Crystal Information

Known for being one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, the iron ore known as hematite forms with appearances that vary widely. Identification of this mineral by the naked eye can be a little bit tricky because it can be found with lusters of metallic to earthy, in colors ranging from red to silver, and forms like micaceous, crystalline, botryoidal, massive, oolitic, fibrous, and more. One thing that many believe is an indicator of hematite is magnetism, however, hematite does not gravitate to magnets. Some specimens have a high amount of magnetite in them and this can cause the piece to be magnetic, but typically magnetism is not an identifier of hematite. The best way to identify this mineral is the streak test. Hematite will always give off a reddish streak when tested. 

Now that we can identify it, where can we find the understanding of how hematite works with energy? We can find it in all of the things mentioned above. Iron has long been associated with protection of many forms. We use it to defend and shield ourselves from danger just the same as we use it for shelter. Being one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, when we look for where it can be found we see it is all around us. This recognition anchors one to the very thing they seek. By connecting to the energy of hematite, we connect to all the energies of hematite and because it is found in such vast quantities within the crust of the planet the energy we connect to is the Earth’s energy. This is where we find the centering, grounding, and stabilizing powers that hide within this stone. 

There is one more quality hematite typically lends and that is found in both its appearance and identification. Regardless of the outward appearance, the true color of hematite is red. Red is the color of the root chakra and as such is associated with safety, stability, and our knowing that we are enough just as we are – we have a right to occupy our space. Whether or not we flourish, grow, and have harmony is all dependent on the foundation we build upon. That foundation is not in outward appearances but what is found within. Hematite embodies the idea that whatever it is we are faced with, we have the power to stand and face it. 

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Facilitates centering and grounding

-Aids all meditation efforts 

-Amplifies manifesting efforts

-Aids all healing efforts

-Stabilizes and harmonies the energetic system 

-Helps promote understanding and acceptance

-Promotes healing of traumas 

-Helps address and understand karmic lessons

-Helps one embrace their true self 

-Promotes confidence and self-acceptance 

-Helps release fear and anxiety