match the energy of where you want to resonate

There are a lot of words in there that make this all sound a bit mystical and not based in reality. While I prefer to use words that have a meaning we all agree upon, understanding that these terms have real life applications only takes a minor shift in perspective. Being aware of how you feel is not some kind of magic. Influencing your ‘energy’ is simply no different than choosing to control your mood. Being aware of what bothers you, addressing it, and rising above it is where self-healing begins. There is no magical source that is coming to fix you. You and your will can influence how you feel on a daily basis. It requires patience as well as the will to keep trying even when you fail. Our beliefs dictate how far into the mystical we go with healing, but I like to keep one foot firmly planted in reality. The energy around us can help if we believe we have access to it. However, it can’t do for us what we are not willing to do for ourselves.

Self-healing is a lifelong practice, and not just a one-and-done deal. Being mindful of how we are feeling is the starting point for any of the healing methods you might wish to engage in. Be it a trip to the doctor or the balancing of chakras, we first must acknowledge how we are feeling if we want to find effective “treatments” for the areas in which we feel dis-ease. Performing some method of self-assessment each day can help to produce lasting balance and an overall improved quality of life. Ideally, we will find the time to perform this check both when we start the day and just before we end the day. You might be surprised to find how much baggage we process while we sleep. If left unaddressed, these energies will be influencing our dreams and astral experiences which might prevent restful sleep – this is something that impedes wellness.

In time the process of self-assessment will be much quicker and take only minutes to complete. The more time we dedicate to honoring what we are feeling, the more we will understand all we are feeling. The more conscious we become of the energy that circulates within our field, the less subconscious influence those energies will have over our daily lives.