Is balance what you are looking for? If you are looking to control your energy and get power over your current situation, this might be the intention you need. Balance is sought after when you are feeling out of control or overwhelmed.

What can crystals do to help? You might be surprised to see just how far a little bit of belief can get you. Often the thing we need most when we seek balance is order and calm. Stabilizing our energy and helping us to slow down are things crystals can help us be more mindful of. Crystals can help facilitate that connection to stability that we long for when we hold balance as our intention.

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Sterling silver, Aquamarine & sapphire

on an 18-inch sterling silver chain



copper, dravite & quartz on an 18-inch cord.



copper electroformed feather, blue kyanite, quartz, gold sheen obsidian, unakite, black moonstone, heliotrope, smoky quartz & shungite on a 20.5-inch cord.



sterling silver, shungite, fluorite, rutilated quartz, amethyst, iolite, sodalite, mookaite, seraphinite, sunstone, & garnet on sterling chain. Measures 22 inches



Sterling silver & black kyanite on a 19 inch leather cord with sterling findings



black & blue kyanite mixed wrapped with copper on a leather cord



Copper and crystal quartz on a 22-inch leather cord.



Sterling silver, hematite, basalt, garnet, silver sheen obsidian & amethyst. 7.5-inches.



Stainless steel 8.5-inch solar system astrological wrap bracelets. sunstone, kyanite, morganite, chrysocolla, gray moonstone, hematite, picture jasper, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, iolite, labradorite, larvikite, black tourmaline & amethyst accent wrapped in copper. 4 of these available



Copper & red jasper. 7.25-inch bangle



Chrysocolla, sandalwood, tiger’s eye, amethyst & sterling silver. 8-inches



sterling silver & dravite (brown tourmaline), size 6


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Thoughts From The Void


The age-old concept of good vs evil is something that many find themselves embracing on some level. Sometimes the ideas we discuss regarding this ever-present war, are not in alignment with the idea of balance. Some believe that good always wins, or that balance is good prevailing. The notion that things will work out because there is balance is flawed. Things can go either way because there is a balance to this world. The scales tip in either direction, in a constant struggle for balance. Balance is not something that is always achieved, it is something the world strives for.

If we think of a scale, the kind where we weigh one object against the weight of another, each side must be in perfect equivalent shares for the sides of the scale to be at rest and level. This is not usually instantaneous. When we place objects on this type of scale, the objects are set in motion and the sides float up and down until they find a resting place. Until the force behind them settles. Once settled, we can then determine which side holds more weight. Then, if we wish to make them equal, we make adjustments as needed. From my perception, this is exactly how things work on an energetic level.

There is always more good or evil to be added to any scenario. The particular amount of each in every situation or every individual battle, varies. These measurements are not always in equal proportions. In some battles good prevails and others evil wins out. The war continues on either way. This war is the struggle for balance and if there is balance, neither side can be truly victorious. This is the issue I hold when it comes to believing good always wins. This opposes the idea of balance. Good does not always win. Good is not all-powerful. There is an immeasurable amount of both forces available to our world and how we decide to apply our energy often dictates how our scales are adjusted.

Many people do not like this way of thinking. This notion can be scary to some. The idea that the evils we encounter or “imagine” could overpower the positive, is frightening to many. The truth is this does happen. We see this in our world every single day. We also can find examples of tremendous good for the sake of good. On an individual level, sometimes it seems one side is in control. One side is more powerful. However, if we look at the bigger picture and see all of the individual battles, we find there is far more balance than we previously thought.

We hold power here; we are not helpless. Once the momentum of a particular battle slows, we can pause to see which side holds more energy on our individual scale. If there is a heavy load of “evil” influencing a situation, sometimes we must apply more force to the opposing scale. Change how we participate. If we add more of the same energy to a situation, we will get more of the same results. If we change and add energy to the opposing scale, we might just find that balance that the world is ever questing to find.

Neither good or evil is stronger or better. They are equal and both are needed. We get to choose what we align with and how much of each we contribute to our own scales. As we engage with spirit, it can be helpful to remember that there is a scale, and all spirit finds itself contributing to one side or another at any given time. This doesn’t mean anything is all evil or all good. It just means everything is capable of both.


Thoughts From The Void

Anxiety, this is a word we are all familiar with in some way. Either we have experienced the severe impact it can have on our lives, or we know someone who has. I do not feel that only certain people fall victim to the crippling effects of this underappreciated human issue. I feel that given the right circumstances; everyone can find themselves on the receiving end of this brand of chaos.

          What does it mean to “have anxiety”?

Is it a disease? Is it a sickness? Is it a weakness?  Or is it a series of unfortunate events or circumstances that produce an overload of heavy, that bombards one with a feeling of helplessness? To me, anxiety is the manifestation of an energetic issue. This is my perspective, and my point of view does not nullify medical advice. I feel these things go hand in hand. The actions we take in the physical world influence our energetic self. The energy we apply to our being also has an effect on our physical body. These things influence each other. So, I am in no way saying that medical advice or medication is not effective, useful, or necessary at times. I apply physical world remedies just the same as I utilize energetic coping methods when the time calls for them. I am all-inclusive here. I do not believe in separating the energetic from the physical. They are a part of the whole; so, when I have issues, I address them both equally – or at least I try my best to.

Anxiety is a battle; one we must fight alone.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into this really important area of wellness. When other people have anxiety, we tend to be a bit dismissive. Is it because we don’t care or can’t empathize? I do not think so. I think it is because no one can help someone else’s anxiety. Anxiety is a battle only the self can resolve. People don’t like to feel helpless. If we can’t help someone, we have to tune out their issues. Yes, sometimes maybe we are too wrapped up in our own lives to recognize someone else’s internal pain, but often we could see it if we choose to; we just know we can’t do anything about it, so we put it aside and don’t give it the attention it deserves. This often compounds the issue for the person drowning in chaos. This right here is something to shift. No one can ever know the magnitude of an internal struggle. We must not seek physical alliances in this particular area. We will be let down every single time. We will prolong that battle because we won’t ever find someone that really fully grasps what we feel like in that moment. We won’t find a hero because we have to be our own hero. This is one of those times that strength of self and emotional endurance come into play.

People can’t fully understand, but that is okay.

This idea that others can’t understand does not mean that there aren’t people who care or that can help. There are always people who care, there is always a way to help. If we want lasting relief though, it must come from within. Once we get caught in that tidal wave of chaotic energy, it will work to remain – it will seek to find a way to expand. Balance must be restored, and it must be restored from deep within the self. Being a stable resting point for those fighting this battle is a wonderful thing. Knowing that people have your back is a comfort that can lighten even the heaviest of loads. Still, the load will remain until the person who carries it resolves it themselves.

I had this idea for a while that people who were very spiritual or well-balanced don’t encounter this disruptive influence in their lives. This idea is inaccurate. To be human is to be flawed. Everyone can encounter anxiety. What we do with these experiences is determined by our awareness and level of self-mastery, in combination with our current circumstances. Personally, my level of self-mastery is not so advanced, but my level of self-awareness is on point. I am not sure if this makes things better or worse, but it sure does make me pay attention and take notice. If we were to take someone who has a very high level of self-mastery, someone who is not easily swayed, who has emotional stability, and we hand them a set of circumstances that places them in the center of chaos with no outlet for resolution; we will find they eventually become overwhelmed. Self-mastery begins to wane and given enough time, that chaos will chip away at their emotional stability. When this happens, we begin to see this energetic issue we call stress have a real-world influence on our physical self.

That’s right, I see stress as an energy, because that is what it is. Stress is not a physical thing, right? You can’t see it or hold it. You can’t explain why some people manage it better than others. You can’t quantify it, but we see its effects. Stress is an example of how energy can influence our well-being. Now, I am sure someone will contest that theory. Stress isn’t weirdo stuff; it is a normal problem. It is a real-life thing. That is exactly what I have been saying for years now. Spirit and physical are the same. We are talking about the same things; our perception is all that varies. To me, the difference in how some manage stress and anxiety, often lies within the spirit.

Everyone must learn to navigate anxiety

The shaman or even successful medical professional are just as susceptible to the life-altering influence of anxiety as a single parent struggling to provide. Regular people and the “so-called blessed” encounter this problem just the same. Some may have more challenging circumstances but more strength of self, others may have all the opportunities in the world but lack all self-mastery skills. Every situation is different, and every person is different. No one is more vulnerable than another especially if our current lesson is to learn how to navigate this particular brand of chaos. I do feel we can learn to manage anxiety all on our own. Getting to the point where it doesn’t consume us is a long hard road. What I feel the definition of managing is, might not align with the general idea most people have.

If you want to overcome anxiety, you have to embrace it.

I don’t feel managing anxiety is making it go away. Sometimes we can’t control all of the contributing factors. Sometimes we are stuck in that sea of turbulence and all we can do is tread water. This right here is where I want to create a shift in thinking. This is where I know I go wrong every single time I am dropped into the midst of chaos. Making the anxiety stop might not be the path to the peace we need. That moment of overwhelm when your heart is pounding, your mind is racing, when you feel like you might explode because everything is just everywhere; at this moment we want to make it all stop. We want someone to help us. We want order. We crave balance. We require stillness. In this moment we have to remember that we might be in the middle of the sea, but we can float. Sink or swim are not our only options here. Sometimes we can grab that floaty and just chill in the chaos until we are ready to do something else. It isn’t stopping the anxiety and fixing the problem that will help us. It is acknowledging it and honoring it that brings the stillness we desire. We must be honest and say, “I am feeling anxious. I don’t like it. It is too much.”  Then sit with it. Be still. Don’t try to fix anything. Respect that at this moment, we feel we can do nothing. Often, we can do nothing. Fighting that truth of what we are experiencing only amplifies what we feel.

How could this ever be helpful?

I know, this seems counterproductive. Admit we feel like we are drowning and do nothing? Give in to it? No, let’s be clear here. We are not giving up or giving in. We are being present. We can handle anything. We all own a strength within us that knows no end. We all have the support of spirit, especially in these moments of overwhelm. In the internal war, the battle we seem to fight alone because no human alive can really be there with us in the fight, we aren’t actually alone. Spirit is with us. Spirit knows we can pull through. In the moment when we pause and accept that we feel the desperation that comes with anxiety – everything can change. We have to let go of the need to control. We have to find a little bit of faith. Faith in what? What you believe in is up to you. When faced with the daunting task of regaining stability in moments of chaos, you have to release some knowing. There is just too much energy around, too many thoughts, too many “what ifs”. In those moments you must release the need to know everything or even anything. We have to just breathe. So, when that time comes when we feel sink or swim, I say do neither. I say just float. Just be still. Just let go for a moment and breathe. Have faith that this moment, is not the only moment; but it is the only moment we can control.

Assess the moment.

From here, what if instead of solving the problem, instead of planning for the possibilities, what if instead of worrying, we assess the moment. Just the moment we are in. “Well, how will that solve any problems at all?” Yeah, I know. This seems like it simply won’t be helpful. We have anxiety because we have issues that require resolution. We must plan. We must fix. No! We mustn’t. We can’t solve any problems if we can’t find clarity. We can’t be productive if all we feel is panic. We only hurt ourselves and the situation if we can’t regain a sense of balance. Those problems will be there. They will be addressed in time. Right now, we have the right now. Most of the time, the anxiety is caused by the past and the future. The current moment needs to be all we see. Not an hour from now, not five minutes from now, not even a few seconds from now. Right now, this breath, this is where our focus must stay when anxiety takes hold.

We can’t “positive thinking” anxiety away.

This is not an article about how to avoid ever getting anxiety. It is not a collection of ideas about how to stuff anxiety away. It is the truth that when we experience anxiety, sometimes the only action to take is honoring that we feel it. Validating it. Declaring “I am overwhelmed, this is awful, but I know it won’t last forever.” Sometimes that is all we can do. Accept it and wait for it to pass. However, a big part of why anxiety causes the havoc it does is that we fight it. If we were to get the flu, we would rest. We would recognize our needs and fulfill them. We wouldn’t refuse to accept we have the flu. That would never get us healthy again. Others would honor this because they don’t want to get the flu. They will offer help and supplies and tell you to go get better. They can’t fight the flu for you. They can offer you medicine to help with the symptoms, they can bring you soup and leave it on your doorstep, but they can’t defeat the flu for you. Anxiety is no different. We just don’t honor it in the same way.

Sometimes there is an energetic battle that is being fought. One that holds the same merit as the flu. One that can destroy the physical body if not treated with care. This energetic battle is just as contagious as a flu. If you encounter someone dealing with this turmoil, you have likely felt the effects. Sometimes this lingers and becomes an issue for the next person, and other times it doesn’t spread. The concept is exactly the same as the “physical” illnesses we bestow a greater level of prestige. Our personal situations, defenses, and self-care practices play a role in if the dis-ease spreads or stops. The effects a “physical” illness and anxiety have are equally as profound.

When we are in the thick of it, in the moments that seem to last a lifetime, those moments when even breathing is hard to do; we must accept temporary defeat. We must retreat and gather our strength. We must accept it is too much. The heavy is more than we can carry at that moment. We must allow our self to rest – mentally. The only way to do that is to let go – even if it is just for a moment. Release the need to know the outcome. Release the need to control. Let go of the desire to fix. We don’t need to evaluate the past. We don’t need to plan for the future. We simply need to assess the moment. Only the moment we are in.

This is unimaginably difficult to maintain!

This sounds so simple, but I can tell you, I need the reminder every few minutes when anxiety takes control of my being. I need to be told, “Assess just the moment”. While this may not seem to resolve the issues, especially if you are stubborn like me, what it does is provides a pathway out of the sea. If instead of looking around at the vast expanse of ocean surrounding us and thinking we will never find land; we just float right where we are and when we do, we just might drift to the solution we require. If we exhaust ourselves with the “what ifs” we could very well miss the answers to our issues. We will cause ourselves to become physically unwell and compound the original problem. Sometimes worrying about any moment that is not right now causes more harm than good. So right now, in the depths of despair, we are focusing on just this moment. Look at it with honest eyes and ask yourself “At this moment what can I do?” If there is an action you can take, take it. If there is uncertainty here, just keep floating. Breathe and continue to assess just that moment. Honor what you feel. It won’t last forever. Right now, for whatever reason, you must just honor it. Accept it. Validate it. When the time comes that something more can be done, you will know because you are assessing each moment as it comes. Be still, be present, and let go.

This is where I often fail again. There is a time to rest, there is a time to regroup, and then there is a time to push forward. I must remember I am not weak. I am not crumbling. I am not giving up. I must continue forward. I am still in the middle of the sea; however, I am floating, and I will paddle slowly forward. I do not have a plan. I do not see resolution. I must continue anyway. So, I make sure to do the basic things that must be done! There are no exceptions here. This is the hard part. I feel unwell, I am stressed, I am exhausted, I don’t feel like trying. These are the side effects of anxiety. Of the desperate need to get out of chaos. This is why these things can’t ever be ignored!

When all I can do is gently paddle and assess the moment,

I make sure every day I do the following.


You must make sure you are eating and drinking. This is common sense, but we often don’t want to or don’t think about eating when we are dealing with anxiety. Force yourself anyway. What and how much you consume are equally as important here. Take care of your body.


There is never an exception to this one. This must always be done. The influence this has on our wellness is more profound than I can express. Get up and shower, even if all you do is just stand there. Go and rinse off your funk. You don’t want to, I get it, do it anyway every single day.

~Clean and maintain your physical space.

When we clean or organize, we are centered. We must remain centered, and we must continue to clear the chaotic energy. We must bring order to our lives. This is our responsibility and only we can do it. Ensuring our physical space is in alignment with what we want to feel promotes a sense of balance. It facilitates what we need on an energetic level. So clean, even if you don’t want to. 


Whatever type of exercise feels good to you, do it. You must force yourself to move every single day. Again, no exceptions. We want to promote strong energy circulation and “stress relief”, moving your physical body does this better than anything else. We won’t want to move. We feel tired. We feel sick. We must move anyway.

~ Do one productive thing each day.

Aside from the things above, do one thing on a to-do list every single day. This has a major influence on our well-being. When we are productive, we feel like we are taking action. We feel like we are moving forward. We are trying to find our way to resolution, these baby steps bring us there. Even if the one productive thing you did was insignificant, remember baby steps are still steps and they will always be better than standing still. That one thing doesn’t need to pertain to the major issue you are having. In fact, it is better if it has nothing to do with it at all. Delete emails, call an old friend, check the expiration dates on your condiments, it really doesn’t matter. Make a to-do list of small things and do one thing from it every single day. 

You must remain hopeful.

It is okay to be overcome by anxiety from time to time. When it happens, we are not broken or weak. We have not failed. We would never think this if we got the flu. The same logic we apply to physical dis-eases, should apply to the energetic kind as well. We should want it to stop. We should dislike the experience. We should not fight or refuse it. It is happening and accepting it makes it far less painful. Recognize that right now, there is more chaos than you can clear. There is more heavy than you can carry. That I okay and it is temporary. Accept it, honor it, but then let it go. Breathe and assess only the moment you are in. Remember that you have a strength within you that knows no end. So, harness it by just floating until the chaos settles and the path is clear.

It will clear, it always does.

Just like the flu doesn’t last forever, neither does anxiety. We assess this moment, but we also know this moment is not the only moment. It just is the only one we can control right now. Build upon this moment. Create your own stability. We can all do that. We can’t rush this process. We have to accept that sometimes all we can do is just breathe, float, and endure. Have faith because this moment will pass. This process IS managing anxiety. It isn’t making it go away forever or pretending you are above it. It is acknowledging it, embracing it, recognizing that it is more than you can take right now, then working to regain balance. That is managing anxiety. I believe this is something we ALL have the power to do! A shift in perspective may be the thing that helps us navigate this chaos in a more positive way.


Thoughts From The Void

(Clear emotion)

This is a topic that is debated and held very close to many “sensitive” people. My thoughts on the “empath” are not always the most popular. Please feel free to agree, disagree, or just don’t read this if this is a topic you are overly sensitive about.

In my personal opinion, clairempathy is very similar to clairsentience. Empathy is likely to be present with sentience, but sentience is not always present with empathy. Clairempathy stems from the heart chakra and is more emotional and mental than clairsentience is, it is also more confusing. Clairsentience is often more physical and comes with more clarity and the ability to discern the message or meaning behind what you are feeling; where clairempathy can be overwhelming and for lack of a better explanation, emotional. It can become difficult to tell what emotions are yours, and what feelings belong to the world around you.

Empathy is something we all have on some level. Everyone can feel other people’s feelings. What we do with them is what varies. This is where we find that separation between “The Empath” and everyone else. Narcissist and empath alike use this sense we are talking about here. Even the people who don’t fall into either “category” can and do use this sense. Most of us do it without realizing. Clairempathy allows us to feel exactly what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes. To feel a situation as though it is our own experience. This can be a wonderful tool in helping others navigate life’s challenges, but it can also seem like a heavy burden without proper management. Feeling the world around you with such intensity, and often without the intention to do so, can lead to the manifestation of physical ailments. The entire experience can become so emotionally taxing that the world’s lack of balance becomes your instability. On the flip side, clairempathy can also be used to manipulate. What we do with the information we gather is up to the individual. How we get the information though is through a sense we all have! Many disagree with me, but I have yet to find anyone who pokes a hole in this logic. Just because someone doesn’t allow emotion to control them, doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the emotion.

Knowing yourself and your energy is key.

Developing excellent grounding, shielding, and cord cutting practices is imperative for those with this clair-sense. Working on knowing your own energy is very beneficial. Strengthening your “self-worth” is also a huge help! Without these basic practices, there simply is no managing the sense of clairempathy. However, once these simple basics are mastered, clairempathy is a blessing to those who choose to use it to help themselves and their loved ones. The simple notion that someone understands exactly how you feel is the greatest comfort you can lend to someone who is experiencing one of life’s challenges.

If you struggle with discerning your emotions and energy from the world around you and have been working on the above-mentioned tips, I also suggest carrying crystals that strengthen your natural shielding. Satin spar is number one for this because it helps cleanse away residual funk, strengthen your aura, and promotes your ability to discern yourself from others. Once you can tell what is yours, you are then free to release all that does NOT belong to you.

Something to remember is that it is a choice when to help and if helping hurts you, it’s not the time to help.

So simply ground all that excess emotional baggage and cleanse more often until you are comfortable utilizing your clairempathy. It really is that simple. Yes, some moments can be trickier than others; but it is your job to maintain your energy so when it feels chaotic, recognize it and take the time to care for yourself and ground, shield, and cleanse. Once you have balance, clairempathy is not such a daunting curse any longer.

How can we strengthen this clair? 

Until you know how to identify your energy, you might not get too far in this department. Learning to feel your own energy, identify it, ground it, reinforce it, cut cords, and self-healing are first on the to-do list here. Once you have become very comfortable with these practices you will already be noticing a huge improvement in how you feel. We don’t typically strive to just survive though. Clairempathy is one of the most useful clair-senses for everyday applications. Being able to understand the “why” people behave a certain way, can help to facilitate a more harmonious existence. Some crystals and exercises can help this clair tremendously! You can find my thoughts on the crystals here and general management of clairempathy here.

Identification of energy is the first and most important step in working with this sense. Emotions and their root cause are a very complicated area, and it is never going to be easy to navigate the troubles that come along with this topic. If we remember that we are not a victim and we are in control, we tend to have a much easier time embracing and utilizing the senses we have to work with. A great place to start is actually allowing yourself to feel the emotions you encounter. Give them a name and understand them. When you feel something extreme go deeper don’t stop at “I feel jealous”. Explore the why behind the emotion. Feel the energy of why you feel a certain way. Look for the energy to counter it. What needs to happen to bring balance back to this particular energy.

The extreme emotions can often be sorted out this way. When we identify it in ourselves, we also will quickly identify it in others. When we know why someone acts out of anger, or jealousy, or self-doubt, we tend to have more compassion for them. We also have a much easier time not allowing their storm to influence our energy. We understand better that they are working through something, and it has nothing to do with us. 

The energy of the world does not have to control us

Taking the time to really explore your own feelings is a great way to help yourself learn to use your clairempathy. We can also do this from memory. We can match the energy of a particular moment in time. If we think of something that brought us great joy, we can explore the emotion. Find what energy it brought to us that influenced us in such a memorable way. This can be beneficial if we wish to help influence the world around us or even our own self. When we are feeling down, we can match that frequency of when we were feeling more positive. This can help provide the emotional endurance needed to address whatever issues we may encounter. Emotional endurance is something that is required if we want to not feel like a victim and stand in our full “power.

Clairempathy is not a curse, it is not a special gift given to a chosen few, it is a sense we all carry on some level. A sense that can be cultivated into a useful tool for our normal lives. Finding the strength to not become every emotion we encounter is the tricky part. Belief in our own strength and power is the place to start. Knowing that everyone can manage this clair-sense will be the key to success when working with clairempathy.


Thoughts From The Void

“How am I feeling?”

Healing is a very complex topic, especially when we start digging into the various forms and methods used to target the act of healing. We can see a doctor, a shaman, a priest, a friend, or even a loved one to achieve various forms of wellness and balance, and that all falls into the category of healing. When we use a combination of all available practices, we increase our chances of finding the harmony we are seeking. I typically try to address the energy behind my ailments first and then go from there. For all things that seem strictly physical, seeking advice from someone who is well versed in healing the physical body is the most logical thing to do. It is important to realize that we are more than just our physical body. For all of those issues that fall outside the realm of our conventional medicine’s effectiveness; this is when we look to our energy. These are the areas we are capable of healing all on our own! 

The biggest part of self-healing comes from being mindful of how we are actually feeling, and more importantly – why. Getting into a routine where we perform “self-checks” is the hardest part of this. This first step of self-healing can be completed with the foundational information I have already shared. You do not need to be a Reiki Master in order to heal yourself. You just simply need to have the will to have balance and strength in your own being. As always, if there are parts of what I do that resonate with you, take them and make them your own. If there is anything that feels like it needs modification, make the changes and apply them to your personal practice how you see fit. 

This practice is very easy and takes minutes a day. The key here is doing it every day as the benefits of this “ritual” will be felt over time and will help to provide emotional and energetic stability as well as the recognition of when we need to make a change in our physical lives to facilitate our own wellness. Yes, I say ritual because I believe a ritual is anytime we act intentionally concerning something sacred to us. We should be the most sacred thing to us. We deserve our full attention at least twice a day! When we are at our best, we can do more good for the world around us.


Upon waking in the morning (or whenever it is you start your day) take a few moments to become centered and take notice of how you feel. Actually ask yourself “How do I feel?” Take note of anything going on within your personal bubble. Are you feeling sluggish, do you have any physical discomfort? Then go deeper, emotionally how are you feeling? Are you looking forward to the day? Are you filled with a bit of dread? Then go deeper. Energetically how do you feel? This one might be tricky at the start, but this is the answer we are looking for the most as it is the “behind the scenes” influencer of most of the previous answers. This is where our state of being is hiding. 

Have you ever heard someone say, “My soul is tired”, or the opposition of “Bursting with joy”? These are the feelings inspired by our energetic body. Both of which might require some grounding and circulating. When we encounter various frequencies that impact our energetic system and do not address them, they remain and circulate in our energy field. As they do this, they have subconscious influence over our being. These energies are what we are hoping to become aware of. This will be the starting point for our self-healing.   

As we take notice of everything we are feeling, from the physical to the energetic, try to find the origin for what it is we feel. Example: “My knee hurts because I walked up the steps a dozen or so times”. Only, we want to do this for everything we feel. Maybe you feel frustrated with a conversation you had. Perhaps you are worried about a loved one. Notice all things you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of these things impact our ‘energy’. Everything, every single energy we take notice of, we want to find the point of origin. NOTHING gets to reside within our energetic field without us being aware of it.

Awareness is the key to resolution and healing.

If we don’t know why something is influencing us, we can’t control its influence. 

Once we recognize what we are feeling and why, it is then time to ask ourselves if this is a temporary feeling or something that requires addressing. The knee pain, for example, will be temporary. If I want to, I can put some ice on it or take some anti-inflammatory medication, but it will most likely resolve itself. Take the time to go through addressing everything and decide if actions must be taken to bring resolution to the energy behind the feeling. There will be things we can’t find resolution for. This is okay, take stock of those particular energies and know they are working behind the scenes. They will present themselves in “triggers” and irritants throughout your daily life. They will not go away for good until they have been addressed but try to not dwell on them at this point as they are likely something that requires shadow work, and that is a topic for another day. For now, simply acknowledge they exist and honor yourself by knowing that when you are ready, you will find a way to address these energies. 

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical body all influence our ‘energy’.

Sometimes we will feel overwhelmed when we really start to take notice of what is going on within our system. Should we encounter this sort of spiral of overwhelming energy and emotion – pause and collect yourself. Being mindful and aware is important when engaging in self-healing and we must remain in control. This means, recognizing when it is time to re-center and ground. When moments of overwhelm occur, it is okay to take a step back and remind yourself of the present moment. Every feeling holds merit, every emotion is an important clue to our well-being, but everything does not require your attention at the same exact time.

When lots of energy comes forth at once, center, ground and then ask yourself, “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Locate the area of your life you feel you lack control over and find a starting point to regain control. Maybe you have more to do than you can really accomplish in a day. Perhaps you feel like the weight of the world is falling on you. You have to work, manage the house, pay the bills, take care of family, find time for yourself, and more. This is a common area that overwhelms people. When we encounter these energy overloads, look to the origin – what do all of these troubles have in common? Is it that we have too much to do? Or is it that we don’t feel supported enough to ask for help? Do we not enjoy doing all of the things or some of the things we have to dedicate our time to? There is always an underlying reason for what energy resides in our field. The foundation of healing comes from the identification of these reasons. 

When there is chaos in our system, it wreaks havoc on our lives.

These are the energies we really should not leave unaddressed. We can accomplish all of our long to-do lists and more; but if we don’t face those feelings that lie beneath our chaos, then they will continue to influence our lives in less than positive ways. For the one example given above, we would need to vocalize how we are not feeling supported and bring it to the attention of the people we feel are not lending us the support we need. We also need to take responsibility for our own well-being. We can’t do everything, and it isn’t reasonable to think we can. So, a shift in perspective is also required to resolve the disharmonious energy that pertains to our overwhelming feelings in this example. We need to reevaluate what we think we need to do, delegate what we can, and ensure we are dedicating some of our time to what makes us feel fulfilled.    

Once we have addressed or acknowledged everything we are feeling, it is time to ground and circulate our energy. We want to get all of our energy flowing, filtering it through the Earth’s energy and back up through our system so that we resonate at the frequency that best suits our current needs. Do we need a day of rest? Do we need to be motivated? Do we need more grace? Start the day by attuning yourself to the frequency you require to have the day you want to have. You can do that! As you circulate your energy, focus on how you want to feel. Not simply “I want to feel good”, but rather match the energy of where you want to resonate

There are a lot of words in there that make this all sound a bit mystical and not based in reality. While I prefer to use words that have a meaning we all agree upon, understanding that these terms have real life applications only takes a minor shift in perspective. Being aware of how you feel is not some kind of magic. Influencing your ‘energy’ is simply no different than choosing to control your mood. Being aware of what bothers you, addressing it, and rising above it is where self-healing begins. There is no magical source that is coming to fix you. You and your will can influence how you feel on a daily basis. It requires patience as well as the will to keep trying even when you fail. Our beliefs dictate how far into the mystical we go with healing, but I like to keep one foot firmly planted in reality. The energy around us can help if we believe we have access to it. However, it can’t do for us what we are not willing to do for ourselves.

Self-healing is a lifelong practice, and not just a one-and-done deal. Being mindful of how we are feeling is the starting point for any of the healing methods you might wish to engage in. Be it a trip to the doctor or the balancing of chakras, we first must acknowledge how we are feeling if we want to find effective “treatments” for the areas in which we feel dis-ease. Performing some method of self-assessment each day can help to produce lasting balance and an overall improved quality of life. Ideally, we will find the time to perform this check both when we start the day and just before we end the day. You might be surprised to find how much baggage we process while we sleep. If left unaddressed, these energies will be influencing our dreams and astral experiences which might prevent restful sleep – this is something that impedes wellness.

In time the process of self-assessment will be much quicker and take only minutes to complete. The more time we dedicate to honoring what we are feeling, the more we will understand all we are feeling. The more conscious we become of the energy that circulates within our field, the less subconscious influence those energies will have over our daily lives.


Thoughts From The Void

I have to lead with some honesty here, I’m a bit of a jerk about this topic. I am not this way to offend anyone, but offending people just happens to be one of those unpleasant side effects of having opinions. Considering we are talking about a topic that falls within the category of “spiritual” things, this and all other perspectives, will be opinion and not fact. We cannot prove these things with science, we are talking about feeling stuff here and feelings are subjective and personal. Please keep that in mind and if my words don’t resonate with you then please; either share your words with me and we can find common ground, or it can just be okay that my experience is different than yours.

So, with all that said, I feel that having a strong grounding practice is immensely beneficial for ALL people – regardless of their level of spirituality. A mindful centering and grounding practice can help facilitate emotional stability, as well as improve focus and overall well-being. It is also a key player in energetic protection.

Before we can ground, we must call all of our energy back to us and center ourselves in our current reality. That means to get totally in the moment we are living in. Not worrying about what we will make for dinner, or that a-hole that cut us off on our way home, but rather all focus where we are right that very moment in time. If you are unfamiliar with how to center your energy, please see my post about it here, or feel free to do your own reading on the topic to find what works for you. It is a step that just can’t be skipped if we want to achieve a grounded state of being.

What does it mean to be grounded?

To me, it feels like stability. It feels like strength, clarity, and calm. It is when we bring all of our energy in close to the Earth’s energetic field and we exchange or circulate our excess or unwanted energy and bring in fresh calm energy from the Earth. This is a big part of transmuting energy. We can take the energy we do not want and release it. We trade it in for a vibration that better suits the “frequency” we want to align with.

Many will say you must be physically connected with the Earth or take a long magical walk through nature. Something along those lines was what I was always told. Get in touch with nature and its energy, and this may work for some people. Some people may need to be inspired in order to let go of the physical world enough to feel the energetic world that always surrounds us. However, some people can feel the energy around us all the time, and sometimes they feel it in excess. For these people taking your energy and letting it wander off into a whimsical journey is actually detrimental to the ultimate goal of grounding. It counteracts the centering we need to do in order to exchange and connect energy with the Earth.

We do not need to physically touch the Earth to ground.

Can it be helpful to connect on a physical level? Yes, but it is by no means necessary. We are talking about exchanging energy and energy can just go where it’s directed. Energy can be exchanged without ever touching the ground. Most of the time when I see people talk about their grounding practice, I end up squinting a lot. Not because I am judging them but mostly because it just sounds like some kind of fairy tale pretend play. It doesn’t make sense to me. It just doesn’t sound like serious business, and grounding is serious business!

Yes, it’s beautiful and it is an amazing thing to be able to take part in, but we aren’t connecting to or communicating with spirit, this isn’t divination. This is an act of self-healing. When we take medicine, we don’t flit around throwing glitter about as we take it. We just handle our business. Grounding is something that deserves respect because it is the foundation of everything else you do in your spiritual practice and has an influence on your actual physical state.

How do we ground?

Well, this (like all things spiritual) is very personal and varies for everyone. I have used several techniques but the most popular one people seem to talk about is the:


This is when you imagine roots growing down from your feet deep into the center of the Earth. As you do this, you begin to feel anchored to the Earth. When your roots are secure, you then imagine all the energy you no longer want vacates your body through these roots. Then boom you are grounded.

This version feels a bit incomplete for me. It also takes what seems like a lifetime! I don’t personally prefer this method. I mention it only because people do enjoy it so I feel everyone should at least give it a try. What I do now evolved from the visualizing of roots. What I do now works for me but might not work for everyone. The main point is that there is no wrong way! If it feels right to you, and you feel stable, strong, and have clarity after your grounding practice, then it has worked and that is your method.


I do this and centering as a one-two combo followed by shielding. I start with centering, and I feel my energy shrink as close as it can to my body. Once my aura feels like it is the size of my physical body, I feel my energy shrink more; almost as though the energy me begins to squat down close to the Earth. Sometimes I do this sort of slow and others it is quick – this is when I really mean business. An example would be during a psychic attack, when there is energy intermingling with mine, that I do not own- I don’t keep it around.

I take all of the energy that isn’t a vibrational match for where I want to be, and I circulate it out of my hands and feet. I see it go down into the Earth with the intention of transmuting it, like a filter. I then pull energy back up through my feet that matches the frequency I want to resonate with. This really is as simple as knowing it is happening. The fresh energy works its way up through my field, expanding and reinforcing it. Then I go right into my shielding practice.

My version can be a bit “extra” for some people, but I am a bit extra, so I am quite fond of how my technique works for me. I feel it does more than just push away negative. We can’t just push it away and remove negativity forever. We should be able to see why and where we carry vibrations we may not enjoy. As I pull the energy back up it circulates through my energetic system, clearing blockages, and moving the energy around. I find this is something that is very helpful for our own energetic healing and maintenance.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your own way of grounding!

I hope you can find something useful here to help enhance your own grounding practice. If nothing else, trust that there is no wrong way to get grounded!


Crystal Information

A member of the calcite family, this mineral grows in a few different formations; one of which is stalactites. Stalactites get their name from the Greek stallasso (that which drips). As you may know, they form in caves over long periods of time. Minerals deposit through water or molten rock and eventually we end up with these amazing spires hanging from the ceiling of caves. In an effort to really understand this stone’s energy, we are going to follow this particular formation and go off on a little journey. We will touch on some Aboriginal Australian lore. Stay with me, I promise an understanding of Rhodochrosite is coming.

There is a cave rimmed with stalactites in Australia known as the Den of Nargun and in it is said that in it lives a female creature made entirely of stone except for her arms, hands, and breasts. This fearsome beast would take anyone who came lurking around her cave. Weapons were of no use as she would turn all attacks back to her assailants. Tales of this creature spread far and wide and the fear of its wrath kept travelers from venturing into its sacred space. Only, the cave was not really used to trap unfortunate victims. The occupant of the den was not a humanoid creature, but rather the area was used for women to gather, learn, and conduct ceremonies together. Some believe the story of the beast was fabricated in an attempt to create a location free from intruders so that knowledge and magic could be embraced without interruption.

I know this may seem random, especially since we are talking about a crystal who seems to resonate with love, but in this story lies the energy of rhodochrosite. This is a very feminine stone and by that I do not mean the gender female but the feminine energy and all that goes with it. The mysterious, the unseen, the emotional, the magical, the dreamer aspect and the creative will to find a way. From one perspective, the story of the Nargun is an attempt to use creativity and emotion to protect in order to allow space and time for people to grow and explore all that is possible. This is the energy of our crystal in question. One that provides space to explore, expand, and embrace.

Just as the stalactite forms slowly, from seemingly insignificant bits of mineral, so too do we become all we can be from sometimes small bits of experience. This crystal helps to illuminate this fact and allows us to embrace all of the experiences that make us who we are. It provides the space we need to explore and learn all that we are capable of while helping us to resonate with the vibration of love and compassion. It works to strengthen the aura in such a way that disguises the growth and healing that is lurking within the outer layers of our energy. Giving us space to process our own energy and emotions without the world inspecting it as we do so. This crystal resonates with love, but it does it in a very different way that we may be accustomed to thinking of. This is a very inclusive stone in that it promotes compassion and understanding from the inside. It does not draw love to us but rather protects while we strengthen self-love from within. When we can embrace all of ourselves, we tend to embrace the world through a lens of calm strength holding compassion for all. This is where rhodochrosite holds its strength as it connects the heart and solar plexus chakras providing a deep understanding of who we are, what we feel, and our place in this world.

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Assists healing efforts

-Promotes self acceptance and confidence

-Promotes compassion for oneself and the world

-Inspires creativity

-Amplifies psychic abilities

-Promotes and understanding of our emotions

-Allows us to embrace all of our experiences especially the less than pleasant ones

-Promotes healing from trauma

-Helps release negative thought and behavioral patterns

-Promotes the feeling of unconditional love

-A wonderful ally for managing clairempathy (those who call themselves empaths)

-Helps uncover the root of buried emotions and road blocks

-Promotes feelings of peace, joy and contentment

-Provides a connection between the solar plexus and heart chakras

-Strengthens connection to spirit and our higher self

-Promotes lucid dreaming and recall

-Enhances telepathy between loved ones

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Promotes optimism and the idea that anything is possible

-Promotes acceptance and release of emotional wounds

-Promotes loving awareness so that we don’t avoid issues that need to be addressed

-Promotes forgiveness both for ourselves and others

-Helps resolve feelings of abandonment

-Helps one connect to their karmic “purpose” and better understand the lessons they are learning


Crystal Information

Known as the Fire Stone by the Inuit people of Canada and believed to contain the Aurora Borealis, it is hard to deny the irresistible beauty and mystery of this crystal. In order to understand how this mineral works with energy, we are going to look at its physical characteristics and not the extensive lore. 

Labradorite is feldspar mineral and that display of colorful rainbows comes not from the surface but from deep within the stone. This schiller effect is known as labradorescence. This amazing feature is actually born out of a developmental “error”, a mistake within the crystal structure. When the crystal encounters variations in temperature while forming, we end up with the phenomenon known as lamellar twinning. This is when there are three or more crystals (at a microscopic level) inter-growing together creating sheets of crystal lattice that mirror one another. There is a whole lot of more scientific words to describe this but our understanding of labradorite’s energy lies within these last few sentences. 

That amazing mesmerizing color we see when we gaze into a Labradorite crystal is born out of a mistake. Only, there are no real mistakes here. We are going to quote the great Bob Ross and call this a “happy accident”. Something that maybe didn’t go according to “plan”, but the result is a beautiful surprise. Often when we encounter something that isn’t part of the plan, we find disappointment instead of finding the happy accident within the change. We focus on what we don’t have instead of what we have to work with. This creates personal roadblocks. These things can be situational or deeply personal and regardless of the details labradorite facilitates the acceptance of the happy accident.  A stone of change and empowerment, it shines a light on the options available and lends the strength to embrace how things are as opposed to how we want them to be.   

For a long time, I struggled to explain this stone. It is said to be a stone of magic one with strong manifesting abilities. This holds truth, but why and when is it effective? This stone brings out our inner self. This seems like a great thing but if we avoid who we are and all we are made of this, creates conflict and will result in the opposite effect of manifesting. When I say our true self, that includes all good and all that we hide in the shadows as well – our perceived negative traits. When faced with these “errors” we can become overwhelmed, especially if we are not prepared for this to be a result of working with a particular crystal. However, if we can approach working with this stone as knowing we will encounter our own “happy accidents” the result will be an energy shift of change towards personal empowerment. This is the ultimate stone that displays the beauty, strength and magic we all have within ourselves. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Amplifies all psychic/spiritual “abilities”  *recommended that you have “mastered” your grounding, shielding and self healing prior to working with this stone for the best results

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Strengthens connection to higher self

-Increases energy flow through all chakras and auric field 

-Assists with shadow work efforts 

-Facilitates inspiration and creativity 

-Promotes clear communication

-Connects one to inner guidance 

-Aids meditation efforts 

-Stimulates spiritual “visions” & journeying

-Enhances telepathy 

-Aids acceptance and healing of trauma

-Promotes compassion 

-Aids past life recall 

-Facilitates lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Promotes dream recall  

-Awakens a sense of adventure & zest for life

-Brings balance to the elemental forces within one’s self

-Helps recognize and release destructive behavioral and emotional patterns

-Aids all divination efforts 

-Inspires a sense of wonder and promotes faith in the unknown 


Crystal Information

Kyanite comes in a few different colors, but they all share some of the same properties. The mineral itself goes by a few different names, cyanite, rhaeticite, and disthene which in Greek means ‘twice + force’; and this is due to this mineral having two different hardness measurements depending on if you measure it lengthwise or across the width of the mineral. When we think of how a mineral harnesses energy, it is always good to look at the physical properties of the mineral in question. This crystal forms in thin blades or what is referred to as ‘radiating masses’, this is when it looks like crystal needles are shooting in many directions from one central location. Kyanite on an energetic level operates very similarly to how it appears visually.

Regardless of the color, this mineral applies its energy from two angles, no matter the application; it aggressively clears and gently harmonizes. Just as the mineral itself looks as though it could slice or cut; the energy of kyanite works to instantly align all energy centers, cutting through any blockages that may be present. Kyanite is a high vibrational crystal that works to raise vibrations and strengthen the entire energetic system. It is one of the premier crystals to assist with ‘cutting cords’. Assisting us in removing all that no longer serves our greatest good, all colors of kyanite work to remove stagnant, blocked, or low vibrational energy from our field as well as helping us to release negative thoughts and behavior patterns. 

Blue kyanite resonates best with the throat chakra but brings a fresh stabilizing energy to the entire system. Bringing our thoughts and feelings into alignment; this color assists with communication, helping us to articulate our truest self in a way that will be understood. Helping us to connect with our inner guidance, blue kyanite is a wonderful meditation aid as it promotes an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It provides calming energy that allows us to be still even during the most chaotic moments. Working to raise our vibrations, this color of kyanite is one of the most useful companion crystals for any healer or energy worker as well as those who perform readings for others using their clair-senses and other “spiritual abilities”; as it provides clarity and understanding of communication while reinforcing our natural energetic shield so that we remain protected from outside energy. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids meditation efforts

-Balances all chakras but resonates best with the throat and brow 

-Stabilizes, strengthens, and repairs the auric field

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Enhances psychic abilities 

-Facilitates communication with spirit

-Fosters truth and healthy communication 

-Aids one understand alternative viewpoints

-Helps dispel anger and resolve arguments

-Facilitates energetic protection efforts

-Removes energetic blockages

-Promotes sincerity and patience

-Strengthens and helps manage telepathy 

-Enhances clairaudience & clairvoyance

-Helps release negative thoughts & behavioral patterns

-Aids lucid dreaming and astral travel

-Facilitates memory recall and recognition

-Promotes calm and tranquility 

-Eases symptoms of anxiety 

-Combats fear and phobias

-Dispels nightmares

-Provides a sense of harmony within the present moment

-Raises vibrations


Crystal Information

Kyanite comes in a few different colors but they all share some of the same properties. The mineral itself goes by a few different names, cyanite, rhaeticite and disthene which in Greek means ‘twice + force’; and this is due to this mineral having two different hardness measurements depending on if you measure it lengthwise or across the width of the mineral. When we think of how a mineral harnesses energy, it is always good to look at the physical properties of the mineral in question. This crystal forms in thin blades or what is referred to as ‘radiating masses’, this is when it looks like there are crystal needles shooting in many directions from one central location. Kyanite on an energetic level, operates very similar to how it appears visually. 

Regardless of the color, this mineral applies its energy from two angles, no matter the application; it aggressively clears and it gently harmonizes. Just as the mineral itself looks as though it could slice or cut; the energy of kyanite works to instantly align all energy centers, cutting through any blockages that may be present. Kyanite is a high vibrational crystal that works to raise vibrations and strengthen the entire energetic system. It is one of the premier crystals to assist with ‘cutting cords’. Assisting us in removing all that no longer serves our greatest good, all colors of kyanite work to remove stagnant, blocked, or low vibrational energy from our field as well as helping us to release negative thoughts and behavior patterns. 

Each color does specialize in certain areas and black kyanite works best to remove lower vibrations. It brings balance and calm due to its ability to remove all chaotic energy and dis-ease within a system. It strengthens the system by bridging the gap between any disharmonious areas of energetic flow. This is an excellent crystal for those who struggle with managing their clair senses, especially clairempathy, as it gathers low vibrations at a much slower rate than minerals like tourmaline. All minerals require cleansing however, kyanite is on par with selenite for how often cleansing and charging are needed. 

Here are a few more applications for this crystal:

-Cutting energetic cords

-Removing dis-ease from an area or energetic system

-Strengthens & repairs the auric field

-Clears energetic blockages 

-Promotes grounding

-Release negative behavioral patterns 

-Helps release negative thoughts

-Assists all healing efforts

-Aids manifesting efforts by removing road blocks and personal doubts

-Helps heal and release past traumas

-Aids meditation efforts 

-Helps provide clarity of mind 

-Promotes focus

-Dispels nightmares 

-Helps combat symptoms of depression and anxiety 

-Facilitates spiritual development 

-Aids energetic protection efforts 

-Helps overcome fear and phobias

-Heals and resonates with all chakras

-Balances and energizes the entire energetic system