Is spiritual growth what you are looking for? If you are looking to strengthen your connection to spirit and self, this might be the intention you need. Spiritual growth is sought after when you are called to see the world for more than just its physical attributes. Spiritual development is a pretty wide-ranging topic. From enhancing our clair-senses, astral travel, spirit communication, and energy healing; this intention encompasses all that aligns with soul evolution and progress of the energetic self.

What can crystals do to help? You might be surprised to see just how far a little bit of belief can get you. While the list of things we need can vary greatly for this intention but one thing that all require is the strengthening or establishment of faith. The ability to be still and aware but release control is imperative if we wish to grow spiritually. Trusting that the answers we seek are always within our grasp is something crystals can help us with.

For more information on the crystals used in each piece, please visit the crystal information page.


copper, labradorite & blue apatite on a 17.25-inch cord.



Sterling silver, Aquamarine & sapphire

on an 18-inch sterling silver chain



Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “Path” made from copper, with sodalite accents on 16.5-inch leather cord with iolite accent with an amethyst bead.



Copper, ammonite & blue apatite on a 17-inch leather cord



Copper and crystal quartz on a 22-inch leather cord.



Copper & sodalite on a 17.5-inch leather cord



black & blue kyanite mixed wrapped with copper on a leather cord



sterling silver, shungite, fluorite, rutilated quartz, amethyst, iolite, sodalite, mookaite, seraphinite, sunstone, & garnet on sterling chain. Measures 22 inches



copper, tiger’s eye, moonstone on an 18.25-inch cord $



copper electroformed feather, blue kyanite, quartz, gold sheen obsidian, unakite, black moonstone, heliotrope, smoky quartz & shungite on a 20.5-inch cord.



copper, lemurian quartz & lapis lazuli on a 19-inch cord.



copper, super seven, golden rutilated quartz & amethyst on a 19.5inch leather cord



copper, tiger’s eye, heliotrope, golden rutilated quartz on a cord, adjustable up to 18-inches.



copper, amethyst, labradorite, heliotrope & silver sheen obsidian on an 18.5-inch cord.



copper wrapped triquetra with labradorite accent on a 17.25-inch cord.



copper, sapphire & rainbow moonstone on a copper chain. Adjustable up to 21.5-inches



copper, black tourmaline & shattuckite on a 21.5-inch cord.



sterling silver & scapolite on a sterling filled chain and amethyst bead



copper, prehnite on a 17.5-inch cord



Sterling silver, peridot, amethyst, silver sheen obsidian, rainbow moonstone, rainbow obsidian on a sterling silver chain. Measures 19.5 inches



copper, lodalite, biotite mica on a 21-inch cord



copper, quartz, golden rutilated quartz, heliotrope, garnet on a 23-inch cord



copper, sapphire, labradorite, silver sheen obsidian on a copper chain. Measures 24 inches long.

$105. 00


copper, dravite & quartz on an 18-inch cord.



copper, tiger’s eye & lapis lazuli on a 17.25-inch cord.



sterling silver, iolite, labradorite, blue kyanite & amethyst. 7.5-inches



Sterling silver, sandalwood, iolite, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, shungite, shattuckite & amethyst 9-inches.



Sterling silver, silver sheen obsidian, black tourmaline, garnet, labradorite, abalone shell & amethyst. 7.5-inches



Sterling silver, sapphire, shungite, iolite, rainbow moonstone & amethyst. 6.5- inches



Sterling silver, pietersite, labradorite, blue kyanite & amethyst. 7.25-inches


Lepidolite, labradorite, fluorite, gold sheen obsidian, smoky quartz, copper & amethyst. 7.25-inches



Chrysocolla, sandalwood, tiger’s eye, amethyst & sterling silver. 8-inches



Blue kyanite, labradorite & rainbow fluorite stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 13-inches



Copper & emerald 6.25-inch cuff (Including the gap) $60.00


Picture jasper, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye & sandalwood stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 12.5-inches



Copper, obsidian, blue apatite with amethyst. 7-inches.



sterling silver & sapphire spinner ring, size 9



Sterling silver & sapphire, size 9



sterling silver & amber size, 9.25


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Crystal Information

A rare crystal also known as Rosaline Zoisite, this mineral has some interesting lore tied within its name. In this lore, we find how its energy works. In ancient cultures, there was a place where the sun never set, a place where the sun goes when it is not shining its light on our known world. A place just beyond our physical existence. This idea transcends a few systems of belief from the Greek, to the Norse, and even Biblical all with one commonality; it’s a place of paradise beyond our comprehension. This place was called Thule. Some believed this is the location of The Garden of Eden, others believe this was a place where people lived simply but had long lifespans up to a thousand years, and some believe this is the land of giants and gods. Regardless of what version resonates, the idea behind them all is the beauty, power and perfection hidden just beyond the world we have seen with our eyes. Things were possible in Thule that defied logic, that couldn’t be explained or compared to the normal physical world we knew – and this is the energy hidden within our crystal in question. 

Thulite bridges the gap between the heart and the mind, and harmonizes the two. Feelings are one of those things that lies just beyond scientific explanation. Yes, we can understand why we feel certain things and we can find some logic for emotions however, there is so much that simply can’t be explained with words. Emotion is more than words, it is frequency and vibration – it is energy. Emotion fuels us to do things we would not believe we are capable of. Emotion inspires us and can also destroy us. Emotion is powerful. When the power of the mind is aligned with the power of the heart, anything is possible. 

Thulite holds its strength in another area, one of extraordinary self-acceptance and love. It shows us how to embrace our strengths and our flaws equally. While also holding compassion and logic for ourselves. Knowing that we are not perfect helps us to see that some mistakes are necessary in order for us to learn and grow. To become strong and balanced we must experience all there is to feel. Thulite lends the strength and support needed to look beyond what we see in the physical world. To dig deeper and find our core self, to look honestly at what wonders lie within us so that we may share them with the world. This crystal shows us that anything is possible if only we have the belief and faith in ourselves. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Strengthens the connection to our higher self 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Promotes feelings of love and acceptance 

-Inspires compassion 

-Helps harness powers of emotion 

-Inspires eloquent speech 

-Helps form bonds and connections with people 

-Helps overcome social anxiety 

-Promotes personal power 

-Promotes confidence 

-Birthstone for Gemini and Taurus

-Helps one see alternative points of view

-Promotes sincerity 

-Helps overcome addiction and break negative behavioral patterns

-Helps overcome negative thoughts and beliefs 

-Helps break free from self sabotage 

-Enhances creativity 

-Facilitates spiritual protection 

-Helps one see anything is possible 


Crystal Information

Sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Life”, shungite has been used for centuries to purify water, aid healing efforts and has been utilized for its antibacterial properties. These are not simply “medicine man” remedies but there has been actual scientific testing that has proven this mineraloids benefits in these applications. It is believed that shungite heals on all levels, the energetic and the physical. The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is unhealthy to life. 

Think of this stone like a filter, catching all impurities and toxins while working to transmute and rejuvenate. It is beneficial for all healing and protection applications as well as being the number one mineral for defense against harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Assists all healing efforts 

-Provides grounding energy

-Removes dis-ease  

-Shields against electromagnetic radiation

-Absorbs and dissipates negative energy 

-Restores and rejuvinates the energy  

-Promotes emotional stability

-Enables healthy “shadow work”

-Provides protection from negative energy

-Cleanses, repairs and strengthens the auric field

-Promotes spiritual growth

-Promotes mental clarity

-Clears and stimulates all chakras

-Aids meditation efforts 

-Helps remove blockages that prevent growth 

-Assists with accepting and releasing trauma

-Promotes restful sleep 

-Nobile elite and high-quality Petrovsky Shungite can purify water of almost all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms

** Please note. There are a few different types of Shungite. You should know what you are using if you intend to filter your water with it and be sure you purchase from a reputable source.

Nobile Elite, Silver- Rare and least common variation- 98% carbon

Petrovsky =Shiny/Black = More common and can be polished = 50%-75% carbon

Regular Black/Gray= Common =Dull gray color contains 30% – 50% carbon

There are also variations with less carbon content marketed as Shungite rock.


Crystal Information

A pseudomorph after malachite, this mineral is a mixture of several potential copper ore minerals such as ajoite, chrysocolla, malachite, azurite, and occasionally forms within quartz. The formation of this crystal holds the best analogy for its energy. The least sciency way to explain how a pseudomorph mineral occurs is; there are changes made on an atomic level but the “structure”, the outward shape, of the mineral remains the same. Little changes are made, things so small they seem insignificant on their own but when we put those changes together, we end up with something new but the same. That is confusing, I know, but think of it like a new and improved version of the same mineral. As though you were to take all of the good that was there before, then changing the things that maybe weren’t the same level of awesome as your favorite parts so that they held the same level of wonder. This is the idea behind shattuckite and its energy. 

It facilitates change, little change but lots of it. Helping you to see the things on an energetic level that may not be your favorite and facilitating a shift towards improving them so that you have more parts you love and less that you don’t. The actual mineral combinations within each piece of shattuckite are unique, they are all so similar but different circumstances produce slight variations, just like people. Shattuckite works to assist us with accepting our mistakes, faults and flaws while helping us understand that all parts of our personal story helped us become who we are today. This stone has many strengths from being a highly spiritual stone to assisting profound healing, but its overall place of resonance is personal growth.

Here are a few more things this mineral can assist with:

-Enhances psychic abilities and intuition

-Assists all healing efforts

-Helps recognize and release negative behavioral patterns

-Facilitates the acceptance of trauma 

-Allows one to find the positive in negative circumstances

-Promotes personal and spiritual growth 

-Strengthens connection to the higher self

-Strengthens and repairs the auric field

-Resonates with the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras

-Assists meditation efforts

-Promotes truth 

-Aids self exploration 

-Promotes restful sleep 

-Aids lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Promotes dream recall

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Provides peaceful, calm energy

-Eases symptoms of anxiety 

-Assists energetic protection efforts 

-Strengthens communication with spirit 

-Enhances all clairsenses

-Raises vibrations 

-Promotes sincere communication 


Crystal Information

All colors of aventurine are considered to be lucky stone. This is due to the sparkly inclusions that can be found in all variations. The name originally came from an Italian glass maker who accidentally spilled material into his work, and ended up with some beautiful glass with inclusions. The technique came to be known as Avventiruna and the name was given later to the natural mineral who bears a resemblance to this glass artform. The colors of each type of aventurine come from the different mineral inclusions that can be found within the stone. Pink aventurine gets its color from lepidolite, hematite and or goethite. So we end up with a mineral that has quite an interesting mix of strength, stability, calm and emotion. It is known by many as “The Heart Healer”.

Pink is one of those colors often associated with females and while this is sort of true on an energetic level, the understanding of this has gotten a bit twisted over time. Pink is not weak, it is not dainty, it is not frilly lace dresses. Pink holds feminine energy arguably better than any other color. Feminine energy does not belong to a gender as we all have both masculine and feminine energy within our fields. Feminine is the unseen, the read between the lines, the intuitive, the emotion. Now, some may think that emotion itself is weakness. Irrational and unbalanced. This can be true at times but again, if we look from an energy perspective, emotion is what drives us. Emotion is where our strength lies. Logic can only get us so far, we must have the heart to fight, to pursue, to never give up. These things come from emotion. They come from the feminine energy. Yes, masculine will fight, but that thing that makes you get back after you have been knocked down a hundred times, that right there is the feminine energy in you. The energy that connects to something deeper, the unseen force of strength, the inner knowing that you must keep going. Pink is strength in a way that can not be measured. 

Pink aventurine holds within it all of these strengths and more. It connects us to our emotional center but the minerals inside promote calm, rational thinking, and stability. They ground our emotions in our reality so that we may better apply our strength to the areas we will see the greatest impact. This crystal helps us to harness our emotions and the energy behind them. It brings with it a lighthearted happy go lucky energy combined with the strength to keep trying – no matter how many times you get knocked down. It connects us to hope. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Helps heal emotional wounds

-Promotes optimism 

-Inspires the will to love 

-Stabilizes auric field 

-Provides grounding energy

-Aids manifesting efforts 

-Promotes and understanding of our emotions

-Inspires hope

-Helps release thought and behavioral patterns that are harmful 

-Promotes understanding of opposing views 

-Promotes compassion and equality 

-Strengthens clair senses and psychic abilities 

-Aligns the chakras and promotes balance within the chakra system

-Promotes determination 

-Facilitates meditation 

-Strengthens connection to inner wisdom 

-Helps determine what emotions do not belong to you

-Promotes a sense of calm serenity 

-Helps one embrace universal love

-Facilitates emotional endurance 

-Helps one to accept their emotions 

-Helps overcome dissociation with painful events, memories or experiences

-Promotes the will to share happiness with others

-Helps one act in accordance with the highest good

-Promotes good decision making 

-Promotes the will to care for oneself 


Crystal Information

Also known as Icelandic Spar, Optical Calcite helps improve our perception of ourselves and the world around us and facilitates a positive outlook on life. It can help to show you a new alternative way to find the solution or path you have been looking for. Once used by the Vikings as a navigation tool to help them find their way at sea, this crystal can help you stay on course along your own individual journey. By clearing away confusion and negativity it can allow you to see options or truth you may not have considered before.

Here are a few applications for this crystal:

-Clears and activates all chakras

-Helps shift perception from negative to positive

-Helps to release fear

-Amplifies positive energy and helps to clear away negative energy

-Clears energy blockages

-Promotes spiritual development

-Inspires motivation

-Helps remove old patterns of behavior and ways of

thinking that no longer serve you

-Facilitates mental clarity, focus and analytical skills

-Aids the retaining and recall of information *a premier study stone

-Awakens psychic abilities

-Facilitates the willingness to change

-Aids the detoxification process

-Facilitates past life recall and healing


Crystal Information

Think of this stone like a long walk on the beach. The same feelings of calm rejuvenation as well as the release of troubles and worries you feel when you are near the ocean, resides within this stone. Much like the waves on the shore go out and come back, this stone serves as a reminder that what you send out to the universe comes back to you. This stone also works well to help ground those who use the element of water in their grounding rituals.

Sometimes referred to as Sea Jasper, Ocean Orbicular Jasper, Cellular Jasper, and also as Atlantis stone; Ocean Jasper facilitates the energy flow between the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras. This helps us to communicate the things we desire with clarity and in a compassionate manner. Being a stone that promotes positivity, this crystal is an excellent choice for healers to wear or utilize as it can help their clients to feel more positive and it will help prevent the healer from taking on the negative energy of others. It is also believed that ancient information is hidden within its structure and meditation with this stone can help you access hidden or lost spiritual wisdom or past life information. Providing a centered and calm approach to life, this stone is beneficial to anyone looking to get the most joy out of life.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Assists with the release of negative emotions and promotes optimism

-Provides grounding energy

-Promotes loving positive communication

-Resonates best with the Solar Plexus, Throat, and Heart Chakras

-Helps with relieving stress and eases the symptoms of depression

-Enhances feelings of personal power and inner strength

-Facilitates a better more truthful understanding of one’s self

-Brings an alternative perspective to situations that may have been perceived as negative

-Encourages positivity in social gatherings and situations

-Promotes good self-esteem and self-worth

-Promotes good decision making

-Allows you to see the blessings in your life

-Promotes sleep and tranquility of mind

-Promotes the release of negative patterns that may be holding you back

-Useful during meditations as it helps to promote clarity

-Facilitates healing

-Balances energy and allows you to be more aware of the present moment

-Assists with past life recall

-Stabilizes the auric field

-Cleanses away negative energy

-Useful for dealing with nightmares and negative thoughts

-Promotes patience

-Aids acceptance of responsibility and helps one accomplish tasks

-Resonates with the element of water


Crystal Information

A form of volcanic glass sometimes referred to as the “Wizard Stone”, obsidian is a crystal that holds tremendous strength. Believed by some to be a protection crystal, this dark mineral is much more than that generic term. It has been used since ancient times by “average” people, magicians and shamans alike with one of its primary functions being both spiritual and physical. Obsidian comes with a natural reflective surface which allows it to be a perfect vessel for viewing. It was and still is used as a mirror to view what can be seen with the naked eye and more.

This is exactly how the energy of obsidian works as well. It reflects that which we need to see. It brings forth dis-ease within our system and forces us to see it. This is where the protection aspect comes into play which can be very off putting for some, depending on what form of dis-ease is present. For this reason, I don’t typically recommend obsidian for the intention of energetic protection as it can make things seem a worse before they get better and sometimes this isn’t always the best approach. If we are looking to use it for protective purposes; this is a great stone when you are needing to guard yourself against psychic attack, as it will recognize the foreign energy immediately and help send it back to where it came from.

The real strength of obsidian however, lies in its ability to help us address that which we would rather hide from – our own skeletons in the closet. It forces us to see ourselves as we are, flaws and all and facilitates the acceptance, healing, and growth past our own traumas and baggage so that the energy of the world can’t use those things to influence us in a negative way.

This is a stone that is not gentle with its approach to healing. It is born out of volcanic activity and holds that power within it. I like to approach working with this crystal the same as I would a volcano – with gentle, cautious respect. I say this because obsidian works very much like a volcanic eruption. It is capable of unleashing all that is hidden, all that causes blockages in one explosive burst; only once it does it doesn’t just vanish, all of that stuff needs to be addressed in order for that energetic lava to settle and be cleared away. As harsh as this crystal can be at times, it is an invaluable tool for helping to harmonize the conscious and shadow self, allowing us to know who we truly are and not just who we think we would like ourselves to be.

This is a perfect ally for personal growth, healing and divination alike. When used in divination efforts, it allows us to see a situation exactly as it is without our own personal filters getting in the way of interpreting messages from our higher self and spirit. Once that energetic lava settles, obsidian is a wonderful tool to help promote clarity and maintain energetic neutrality so that we can see the world and our place in it exactly as it is.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Protects against electromagnetic fields

-Guards against psychic attack

-Draws out and transmutes stress and tension

-Facilitates emotional and energetic stability

-Helps find a creative way through problems

-Helps dispel nightmares

-Enhances intuition

-Strengthens clairvoyance

-Provides grounding energy

-Provides protection from hostility, negativity and psychic vampires

-Assists divination efforts

-Aides all healing efforts

-Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Facilitates deep soul healing

-Assists in examining unresolved issues

-Helps accept and overcome trauma

-Facilitates past life healing

-Removes harmful attitudes that inhibit personal and spiritual growth

-Assists manifestation efforts

-Helps release behavioral patterns that no longer serve us

-Promotes self-control

-Helps detoxification efforts

-Assists meditation efforts

-Enhances confidence and personal power

There are different variations of obsidian, all holding the same strengths just with different specialties. 

*Below is an excerpt from my book Crystals Book Two which is available on Amazon

Apache tear (also known as marekanite), will help resolve issues of grief and guilt. Helping us to face truths and accept them with grace. 

Snowflake obsidian has small inclusions of cristobalite which brings with it the strength of calming waves of emotion, so this variation is a bit less aggressive than the “pure” (no inclusions) variety and will provide emotional support as you address your shadow self. 

Rainbow obsidian has a more of a bit of a positive feel to it and this is due to the nanorods of hedenbergite that it contains. It will work to raise your spirits and greet your troubles with a more positive outlook. It helps one to see the rainbow that waits at the end of the storm that is healing. 

Then there is fire obsidian with its inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles and this one helps draw out unbalanced energy and promotes a strong circulation of energy flow through all the chakras. This one will help to keep you balanced and grounded during your time exploring the shadows. 

Mahogany obsidian occurs when it blends but does not mix. The molten obsidian has a high viscosity and doesn’t mix well with other molten minerals. Magma with hematite and iron blend with the molten obsidian and cool to form one mineraloid that has distinct separations. Like a candy cane with its two-colored sugars rolled into one, you have one piece of candy, but you can clearly see there are two separate candy sticks rolled into one perfect cane. This one helps to integrate what may seem like opposing energies and unifies them into balance. This can be in the form of personality traits, beliefs, or even externally by helping two people come together and resolve opposition. It helps to draw energies to common ground. 

Silver & Gold sheen obsidian get their chatoyance from tiny gas bubbles that are trapped within, as well as microscopic bits of feldspar and or mica. While these are similar, they have very different feels to them. The silver resonates more with “lunar” energy while the gold is more of “sun”. This could mean many things depending on how you look at it. From my perspective, silver sheen helps to address the unseen, our dreams, or that which would be hidden. While the gold helps to shine a light on the areas of our physical life where we need to make changes.  

The classic variety of obsidian works so well to facilitate protection by forcing us to face our true self, flaws and all. It helps us to reconcile the parts of ourselves that we may not want to fully embrace so that we are a unified “self”. When our light and dark blend in harmony as one, there are very few forces from the outside that can cause us harm. Obsidian is a must in any healer’s journey, but that place only comes after a strong foundation and understanding of our own energy is made. 


Crystal Information

A variation of quartz with inclusions that gets its name from the Italian “a ventura”, which means “by chance”, aventurine is known as “The Luckiest of All Crystals”. The green variety of aventurine gets its color from tiny bits of muscovite mica known as fuchsite. A mineral that is known as “The Fairy Stone”. The blending of the properties of quartz and fuchsite together give us an energy that is healing, light hearted, and so optimistic it is hard to not find success when this crystal is around.  

Thought to be able to calm a troubled or restless spirit and promote tranquility from within. Many associate this crystal with the more positive magical attributes of the fae such as: holiness- inspiring awe or reverence among believers, temperance – displaying self-restraint and control, chastity – refraining from immoral sexual activity, friendship – interpersonal connections, justice – acting in alignment with concepts of moral correctness based on ethics, courtesy – a gentle disciplined noble politeness, and magnificence – refusal to engage in petty behavior, a willingness to face danger and a general way of being great of heart and mind. Aventurine does embody these virtues and tends to draw them out of the people who encounter this stone’s energy. It promotes a sense of peaceful knowing that everything will be alright, and insists you sit back and allow the chips to fall where they may. After all, it is only after we know what our full hand is that we are able to actually make a move. This is the idea behind the energy of this stone. A faithful, gentle trust that we will encounter all we need, and our job is to be ready to grasp our chances with grace when they present themselves. 

Some applications for this mineral are:

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Promotes healing 

-Promotes positivity and faith 

-Inspires a light hearted approach to life 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Enhances connection to our inner guidance 

-Promotes a feeling of love and compassion 

-Strengthens the connection to the divine

-Increases chances of encountering positive situations

-Helps combat symptoms of depression and anxiety

-Helps release negative thought patterns

-Promotes zest for life 

-Increases favor in games of chance

-Helps decisions making and assertiveness

-Promotes deep self love

-Promotes confidence 

-Inspires a sense of humor 

-Helps dissolve stress and inspires one to “go with the flow”

-Harmonizes the auric field

-Inspires one to let go of attachment to outcomes and just be present in the moment

-Promotes personal growth

-Birthstone for those born between April 20 – May 20, Virgo and LIbra 

-Promotes the will to change for the better

-Promotes the willingness to see others as equals

-Eases geopathic stress

-Combats EMFs

-Helps combat hyperactivity

-Invites one to be still 

-Draws abundance and opportunity


Crystal Information

Known as “The Healer’s Stone”,  fuchsite is a green variety of muscovite mica. It helps to facilitate the mindfulness of our needs while promoting the awareness of how to achieve good health and well being for both ourselves and our loved ones. It also provides the sometimes much needed ability to say no. All too often when people need healing, they inadvertently start to take more than they should from the person trying to help them. Be it time or energy, if the healer lacks the ability to refuse to give more of than they are able to, it can become a problem. Fuschite provides the support the healer needs to create healthy boundaries. This transitions to other aspects of life as well. Healthy boundaries are an important part of all relationships both professional and personal. Now, it is important to realize here that often when the idea of saying no and setting boundaries comes up people pull out their anger and badassery. This stone is not those things, it doesn’t resonate with those vibrations. It is light and airy, passive yet firm and it is very non confrontational. “Anger is not strength.” This is something I hear ALL THE TIME and it rings true here. This stone promotes healing and good behavioral patterns, setting healthy boundaries is a huge part of that. Fuchsite works to do this by promoting the understanding of your needs and strengthening the love you have within you for yourself and others so that you can just accept it is ok to say what you need. There is no need for confrontation about it because you are in control of you and you don’t have to give more than you are willing to. 

Fuchsite is also sometimes referred to as the “Fairy Stone” as it is said to strengthen the connection with the fairy and Devic worlds. This is a tricky thing to address, I can’t say that is a statement I agree with 100 percent but what I can say is that this stone does feel like pixies, like the Disney version of them. Lighthearted, flitting about spreading wonder and happiness through the world. With a strong connection to nature, and promoting balance and well-being for all, is the idea behind those fairytale creatures and that is where the connection of fairies and fuchsite is made for me. It isn’t so much the connection to actual fairies, but the strengthening of the qualities listed above that this crystal brings.  

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Stimulates clear thinking and problem-solving abilities

-Intensifies creativity and inspiration

-Promotes intuition

-Facilitates meditation and spirit guide connection

-Resonates with the heart chakra

-Facilitates the release of obligation when caring for needy people

-Helps to keep one from overextending ourselves

-Promotes restful sleep

-Facilitates healing on all levels

-Promotes awareness of elementals

-A companion crystal for all herbal healings

-Promotes a calm and peaceful energy

-Facilitates the acknowledgement of the truth 

-Helps set clear boundaries

-Promotes self love and self acceptance 

-Attracts good fortune

-Promotes a positive outlook on life