Thoughts From The Void

Have you ever needed to buy a gift for someone? How do decide what to get them? Perhaps you think about the types of activities they like or their favorite color. Maybe you scan your memories for a conversation where they could have mentioned needing something. If we care for someone, we might spend a good amount of energy trying to find the perfect gift. Sometimes even with all that dedication, we still end up walking aimlessly through a store with no idea what to give this special someone. Then it hits you. The perfect gift you have been looking for. In a store full of stuff, we can find one item that feels like something that will make someone else happy. Why? 

At that moment, that item might just be the physical thing that will bring a little bit of happiness to someone else’s life. It is just stuff though, so how can it hold such a power? We are often told that when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. This idea draws a parallel to how I see things like crystals and talismans influencing our lives. That perfect present we find is nothing more than a representation of our love and what we believe someone else might like. We see the item and we think of the recipient of the gift, just as the recipient will think of us when they see stumble upon the item in the future. How can a thing make us think of a person?  We can come up with a million little reasons why, but that doesn’t necessarily prove anything. Whether we realize it or not, something like a gift, carries with it so much more than a tangible item. 

The thoughts we attach to the items in our lives are what give them the power to influence us. Whether it is a squishmallow or a copper-wrapped crystal, the items we surround ourselves with can hold sway in our lives. A talisman can be created from an in-depth complicated ritual, or by simply thinking something holds power because it really is the thought that counts. 


Thoughts From The Void

I could see the visceral reaction to the title of this piece even before I wrote it. I ask you to tame that gut impulse for just a moment. I think it would be good for us to analyze why people get so sour about the word “God”. I am working on a deep dive into all of the structured beliefs we as people share, and while it is not quite ready yet, I wanted to plant the seeds of conversation about our relationship with God and religion. This is a topic you kind of have to ease your way into. Otherwise, we might stop ourselves from viewing the topic with objective eyes. 

If I were to take a poll, I would be comfortable betting that most people I reach have a negative association with religion and often they think God is a thing of religion. Thus, they get turned off the word “God” entirely. The truth is, religion is a thing of man. Something created to align us with the divine. A way to understand something that simply can’t be understood. Even doctrines that were revealed to man by “God” are still a thing of man because a human had to work as the medium between the divine and the rest of us. Humans are only capable of a certain level of shared understanding. The fallible nature of humans will be involved whenever people are. For this reason, religion will always have flaws. That doesn’t mean there is nothing good for us in religion. While the negative aspects of mankind are many, so too are the positive attributes. We can see this clearly reflected in shared beliefs. 

For now, I invite you to think about religion. Contemplate your beliefs, how they align with and how they oppose the different structured beliefs of the world. Take some time to ask yourself, “What do I believe?” and more importantly, “Why do I believe the way I do?” What portion of your belief system is negotiable? What parts are foundational and absolutely can’t be questioned? What religions do you hate? Why do you hate them? Is it because of a personal experience with flawed humans? Or do you loathe a belief because of an interaction with spirit? If there is some truth to all religions, and there is something good that can be found in all beliefs, maybe there is more wiggle room than we think when it comes to what we believe. What if the lines that divide us are nothing more than human error? 

The ineffable nature of “God” can be found in every system of belief – structured or otherwise. The study and analysis of this is a big part of why I have been so silent for a while. I went as far as I could with sharing the “basic” spiritual information. The information that comes next really should be learned from careful personal experience. There are good reasons why organized religions warn against working with spirit in certain ways. This is an area of religion that I KNOW holds merit. While the scare tactics applied might not always be the right application of force, the underlying message that there are those in spirit that do want to and can harm you is real. Whatever you choose to believe, there comes a time when you have to face a big question – even those of you who believe in nothing. You have to determine what your place is in relation to the divine. Whether you are a practicing medium or just someone who maybe has lost a loved one; we all eventually contemplate the question “What happens when we die?” This question will always bring us to think about God on some level. Even if it is just wondering if your perception of the topic is accurate. If for no reason other than this situation; religion, spirituality, and God are worth thinking about. 

Every single time I contemplate which belief system is the closest to being “right”, I hear the same message from spirit. The response I get is “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” You draw the conclusions you want from that, and I am very open to hearing all perspectives on this topic. Stay tuned for discussions on this topic and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I happen to think all beliefs hold merit. I think they are all correct and incorrect at the same time. More than anything, I think “God” is about to make a comeback. We have entered a time where faith in something greater than ourselves must be found, because without it, our connection to each other will be completely severed. If we want to strengthen our connection to one another, the best place to start will be that unexplainable something that connects us all. That something, is referred to by many names and regardless of if you call it nothing, spirit, universe, energy, frequency, divine, or God; we are all talking about the same thing that we can’t quite explain or understand – yet we know it is there.  If you ask me, that is something worth thinking about.


Thoughts From The Void

A prediction for the year to come.

We live in a weird world. If we pause and take a look around us, there is so much we can’t fully make sense of. The bizarre nature of our existence at the moment can be overwhelming to those who pay attention. It is so easy to become consumed by defeat and see only the negative side of things. The darker side of humanity has been prevailing for a while now. At least, here in the US, I can say that is the truth.

Everyone seems to believe they are fighting for the “right side of history”, and yet, they are all wrong if you take the time to reconcile all of the beliefs on the table. So, is this it? Is this the downfall of our way of life? Will we spiral into oblivion and destroy ourselves? That does seem like a real possibility right now. However, when I look at the potential for 2023, I see another path.

You see, some believe we can engage in divination, and we will see the future. This is only partly accurate from my perspective. I believe we can see all of the possibilities if we try. Divination can show us the most likely path to unfold. The path that will come to fruition if nothing changes. It isn’t just some mystical practice, there is a blending of both logic and spirit. When I look now, I see two paths that are battling; two paths that are fighting for the spot of most likely outcome – and one does seem to be gaining ground. The destruction of all we know is possible, but I don’t think it is the path that wins out this time. This year I see change on the horizon.

Sometimes people like to think of change like a switch. That all of a sudden, things will just be different. This isn’t really how change works most of the time. There are subtle clues of what is to come hidden all around us. Right now, the clues say people are about to make a choice. We can double down on only our beliefs and not try to reconcile the differences between us and those we oppose; or we can take a step back and find the flaws in our own thinking so we, as people, can come together as one to grow past this moment of turmoil.

The path we take is determined by all of us. So many feel their actions amount to nothing. That what they do doesn’t impact humanity as a collective. I disagree. I think every action and every inaction, contributes something. Every time you turn a blind eye to something that is wrong, it allows the opposition to gain momentum. Every time you do not listen to or validate those who have views different than yours, you drive the wedge between us a little bit deeper.

Validate does not mean you must concede. It does not mean the opposition is correct. It just means you can see why they think the way they do. To validate doesn’t mean we all need to agree; however, understanding why people think the way they do is imperative if you want to make sure your beliefs aren’t greatly flawed. If we wish to find resolution, we only get there when every idea is reconciled. Shifting how we fight for what matters to us can be all it takes to tip the scales and have our path this year be one of redemption instead of destruction.

When I look now for predictions for the year to come, I am going to embrace the path of change. The path that leads us to see where we have been wrong. The path that brings us back to center. That path is there. It is just waiting for us to decide to take it.

People are not inherently good. We are flawed by nature. When push comes to shove though, I believe wholeheartedly in the goodness of people. When people can see the truth around them, and the impact they make; most people choose the path that does the least damage to others. There will always be those with nefarious intentions. There will also always be those who are righteous. Most people fall somewhere in-between the two. Most people don’t accurately assess where they really fall on that scale in every situation. Try to keep that in mind as the challenges of this year come your way.

My prediction for this year is that clarity will find us and the rifts that divide us so harshly right now, will be smoothed over enough that we will find some common ground to stand on together. Things are going to get a bit darker before that light starts to shine through; but mark my words, by the time this year has come to a close, we will be living in a place that makes a whole lot more sense. 2023 will bring change – a change that will come close to breaking us, but in the end, we will be stronger together. Maybe we as people will finally learn a lesson that will actually stick with us and change humanity for the better.

My advice for the year is to be aware. Know the impact of your actions and beliefs. Follow them to the end of the line. Be sure they don’t have collateral damage. Right now, people aren’t doing that. Behave as though your fellow man is not your enemy. Because they aren’t. We must start to think more collectively and a little less personally if we wish to take the path that doesn’t lead to destruction. Your choices do help determine what path we all take.

I wish you all a good year. May the blessings you find be greater than the lessons. Whatever it is you are wishing to achieve this year, know that I believe in you all. Have faith that better days are coming!


Thoughts From The Void

As the year draws to an end, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the lessons and blessings of the past 12 months. I know there will be many who feel drawn to the idea that this year was garbage. Social media is already flooded with memes half joking about what a trainwreck this year was, and that next year will be the same. Before you embrace those memes, I call you to think a little deeper about what it means to align with those words.

I know the memes are supposed to be a “joke”, but the thing is they are not. Even if the poster doesn’t fully realize it, on some level they resonate with the idea that this year was bad, and the next will be too. Those are feelings we should not hide from. If we acknowledge the things we don’t like, see them and address them; that is how we harness our power. That is how we fix the things that make us unhappy. Passively sharing bad jokes about our sadness or lack is not a way to take charge of our lives.

If you look for the bad, you will always find it. The same goes for the good. Every day is a blessing – even the days that are dreadful. Find the good and build upon it!

As you scroll along over the course of the next week, challenge yourself to reject the ideas that every year is just trash. It is quite literally every single year this happens. If every year that passes is bad, and every year to come is doomed – what are you really saying about your life? Catch yourself before you align with the notion that the year was only terrible and there is no hope for the next 12 months. Those ideas are not funny. They are not edgy. They are not clever. They are just a little bit sad and depressing.

It is okay to feel disappointment. It is more than okay to recognize the challenges life lays at your feet. See all of it and know that you are still here! You are amazing and flawed. Every day is a new opportunity to leave an imprint on this world. Every day holds blessings and challenges – which will you choose to focus on?


Thoughts From The Void

As we grow as people, our views should evolve. What we believe often shifts as our awareness expands. Sometimes when this shift occurs, we must tear down everything we believe, and rebuild. I had experienced just such a rebuilding of my views on some foundational ideas behind Out of the Void. Guidance on crystals is one of those notions I had to address. 

Most people have come across a bracelet or jewelry item that was labeled with an “intention”. Catchy wording telling you exactly what the crystal means or does, is something I am sure we have all come across before. There is a HUGE flaw with this sort of marketing tactic, and yes, it is absolutely just marketing. It robs the user of power and confidence. Am I saying crystals don’t help with intentions? No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is that every crystal can help with every intention. It is how they work, that changes from crystal to crystal. What each person needs is personal. What I need in order to facilitate protection and what you need will not be the same. A huge part of what “works” comes from within, not from a label. 

Now, I engaged in this form of marketing for a long time. Then one day I noticed I was making pieces based on how I could market them and not how I used to make them. My pieces originally planned that way, they more just happen. For a while, every piece seemed to have a trendy meaning. The day came when I recognized that telling people what a piece of jewelry does, was also stripping people of their power. That is the opposite of what my company is about. I want people to think for themselves. I want to provide all the information I can and leave the ball in your court. We like what we do for a reason. Sometimes that reason is a flaw or imbalance within ourselves. Other times we subconsciously seek out what will bring us balance. Becoming self-aware is how we harness our power and take the most control of our lives. If someone else is dictating to you what you need and all the reasons why, there is no self- awareness or self-reflection – thus there will be no growth for the “self”. I didn’t like the turn my business had taken. I didn’t want to market my magic. Magic can’t be mass produced. I had to rethink how I did things here.

“How will I know what crystal I need if someone more informed doesn’t tell me?” I understand this logic and it is why I used to put keywords on all of my pieces. Having a place to start or suggestions is helpful. The problem is, I do not subscribe to the tribe mentality on all things spiritual. I believe that each crystal does work in a particular way. I believe they each resonate at a certain frequency. I do not believe they bring something to you that you don’t already have within you. I believe they inspire us. The more you know about them, the more they can remind you of your goals and what you need. The more informed we are, the more we understand why we select certain crystals. The “why” is what changes, not the selection. I have seen this time and time again. The pieces that are for us, will connect to something inside of us. We might not understand “the why” but we will feel something. Even if it is just an “Oh, I like that”, feeling. Once we follow that feeling we can discover the meaning behind it. That is why I stopped putting suggestions on my pieces. I don’t want to tell you or anyone what is right for them. I want others to make the selection and then I can help them figure out why they made it. 

My crystal write-ups are still just as valid as ever, but they are my perception – not fact. There are no facts when it comes to all things “spirit” related. I can tell you I spent many hours coming to my conclusions on each crystal. I compare all the lore, the physical properties, how I feel, and I consult with spirit. They do not come from memes I have seen or other people’s thoughts. Still, my write-ups are my perception. They should help lead you to yours, even if we aren’t in agreement. By reading my thoughts, you might get a feeling of opposition to something I say. That will be you forming your beliefs. That is you understanding how a crystal resonates with you. My words aren’t to just be agreed with. They are just something to contemplate. The entire goal behind everything I do here is to be an ally for other people as they find their own way “Out of the Void”. I can’t very well do that if I do anything that takes the power out of the hands of the individual – that includes deciding what crystals mean for other people. 

This might seem silly or not significant, but I can tell you that in times of great darkness sometimes the things that help light our way appear insignificant to those on the outside. Learning to trust yourself in those times brings about a strength that can never be taken away from you. That matters to me.

So, with all that said, I ask that you try to not get sucked into marketing schemes. Crystals are little bundles of magic. It isn’t because of something they do exactly; most of the time, it is more that they inspire in us. I want you to think about that next time you come across an intention piece. Maybe it is a bracelet that says protection on it; ask yourself “Why?” Who determines these meanings? What is their logic based on? Most people are reciting information from someone else. Most people are pulling those meanings from the internet and not at all from what they feel or experience. Most of the time, there is no logic behind the meanings. I urge you to follow what draws you and then figure out the why. When I share my thoughts on crystals, share yours back. You never know who your words might inspire. Above all else, always keep your power. Don’t assume someone else knows more than you about spiritual things. We are all equal in this area. I have done many “crystal courses” and read pretty much everything there is to read on the topic, and I can tell you that I don’t know more than you about how a crystal makes you feel. Trust yourself and then find the “why”. 


Thoughts From The Void


Do you ever stop and wonder if there is more to the world than what we can see? Do you ever pause and contemplate if spirit is influencing us from behind the scenes? What if there really was a battle between good and evil? What if there is some kind of wager for the souls of humanity? Who would you put your money on? Who would you say is winning right now? These are two tough questions to answer. I would call it a draw, I think. If it goes to a tiebreaker, I am sorry to say but I think evil might win out this time. Right now, they are for sure in the lead. 

There are so many righteous people fighting for the “cause” these days. How could evil ever prevail? Well, that is exactly why I think they would. So many people on the side of the righteous fight for everything that opposed “good”.  It is as though good and evil have been flipped and mashed together. What was once good is now nonexistent. And what was evil has been masquerading as both good and evil. There is simply no real good at the moment. How dreary a thought, I know.   

It is true though. If you think you fight for the side of good right now, check again. Do you listen to your opposition? Do you hold their views with merit? Do you reconcile the differences between what you believe and those who stand against you? Do you evaluate your position to ensure you are fighting for something that helps all people? Are you working to bring people together or vilify your opposition? If good were a real thing, they could see both sides of a story, they could understand their opposition. They would act in a way that helps bring people together. They would find a way to facilitate harmony. In all the debates out there right now, there isn’t a single group doing this. There is no side that is good. There are just many sides of evil. 

Regardless of who wins right now, the only thing that is certain, is that evil prevails. What if we went about our lives believing we were players in a battle between good and evil? Would you choose differently? Would you choose more carefully knowing your soul was on the line? Would you make sure that what you fought for was good for all and not just good for you? Would you work towards peace, or would you fight to prove your opponent is evil? If we conducted ourselves this way, by weighing these options, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation, we might just find ourselves living in a better world than we are occupying today. We might just bring back some good.


Thoughts From The Void

This is one of those topics that I feel is a little misunderstood. What is our shadow? There are differing opinions on the answer to that question. To me, our shadow is the part of us we choose to ignore. We might not acknowledge certain aspects of our behavior but that doesn’t mean those things don’t influence our lives. Often, when we don’t address what hides in our shadow, we find that subconscious self influences our world more than we ever care to admit.

In this series of articles, you will find my thoughts on how to effectively engage in acknowledging and healing the parts of ourselves we would rather pretend didn’t exist.

*This page is under construction, so check back often to find the updates.

Shadow Work


Thoughts From The Void

Working to Effectively Reconcile Our “Traumas”

Finding a way to resolve old wounds and traumas without years of therapy is often a bit like taking one step forward and two steps back. Only, the second step you trip and fall on your face, proceed to roll down a steep rocky hill, and land in a pile of dog shit. Healing is hard work! Even if you are working with a professional, the road to wellness is long and treacherous. With that said, we are more than capable of healing and growth all on our own! The key here is to be mindful and more importantly determined to be kind to ourselves when we take that roll down the steep hill. Sometimes we have to break so we can put ourselves back together in a different way. When our pain resides deep within our foundation, the only way to heal it, (and to release the coping mechanisms that become blockages or even detrimental behavioral patterns), is to allow ourselves to take the fall, feel the pain, and then start the climb again. 

Some people believe that astrology plays a role in how we feel here on Earth. The Moon is the perfect example of this as we can see its effects through the rise and fall of the tides. The Moon is not the only celestial body and the others, all can influence us just the same as the Moon. Right now, they say it is time to change, heal, and become more inclusive and mature with our thinking. I don’t enjoy the word inclusive. I feel it has been tarnished a bit in recent years. However, it fits this application. We must blend our experiences with the world around us and see how we fit into the bigger picture if healing and peace are what we are after. Taking responsibility for our own well-being is a huge part of that! We can’t heal if we blame others for our pain. Even if someone has hurt us, it is imperative we find the place we contributed to that pain and reconcile our contributing behavior. When we do this, we can release the things we do to “defend” ourselves in an effort to prevent us from encountering the same type of pain. So often these behaviors create problems instead of resolving them. Defense, when it isn’t required, can become aggression. Seeing this is hard, as we are often both the victim and the contributing creator of our traumas. That will rub many the wrong way, but this applies to my traumas just the same as everyone else’s. 

Accepting this is the number one reason why shadow work is so tricky! When we devalue ourselves (for whatever reason) this is typically where we contribute to our pain. This does not mean that our trauma is our fault so please don’t take my words there. It means we have control over our lives and are constant contributors to our experiences. Very few scenarios reside outside of this truth. 

When we engage in thoughts or behaviors that do not align with what we are feeling deep within our “self”, or if we put someone else’s feelings at a higher level of importance than our own, we devalue our self-worth.

We declare to ourselves and the world what is acceptable.

When we do not provide a strong boundary with balanced emotional responses, we chip away at our soul. This is one of those moments to remember that anger is not strength. Boundaries should be as calm and matter a fact as the following: “Do you want chocolate sauce on your ice cream?” “No thank you”. You don’t need to fight or declare you don’t want chocolate sauce. You just state that your ice cream is exactly how you want it and go on eating it. A non-emotional strong boundary is the ultimate goal in my opinion. The strength of self to know what you want and just stand firm in it without feeling the need to be defensive is power. When we are here, we have healed. Although, I think it is a very rare thing to find ourselves completely in this state. There is just so much to learn, and this is why it is also important to be kind to ourselves when we fail to maintain this strength of self.

Being mindful is our number one tool when it comes to all things healing and energy. I have written a bit about self-healing assessments and shared a simple mindful activity that would be a great starting place for reconciling deep-seated emotional baggage which you can find here, but we can do more. This is not going to be a one-and-done thing. Healing takes time but it is worth the effort if we are willing to do the hard work. Along with mindful management of our energy, adding journaling to your routine can prove to be more helpful than I was willing to entertain. Giving our feelings a place to go, is often the biggest first step in the right direction. Sometimes we need to trick ourselves into seeing the obvious. The path to healing can sound so simple, it is the application of change that is the hard part. 

We start with a journal, this can be a computer or special book, or scrap paper. Whatever you feel is good is perfect. Some people find that having a “special” book seems to make writing in it more significant. Mine is a $4 notebook with a unicorn on it so special is a very subjective term. It’s your journal – you do you. In it, I typically start with lists. Every so often I feel like something is just on my mind and I write whatever needs to come out. A weird dream, a childhood memory, my bad behavior; whatever is weighing on me can go in. Then I apply the following analysis to whatever content has come out of my mind. There does not need to be an order or a plan here. Thinking there must be an outline could be a recipe for failure. This book is to be the inner workings of ourselves. Like a detective, we are working to get to what is influencing us behind the scenes. We are looking for our shadow. 

Make a list

Having a place to begin is often helpful so I start with a list. Typically, we have an area of life that is on our minds more than others. Since our conscious self is cool with this topic we will start there. The shadow is tricky, the shadow is brilliant, and the shadow is us. Most of the time, we don’t want to see our own shadow so we can’t very well just address it. If you think you have found your shadow, perhaps dig deeper because there always seems to be more. We hide things from ourselves to protect our “self”. This is dirty work; it is unpleasant, and it usually goes so much deeper than you expect. So, what is on this list? That depends on what is on my mind. Think about the thing that you wish you had. The thing that maybe is making you feel less than good. This is what we are trying to resolve. Love, self-respect, money, relationships, stability, calm, strength; whatever it may be that is an area of significant lack for us, is what we are trying to uncover. How are we preventing ourselves from getting what we want? Yes, we are likely the reason we don’t have whatever that something is. Accepting this and resolving the issue is the ultimate goal! 

Start by naming what it is you are lacking and then start listing things that either contribute to or prevent you from having it. Think of this as your excuses and explanations. The things we would say to the world as the reason we feel unfulfilled in this area. Don’t be afraid to get weird here. If there is a reason you have hiding within you for why you can’t have what you want, it must be addressed. Once we get everything and I mean everything on the paper. Now it will be time to start to find the actual reason. This is where the hard part really starts. We must switch off victim mode. We are not a victim while doing shadow work. We are strong, we are in control, and we choose our path! This we must never forget. Read each thing on your list and ask yourself why you put it there. Find where you contribute to each thing on your list and view it with honesty. Find a place you can apply change for the better. What can you do differently? How did you act in alignment with yourself and what actions would you like to change? What causes you to act this way? Can you find a lesson?

Take responsibility.

This is not a time for the “they treated badly” type of thinking. This is time for “I allowed myself to not be important because”. You must find the “because”. This is hard especially when it comes to abusive situations. We never deserve to be hurt. That doesn’t change the fact that it happens. So, if we want to overcome it, we have to accept it happened, and we did play some kind of role. At some point, we did not stand in our power, we did not hold a healthy boundary. We accepted less than we were worth, and this is where we must not repeat this same behavior. This is shadow work. Often, we feel we have no choice, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is always a choice. Unfortunately, sometimes our choices are between two really shitty things. Sometimes the level of control we have due to circumstances is minimal. These are the times that will give us the most trouble accepting and releasing. 

Sometimes, the truth hurts.

I can trace back some serious behavioral issues to when I was a child. Things that I had no control over that influenced my life for decades. How do I accept that I had a choice? I was just a child. These are the traumas that work behind the scenes causing chaos and mayhem in our lives. They must be addressed, or they will repeatedly induce turmoil in our current perspective and behaviors. In situations like this, we must forgive! Not the people that hurt us, although we do need to get to a place where we accept people are flawed. All people are flawed and sometimes we will be on the receiving end of their unbalanced behaviors – sometimes we will be the givers of that disharmony. This sucks! Kind of like dropping that ice cream from earlier on the ground, sometimes things just suck! When they do, we have to learn something. We can’t get all stuck on the suckiness and see only our pain. We must find the lessons because, in these times when our choices were non-existent, these are the times we build who we are. Those lessons of pain, we need them so our soul knows what it is like to hurt so that we don’t hurt another in the same way. This is HARD to accept but, from my perspective, it is just what makes sense. Some lessons are only learned the hard way. When we get to the shadow that just brings pain, we see no choices, no place we could have done better, we must find the thing we learned and let go of the pain. It is imperative to release the fear of facing that pain again, keep the lesson, and know you were strong enough to overcome the trauma because you are still here! At the end of the day, even if you didn’t want to, you could overcome the trauma again, but you likely will not need to. The odds are, you will not encounter that same type of trauma if you find your lesson. At least this is my opinion. 

This is the objective of the journaling activity; to uncover the lessons and areas we could apply a change to our current way of being. We simply can’t be passive about this change.

We must be vigilant and mindful as we are the ones working against ourselves! 

After I have found a few areas of focus or when I have just had enough, then it is time to utilize a ritual. My preferred way to assist shadow work is with crystal grids and talismans. Having a grid always working to help support my efforts is always a good thing in my opinion. I will typically set one up and then create a talisman. A talisman can be anything! Just something to serve as a reminder of the energy you want to resonate with. If let’s say, I want to do better to honor and hold balanced love for myself, I might select an emerald. This doesn’t have to be a gem-quality emerald, but this crystal holds the energy that embodies “Strength through love”. It is noble and enduring, wise and comforting and when facing issues of personal growth, it is the perfect ally! 

To prepare a talisman you could create a ritual that aligns with your personal beliefs and make it as detailed as you like. Or you can sit there on the floor sobbing with your unicorn book and hold your rock in your hands and simply pour your will into it. Focus on what you want to achieve and know this trinket will help lend you the energy you need to achieve success. This is at the heart of whatever ritual you create! That raw emotion and clarity of intention. Once you tell your item what its job is, that is the energy that will resonate with it. This might seem too simple to be effective, but the easiest solution is typically the best one. Whatever item you selected will work on an energetic and subconscious level to help facilitate change. For as long as you deem necessary, carry the talisman with you and it will serve as a reminder of the behavioral patterns you wish to change! 

Repeat this activity of journaling and mindfulness as often as you feel is needed and remember to hold compassion for yourself. We are not perfect, not a single one of us! We can try to be better versions of ourselves though and we are the ones who benefit from this very difficult journey.


Thoughts From The Void

It is the time of year when many systems of belief bring their focus to the dead. If you follow my writing at all you will know that I do not shy away from this topic. I do not speak of death gently because it is not a gentle thing. Death can bring about a gauntlet of emotions all at once. Honest eyes are always required when exploring subjects that pack such an emotional and thought-provoking response. Religion and organized beliefs specialize in making sense of what happens when we die. Bringing peace and understanding to the unexplainable is the business of faith. I don’t happen to align with any single set of beliefs, yet I find beauty and perfection in them all. The process of honoring and remembering our dead is one of the top reasons I can find to get on board with any organized belief. This isn’t out of fear but rather a community. For those who don’t exactly have that community, perhaps this post can bring a little bit of that strength and passion to you.

When many share a belief, it brings power to the idea. When many believe as you do, it affords a comfort that can’t really be achieved any other way. Still, I find flaws that prevent me from fully embracing any one set of ideas, and for those of you who share my sentiments I wanted to offer an alternative perspective. We are not bound by the physical. Not when we are talking about things of spirit. Many get caught up in what we are permitted to embrace due to the color of our skin, what genes hide in our blood, or the area of the world we might reside in. I respectfully reject this way of thinking. I believe if spirit calls you to something and it brings stillness and comfort to your soul, it is for you. People in the physical world simply don’t override spirit when it comes to things of faith and belief. People can’t own ideas. You can agree or disagree and that is fine. I believe we are all one people. I don’t accept we are a bunch of different groups that are separated and can’t mingle together. We are all one people. That goes for what we are permitted to believe. The only thing that sets us apart are the lines we create ourselves.

So, with that said, I do find I embrace little bits of all beliefs and practices. I do this not to steal, but rather because of the perfection and overlap of all “religions”. There are loose ends I can’t tie up in all structured beliefs. So, when I find one of those, I am always led to where the ideas overlap. If you look at what everyone believes and compare it all, we find so many similarities. I believe in us all, and our connection to that which we can’t understand. People say I am not allowed to do that. I have been accused of appropriation more times than I can count. I say, why can’t I? Where are the rules and by whom were they written? What gives them authority over what I believe? What makes them the authority over spirit?

Why am I telling you this? Well, when it comes to talking with spirit, people tend to think they have to be of a certain faith or in ownership of particular “gifts”. The guidelines they are taught to follow prevent them from seeing what is right in front of them all the time. They tend to not see their own connection to spirit. I call you to release what you think you know. The proof of spirit is personal. Our communication with spirit is uniquely individual. The rules of man can’t facilitate the connection to those we have “lost”. If we wish to align with spirit, to strengthen the bond with those who walk beside us; we do have to trust that we all can, and do, communicate with spirit.

That communication doesn’t always come how we think it will. I like to think of the process as similar to dialing a telephone. If I want to call my sister, I will dial her number. This connects me directly to her. We all have an energetic phone number. Our unique energy signature is what defines who we are. There is only one of us. If we think of someone, we establish a connection to that signature. This is the start of the process. Just like calling on a phone, the other side doesn’t always pick up. The choice is there, and they know someone is calling. Odds are if you call a loved one, they are going to answer.

We expect to hear a voice or see an apparition; we are prepared to notice something. That isn’t always how it works though. Rest assured that if you call a loved one in spirit, they are answering the call. That faith is what you have to build upon. The knowing that your call has been answered the moment you decide to make it, that is how you find your connection to spirit. It might be a feeling, a smell, a sense of something you can’t put your finger on; that is spirit. We must release the need to understand. We must release the desire for a message. No message would suffice. There are no words that can be stronger than the energetic connection of two souls. Feel the connection and know that if there is guidance you require, spirit is working to nudge you in the direction you need to go. We don’t need to understand we just need to have faith spirit that spirit is with us.

Instead of wanting something from spirit, perhaps try to think of it like a visit to grandma’s house. You go there just to go. You don’t expect anything. You show up and enjoy their company. You enjoy the comfort of being loved and feeling safe. You share a space together and that is enough. Treat this time the same as a visit. Share your stories of those you love and sit with the memories. Enjoy the visit, and embrace the comfort, because if you call, they will answer.

Sometimes people find it difficult to talk about loved ones in spirit. When things are difficult to speak aloud, it is often easier to write about it. Please share your memories of your loved ones in the comments. As you write, let go. Immerse yourself in the memory and relish in the truth of the moment. Do not expect anything. Just sit with the memory for a while and know spirit is always with you.


Thoughts From The Void

Spirit is always listening

I was having a conversation the other day with someone who recently began “manifesting” on behalf of other people. She was a little concerned that there has been more spiritual activity in her home and around her since she started performing more rituals. Her concern was mostly about the “entities” that seemed to be creating a bit of chaos in her life. I responded without thinking and gave her a “Well yeah, what did you think happens when you do a ritual? Spirit gets involved.” This upset her. She had never thought that spirit would show up when she did rituals. She honestly thought that she would perform the ritual and her intentions alone made things happen. That her will was the only thing at play. Her reaction confused me and brought me to write this piece about what happens when we perform rituals. 

As always, I start by saying I speak from my experience and share my perception. What I believe and what you believe don’t have to align. Still, this seemed like something logical that this person never even thought to entertain. If you perform “manifesting rituals” what do you think happens behind the scenes? Have you thought about it at all? From what I have seen, most people don’t think about it, even a little bit. They do the rituals as instructed or even as they plan out themselves, but then they don’t watch and pay attention to what happens after the ritual is done. Depending on the ritual and the intention, we are likely calling on spirit to act in some way – even if we never say that in so many words. Someone in spirit is always listening and sometimes they respond. 

This sounds cool, right? If we are looking for some help achieving our goal, why wouldn’t we want spirit to help? I would be willing to bet that most of the time whatever attention our rituals attract is harmless or even temporary. However, when it is not, the trouble can be significant. Where do you turn when you have this kind of trouble? This is a big part of why it is important to have a clear intention and to know your energy well before engaging in any kind of ritual. Once done, cleansing is important. I know people like to think they are above that step. I have seen the memes about it, and I strongly discourage that way of thinking. I promise you are not stronger than the worst you can find in spirit. While I believe we are all equal, we are out matched when it comes to what takes place in the spirit world. We can’t gain the full picture. We have only a small amount of clarity and spirit has lifetimes of experience compared to our fragmented perception. Take care of your energy and your space or it might not remain yours. 

Even in our everyday lives when we put an idea into the world, someone in spirit is aware of it. Spirit can choose to intervene. Spirit can choose to manipulate a situation to better align it with their goal if they want to. Spirit can manipulate you without you ever knowing it’s happening. Spirit does not just mean your great Uncle Stu who was really nice when he was alive. Spirit is not all good. From what I have experienced, those that are “all good” don’t help or intervene unless we directly ask for help, and even then, they don’t always assist. When we perform a ritual with an intention, I want you to think about what happens after your candles are done burning, when your petitions have long been ash, when all of your pretty crystals are put back to their resting place on your shelf; think about what happens next. Is it all just over then? Or is someone in spirit watching and waiting? Is someone in spirit influencing?

Odds are, the spiritual energy you gather during the ritual and even the time leading up to it attracts someone. They don’t need to be in your space either. Spirit works in ways we can’t fully understand. Maybe you have a keyword in your petition that aligns with something someone in spirit holds a strength in. Maybe that word is one that someone in spirit looks for because it makes you an easy target. Maybe someone in spirit just wants to help people who look for a certain type of strength. All of these are possible, and more. There is no guarantee spirit will hold malice or benevolence. There is a 50/50 chance of either. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t engage in rituals? No. I do not think that is the answer. I just think it is important to be fully informed before you do. Many people see things on Pinterest or in Facebook groups and just give them a try. This is the type of ritual I would not engage in. You should know your energy first. You should know how to heal your energy and clear your space. You should know what you believe. If you have an ally in spirit that is great, but I don’t feel it is required. I can say that when things get scary and you don’t have an ally, you must have a very strong will and unwavering sense of self. If you do not have those things, I would not engage in rituals. You should be aware of what the spirit world holds. You should know who lurks in the shadows. Pretending there is only good in spirit will not be beneficial in the long run. Holding the delusion that you are somehow more powerful than anything you will encounter is also a falsehood you would be wise to avoid. No one is all-powerful. 

When a ritual is performed, the wheels start turning. All the in-between stuff starts shifting. The energy surrounding you and your situation begins to change. This doesn’t mean the change is in alignment with exactly what you want. This just means there is a shift. That shift could be in alignment with what you desire, it could be spirit setting up the lesson you need to learn, or it could be spirit taking the chance it has been waiting for to get it one step closer to one of its goals. You protect yourself and keep the control in your corner by knowing your energy, preparing your space, keeping your intention very clear, and then clearing your space and yourself when you are finished. This is how you help protect yourself. This is how you keep as much control over your energy as possible. Spirit is always present. Spirit is always influencing. If this idea frightens you or if you are not prepared to face that reality, then perhaps it might be in your best interest not to engage in ritual manifesting. 

I wanted to share those thoughts simply because people don’t seem to mention this aspect of ritual work. I had thought it was just understood that if you try to work with energy, those who reside in the energetic world will take notice and could participate in helping, hijacking, or harming in relation to whatever it is you are doing. When it came to my attention that this is not something that everyone realizes, I felt it important to write about it. I don’t feel you should fear ritual work, but I do think it is important to be well informed prior to engaging in something that could result in negative consequences. Learning the hard way with spirit can be very harsh and there is no guarantee you will come out of the experience feeling good about it.