Crystal Information

Blue aventurine is a variation of quartz that gets its blue coloration from bits of mica and or dumortierite. All colors of aventurine carry the light-hearted happy-go-lucky feeling associated with food fortune, but each color also has areas they specialize in. Promoting a sense of adventure and the idea that anything is possible, this is a crystal of best-laid plans. This crystal aligns with the will and ability to think things through and find the best path to resolution or attainment of goals. It aligns one with logic and clarity as it facilitates good decision making and provides the resolve needed to follow through on your ideas. Blue aventurine promotes taking responsibility for your own life and lends the support needed to recognize and change that which does not suit you any longer. It is a wonderful tool for those who need to discover and embrace the idea that they are in control of their own life, and they have the power to take care of themselves.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Assists with decision making and standing by those decisions

-Resonates best with the Throat and Brown Chakras

-Helps to unblock innate psychic abilities

-Promotes honest and eloquent communication

-Provides the patience needed to endure difficult situations

-Promotes peace and compassion for the self and others

-Lends strength to overcome bad habits and addictions

-Helps one recognize and grow past negative traits 

-Promotes leadership qualities

-Instills the idea that anything is possible

-Facilitates a grounded and centered way of being

-Promotes emotional stability

-Helps provide focus and determination

-Facilitates connection to and communication with spirit

-Assists dream recall

-Helps one to accept and embrace spiritual gifts 

-Promotes the recognition of karmic or life lessons

-Promotes the understanding of inner guidance

-Facilitates energetic protection