Crystal Information

A rare crystal also known as Rosaline Zoisite, this mineral has some interesting lore tied within its name. In this lore, we find how its energy works. In ancient cultures, there was a place where the sun never set, a place where the sun goes when it is not shining its light on our known world. A place just beyond our physical existence. This idea transcends a few systems of belief from the Greek, to the Norse, and even Biblical all with one commonality; it’s a place of paradise beyond our comprehension. This place was called Thule. Some believed this is the location of The Garden of Eden, others believe this was a place where people lived simply but had long lifespans up to a thousand years, and some believe this is the land of giants and gods. Regardless of what version resonates, the idea behind them all is the beauty, power and perfection hidden just beyond the world we have seen with our eyes. Things were possible in Thule that defied logic, that couldn’t be explained or compared to the normal physical world we knew – and this is the energy hidden within our crystal in question. 

Thulite bridges the gap between the heart and the mind, and harmonizes the two. Feelings are one of those things that lies just beyond scientific explanation. Yes, we can understand why we feel certain things and we can find some logic for emotions however, there is so much that simply can’t be explained with words. Emotion is more than words, it is frequency and vibration – it is energy. Emotion fuels us to do things we would not believe we are capable of. Emotion inspires us and can also destroy us. Emotion is powerful. When the power of the mind is aligned with the power of the heart, anything is possible. 

Thulite holds its strength in another area, one of extraordinary self-acceptance and love. It shows us how to embrace our strengths and our flaws equally. While also holding compassion and logic for ourselves. Knowing that we are not perfect helps us to see that some mistakes are necessary in order for us to learn and grow. To become strong and balanced we must experience all there is to feel. Thulite lends the strength and support needed to look beyond what we see in the physical world. To dig deeper and find our core self, to look honestly at what wonders lie within us so that we may share them with the world. This crystal shows us that anything is possible if only we have the belief and faith in ourselves. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Strengthens the connection to our higher self 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Promotes feelings of love and acceptance 

-Inspires compassion 

-Helps harness powers of emotion 

-Inspires eloquent speech 

-Helps form bonds and connections with people 

-Helps overcome social anxiety 

-Promotes personal power 

-Promotes confidence 

-Birthstone for Gemini and Taurus

-Helps one see alternative points of view

-Promotes sincerity 

-Helps overcome addiction and break negative behavioral patterns

-Helps overcome negative thoughts and beliefs 

-Helps break free from self sabotage 

-Enhances creativity 

-Facilitates spiritual protection 

-Helps one see anything is possible