Crystal Information

An igneous rock known as monzonite that is comprised of ternary feldspars, barkevikite, titanium-bearing augite, lepidomelane, and sometimes olivine, nepheline, or quartz; larvikite is a decorative rock that displays the much sought-after schiller effect known as labradorescence. That was a whole lot of words that don’t really tell us the energy of this “crystal”. Only, if we want to understand something, sometimes it helps to know the “ingredients”. 

If we were to try a cookie and it was good, we might say “What’s in this?” Most of the time we aren’t actually planning to bake a batch for ourselves, so why ask? Somehow knowing the ingredients helps us to better understand what we have eaten. Even if we don’t know what those ingredients are, defining them creates a puzzle that we can further examine if we so choose. For example, many of you may not be familiar with the term barkevikite, but odds are you might have encountered labradorescence.

As you read that first descriptive sentence you could have acknowledged the words, even though they did not mean much to you. Then when you got to labradorescence you might have noticed a similarity to labradorite and made a familiar connection. This is a fair description of how this stone works with energy. It helps to categorize and define the “ingredients”. Even if we aren’t sure what the ingredients are or what they mean, it helps us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves and situations that make up the whole. While compartmentalizing all of the influences and history of something can be confusing or even overwhelming, this stone also highlights the area in which to begin our understanding. By providing a connection to both spirit and the physical present, larvikite is an excellent stone for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

~ Aids meditation efforts 

~ Promotes grounding and stability 

~ Strengthens connection to spirit and self 

~ Facilitates emotional healing 

~ Promotes dream recall 

~ Aids divination efforts 

~ Facilitates an understanding of past events 

~ Highlights and promotes acceptance of multiple viewpoints 

~ Promotes feelings of inspiration & motivation 

~ Facilitates shadow work 

~ Helps breakthrough roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles

~ Facilitates forgiveness

~ Promotes confidence 

~ Strengthens faith

~ Facilitates astral travel and lucid dreaming

~ Promotes acceptance of change & aids transformation

~ Helps combat effects of anxiety 


Crystal Information

Typically formed as a secondary mineral; Vanadinite was discovered not once but twice roughly thirty years apart and in two different locations of the world. Upon discovery the first time, Andres Manuel Del Rio sent the specimen to be verified across the ocean. Unfortunately, one version of this story says the ship carrying the newly discovered mineral sank and with it all hopes of gaining credit for the discovery sank with it. To make matters worse, a fellow scientist discredited the finding by saying the mineral was nothing more than brown lead. As you might imagine, this would have been devastating to someone who spent their life searching for new elements. Thirty years later a doctor turned mineral researcher came upon this complex iron ore and it didn’t match anything he knew existed. He gave it the name vanadium after the Norse goddess Vanadis aka Freyja.

This particular goddess is known for ruling over love, beauty, earth, fertility, gold, war, death and a very special form of magic called seiðr – which she taught to both gods and men alike. A magic that was said to be able to foresee the future and weave new patterns to help control the outcomes of situations. She was said to wear the necklace of Brísingamen. A one of a kind item crafted by dwarves with a stone said to look like golden fire. This necklace held magical attributes that made it impossible for anyone to resist her will while she wore it. One of the important roles she played was that of a warrior and when she went to battle, she claimed the dead. Half went to Odin in Valhalla and half went with her. Both parties having specific jobs, with the Valhalla fallen destined to fight in Ragnarok, and Frejya’s fallen warriors set to protect the families of all warrior – both jobs with high honors. 

This all might seem like a large bit of random information but the energy of our mineral in question finds its meaning within these tales. A mineral of second chances, determination, will power, honor, and enduring strength; we see its energy in the scientific discovery. That first guy who discovered this mineral and did not receive the credit, (Andres Manuel Del Rio) , went on to do more. In the face of a failure that was out of his control, he didn’t crumble, he persisted and paved his own way developing new methods of mining, took part in social revolutions, and eventually came to be the president of the Geological Society of Philadelphia. Even this brief overview of his journey shows us that we are more than any one experience. Even though some experiences have the potential  to crush us, we always have more to offer if only we are willing to keep pushing forward. If only we can find that inner fire. The discovery of this mineral shows that determination is undeniable. Eventually the mineral was discovered by a man who was a doctor and then became something else entirely. Another testament to the idea that we don’t ever have just one path or one choice. We are in control and we weave the experiences we wish to have – if only we can harness the will to do so.

With this mineral finding its association with Freyja, we can draw a parallel to vanadinite’s strong grounding energy. Filled with the passion, magic, and strength of fire, yet also the stability, endurance and balance of earth; we feel an energy of honor and personal power that can’t be denied. Much like the necklace this goddess wore, when we can harness our own unyielding fire, we can create the life we wish to have. This crystal holds within it the ability to be grounded in reality, so we can see our actions and how they will unfold in the world around us, so that we can create the experiences we want in our own story. Vanadinite works so well to strengthen the connection we have to our own self so that we are not easily swayed by the world around us, but rather supports the knowing that we control our own experiences.

A few applications for this mineral are:

-Facilitates grounding

-Stabilizes and strengthens the auric field

-Inspires passion and zest for life

-Promotes creativity

-Enhances personal power

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Promotes emotional stability

-Facilitates circulation of life force energy

-Inspires optimism when faced life’s challenges

-Supports all healing efforts

-Aids manifesting efforts

-Promotes good decision making

-Aids energetic protection efforts

-Helps overcome negative behavioral patterns

-Promotes mental focus

-Helps release and heal trauma

-Promotes drive and determination

-Brings balance and strength to “psychic abilities”

-Promotes feelings of calm

-Strengthens the connection to the self

-Support stone for managing out of control clair senses such as those of the “empath”

-Promotes a balance between action and stillness – allowing one to know when to act and when to have patience


Crystal Information

Due to apatites’ appearance being similar to many other minerals, it gets its name from the Greek word “apate”, which means deceit. Deceit is something this stone does well, as it carries with it so much more energy than seems reasonable in such a tiny package! This stone works well to reveal the great power within us all, even when we think there is none. “Looks can be deceiving” is the phrase that comes to mind for this stone but not in a negative way, it implies the notion that there is an underestimation of strength hidden under the surface. Shining with the energy of gold and yellow, nothing heavy resides within this stone. This crystal works to illuminate the way to clarity so that you may understand yourself, your purpose and the physical world around you. Strengthening your will and clarity of mind also leads to stronger manifesting in all areas of your life. When you can understand what you want, know you deserve it and can connect with your own inner guidance, very little can stand in your way. One of the greatest strengths this stone contains is the ability to strengthen your confidence and dissolve dependency and the worry that your needs or actions will displease other people. Ushering in unwavering positive energy that strengthens the auric field and raises the vibrations, Yellow Apatite is jam packed with sunshine energy! 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Promotes growth as it clears confusion and negativity

-Provides clarity of the mind

-Strengthens will and personal power 

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Enhances creativity 

-Strengthens a clear connection to your higher self 

-Promotes optimism

-Increases the drive to get accomplish tasks

-Provides the courage needed to take risks as well as the clarity to know when a risk is worth taking 

-Balances the appetite and is supportive of healthy eating 

-Aids detoxification efforts

-Helps combat lethargy and symptoms of depression 

– Promotes concentration 

– Aids learning and memory retention

-Clears blockages and stimulates all chakras

-Balancing yin-yang energy

-Promotes the rise of Kundalini energy

-Aids understanding and interpreting psychic and spiritual messages

-Enhances confidence 

-Dissolves the need to “people please”

-Aids all healing efforts 


Crystal Information

A blend of quartz, epidote, and peach feldspar, this crystal works well to facilitate balance within our emotions and auric field. With a gentle energy that provides the strength and stability needed to address issues that prevent us from growing spiritually, and emotionally; this crystal is an ally for all those who feel a little bit lost. Unakite holds a strong connection to the Earth’s healing energy. Sometimes when we think of earth energy we think of stability and strength, and this is pretty much always true. However, often we overlook the more fluid side of earth energy. 

Unakite makes me think of a plant’s roots. They grow deep within the ground and when they encounter an obstacle they are presented with choices. They don’t stop and tantrum that something is in their way, but rather they use their energy to tackle the issue in the most effective way possible. They will either go around or break through. This idea lies within unakite. It lends the strength to not stop when we are faced with difficulties. It helps us to face the challenge and either break through or use our energy in the most effective way possible to find the growth we seek. Unakite helps bypass the urge to avoid or disassociate from our issues. It is an ally for when we feel overwhelmed, confused, or having trouble focusing on the here and now. It supports us with energies of love, healing, and strength so that we can tackle even the most troublesome situations. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Provides grounding energy 

-Stabilizes energy after meditation

-Promotes psychic vision and visualization

-Combats electromagnetic smog

-Supports past life healing

-Promotes compassion and kindness

-Balances the emotional body

-Facilitates the gentle release of deep-seated emotions  

-Promotes patience and persistence

-Gradually eliminates bad habits and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them

-Assists with overcoming addictions

-Removes harmful toxins and energies from the system 

-Promotes promote steady lasting growth 

-Restores balance to the heart chakra

-Strengthens the connection between the root and heart chakras

-Encourages tolerance and gentleness 

-Inspires the will to bring harmony within the self

-Talisman for those who have trouble finding things

-Stabilizes and heals the auric field

-Inspires love and compassion for the self


Crystal Information

“The Universal Stone” 

This mineral has quite the nickname to back up its amazing properties. Treasured by cultures across the globe since the dawn of civilization, turquoise has been associated with nearly everything from luck to wisdom and pretty much everything in between. The Native Americans associated this stone with the great spirit of the sky, just as many other cultures viewed this mineral as being a slice of the beautiful blue heavens. All held the notion that turquoise connects us to spirit, the universe, universal energy, and thought. 

How convenient, a stone that resonates with every intention. Sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, right? Normally I would agree but not this stone, this stone is Universal energy. Just as the sky is everywhere and ever-changing, this crystal resonates on this same frequency. To fully understand how the energy of turquoise operates let’s think about the sky for a moment. Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes there are clouds, sometimes it is gray and ominous, other times the sky is colorful, dark, bright, and everything in between. If I tell you to picture the sky, you can bet what you picture and what I picture will vary. This is because the sky can look so many different ways depending on a variety of factors at any given time. Yet, the sky is always the sky. It is above us and it is all around us, connecting us all regardless of where we are in the world. It can inspire joy, growth, doom, excitement, and pretty much any emotion you can think up. This is the sky. A place we look to for inspiration, guidance, peace, and hope. This is the energy turquoise connects to. Regardless of your intention, turquoise connects us all through spirit, providing strong energy to back up any and all frequencies. 

Here are just a few applications for this amazing mineral:

-Resonates best with the throat chakra but will balance the entire energetic system 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Attracts abundance and good fortune 

-Connects us to universal wisdom 

-Facilitates clear and honest communication

-Facilitates communication with spirit and higher self

-Provides calm and tranquility 

-Assists meditation 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Facilitates emotional stability 

-Inspires leadership, honor, and nobility 

-Provides clarity for all clair-senses 

-Facilitates memory recall

-Facilitates good mental focus

-Soothes overactive clairempathy and provides an understanding of overwhelming emotions 

-Enhances intuition 

-Inspires astral travel and lucid dreaming recall 

-Aids all manifesting efforts 

-Brings balance to personal power and confidence

-Combats lethargy and symptoms of depression 

-Excellent talisman for facilitating calm during a panic or anxiety attack 

-Brings about an understanding of emotional triggers 

-Helps recognize and release trauma 

-Clears and dissipates stagnant vibrations and EMFs

-Inspires create problem-solving 

-Helps recognize and overcome patterns of self-sabotage 

-Assists with past life recall and healing 

-Facilitates a connection to our true self

-Helps to recognize and overcome “narcissistic” tendencies so that we may look outside how we view our world for the betterment of ourselves and others 


Crystal Information

“The All Seeing Eye”, this variety of quartz acquired its nickname due to the belief that it facilitates divine vision and allows one to see all things. Tiger’s Eye has been utilized since ancient times as a talisman of protection and truth.  Harnessing both the power of the sun and the energy of the earth, it provides high vibrational energy that also has a grounding affect. It ushers in positive energy and inspires confidence, determination and the will to succeed; while helping to keep a clear mind focused on the truth of every situation. 

This mineral holds many strengths when it comes to the applications with which it resonates best with. It aids all manifestation efforts by providing an atmosphere conducive to growth and abundance. It combats depression and emotional instability by bringing in positivity, hope and grounding energies. It protects energetically by recognizing threats and psychic attacks while aiding the reinforcement of our own energetic shield. It enhances confidence and allows the strength to be our true selves and helps us live in alignment with the things that make us feel content on a soul level. It also promotes integrity and inspires one to be truthful and while viewing the world through a lens of equality.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Balances the lower chakras

-Stimulates the rise of Kundalini energy

-Provides grounding energy

-Enhances psychic abilities

-Balances and harmonizes the energetic system

-Promotes clarity and understanding of all situations

-Supports the will to make difficult changes needed to grow

-Strengthens the will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level

-Helps heal issues pertaining to self worth

-Inspires creativity and utilizing one’s talents and abilities

-Stimulates wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it

-Promotes determination

-Provides protection from the negative intentions of others

-Alleviates indecision and the fear of making the wrong choices

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Combats lethargy

-Inspires motivation 

-Helps facilitate cooperation and compromise

-Facilitates spiritual & psychic development 

-Promotes dream recall and lucid dreaming

-Protects against the “Evil Eye” 

-Attracts good fortune 


Crystal Information

A rare crystal also known as Rosaline Zoisite, this mineral has some interesting lore tied within its name. In this lore, we find how its energy works. In ancient cultures, there was a place where the sun never set, a place where the sun goes when it is not shining its light on our known world. A place just beyond our physical existence. This idea transcends a few systems of belief from the Greek, to the Norse, and even Biblical all with one commonality; it’s a place of paradise beyond our comprehension. This place was called Thule. Some believed this is the location of The Garden of Eden, others believe this was a place where people lived simply but had long lifespans up to a thousand years, and some believe this is the land of giants and gods. Regardless of what version resonates, the idea behind them all is the beauty, power and perfection hidden just beyond the world we have seen with our eyes. Things were possible in Thule that defied logic, that couldn’t be explained or compared to the normal physical world we knew – and this is the energy hidden within our crystal in question. 

Thulite bridges the gap between the heart and the mind, and harmonizes the two. Feelings are one of those things that lies just beyond scientific explanation. Yes, we can understand why we feel certain things and we can find some logic for emotions however, there is so much that simply can’t be explained with words. Emotion is more than words, it is frequency and vibration – it is energy. Emotion fuels us to do things we would not believe we are capable of. Emotion inspires us and can also destroy us. Emotion is powerful. When the power of the mind is aligned with the power of the heart, anything is possible. 

Thulite holds its strength in another area, one of extraordinary self-acceptance and love. It shows us how to embrace our strengths and our flaws equally. While also holding compassion and logic for ourselves. Knowing that we are not perfect helps us to see that some mistakes are necessary in order for us to learn and grow. To become strong and balanced we must experience all there is to feel. Thulite lends the strength and support needed to look beyond what we see in the physical world. To dig deeper and find our core self, to look honestly at what wonders lie within us so that we may share them with the world. This crystal shows us that anything is possible if only we have the belief and faith in ourselves. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Aids all manifesting efforts

-Strengthens the connection to our higher self 

-Strengthens connection to spirit 

-Promotes feelings of love and acceptance 

-Inspires compassion 

-Helps harness powers of emotion 

-Inspires eloquent speech 

-Helps form bonds and connections with people 

-Helps overcome social anxiety 

-Promotes personal power 

-Promotes confidence 

-Birthstone for Gemini and Taurus

-Helps one see alternative points of view

-Promotes sincerity 

-Helps overcome addiction and break negative behavioral patterns

-Helps overcome negative thoughts and beliefs 

-Helps break free from self sabotage 

-Enhances creativity 

-Facilitates spiritual protection 

-Helps one see anything is possible 


Crystal Information

A stone that instills the same warmth of the sun’s glow, this crystal promotes a light hearted optimistic outlook on life. With a rejuvenating energy that breathes energy and excitement into any situation; sunstone works well to inspire, motivate and lift even the lowest of moods. Due to a characteristic similar to aventurescence called schiller, sunstone is sometimes referred to as “aventurine spar”. This quality occurs due to tiny copper inclusions, that when viewed from certain angles, give the appearance of illumination from within. Sunstone promotes that same glisten from the inside, encouraging a positive energy that radiates inspiration, creation, and motivation. 

This crystal facilitates the ability to help both the self and others through leading by example and displaying self-nurturing, self-acceptance and unwavering confidence. Sunstone embodies the phrase “Lead by example”. By facilitating a connection to the creative self, this crystal encourages one to manifest the life they wish. When we shine from within, we are aligned with our truest self, and this helps others feel the will to do the same. Sunstone has long been associated with wealth, abundance and the self-confidence needed to produce success in all areas of life. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Rejuvenates the auric field

-Promotes the confidence needed for leadership

-Inspires the self and others 

-Inspires the will to nurture one’s self

-Promotes mental clarity

-Amplifies inner strength

-Encourages independence

-Awakens innate talents and abilities

-Attracts good fortune and abundance

-Relieves symptoms of depression 

-Effective at cleansing the aura and chakras

-Activates all energy centers and ushers in life force energy

-Facilitates the release of stress

-Helps remove co-dependency and encourages self-empowerment

-Inspires one to overcome procrastination

-Aids weight loss efforts

-Facilitates emotional balance

-Alleviates feelings of self doubt and unworthiness

-Instills enthusiasm and zest for life

-Aids all manifesting efforts

– Inspires the will to create

-Alleviates lethargy and stimulates action

-Promotes spiritual growth

-Lends the strength needed to take charge of one’s life


Crystal Information

Often referred to as the “Logic Stone”, this mineral acquired its name due to the high level of sodium in its makeup. Most recognizable as a blue mineral with white veining; sodalite can also be found in gray, white, green, red, yellow, and even colorless. This stone does some pretty cool things when exposed to light. If viewed under a UV light it will display fluorescence and certain specimens of this stone are also considered to be tenebrescent. Sometimes a mineral loses its color when exposed to bright light, some minerals can reverse this process when exposed to certain light wavelengths or energy sources and this is considered tenebrescence. This is a reversible color change effect. The variety of sodalite that carries this prosperity has been labeled as hackmanite. This physical quality displays one of sodalite’s finest energetic qualities. 

What is logic? My understanding is that it’s the blending of knowledge, information, and experience. To me, it is sort of the opposition of intuition. When we pair the two together, we find our most harmonious path laid before us with ease. Sodalite facilitates this cooperation of mind and spirit. 

Sodalite displays our inner wisdom and logic. While some minerals draw new knowledge to us, this one reveals what is already hiding within.    

Sodalite helps us understand our true selves and facilitates the communication of our genuine thoughts and feelings. It promotes a balanced thought process that combines feelings with logic so that we see situations with compassion without becoming overwhelmed or consumed by emotion. It helps us interact with the world through a lens of universal truth, not just our truth, as it helps us to take our place in the world around us. Sodalite works to illuminate all influencing energy, and then just as the effect of tenebrescence fades, so too does the “extra” perceptions and influencers; leaving behind a knowledge of universal truth but our alignment remains with our own true self. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Enhances analysis and observation skills

-Eases symptoms of anxiety 

-Promotes emotional stability

-Promotes a blending of intuition & logic

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Stimulates creativity

-Strengthens self-discipline

-Increases spiritual awareness

-Eases feelings of guilt and fear

-Helps shift the mind from emotional to rational thinking

-Promotes calm, stable energy

-Helps clear electromagnetic pollution

-Encourages self-esteem and self-trust

-Combats insomnia

-Facilitates meditation

-Promotes clear communication with spirit and higher self

-Aids divination efforts 

-Stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience & telepathy

-Enhances spiritual development

-Brings confidence for public speaking

-Stimulates latent abilities

-Enhances psychic visions

-Promotes honest self-reflection 

-Resonates best with the throat and brow chakras


Crystal Information

The variation of quartz that turns brown to dark gray due to aluminum inclusions and natural radiation, smoky quartz is known by many as the “Stone of Power”. That is some nickname right? The national gem of Scotland and treasured by Druids and many cultures across the globe; smoky carries with it the same qualities of amplification and strength that crystal quartz is known for but it works within the darkness – the areas of confusion, mystery, the unexplainable and the unknown. This stone is an ally for all things relating to dreams, deep emotions and above all else bridging the gap between the physical and spirit. 

When people talk about spirit, it often sounds like a light and beautiful experience. However, to me this is not how I would describe it. To really interact with spirit can be confusing in a way that can’t be articulated. Things come into question that we would never question otherwise. Questions there are no answers for other than faith. This can be a very frightening experience when dealing with the expansive nature of spirit. In order to find our way to guidance and understanding we have to first navigate the rough waters of the unknown. Finding clarity in the depths of confusion, fear, overwhelming energy, or vast possibilities is where smoky finds its strength. Smoky quartz works so well to ground high frequency energy so that we may understand the guidance being received from spirit in a way that is not overwhelming. It provides protection by strengthening the auric field and transmuting lower frequencies so that vibrations that are harmful to us do not remain within our auric field. 

Smoky has long been used in shamanic practices all over the world due to its ability to strengthen the connection to spirit in a way that grounds us in our current reality while providing energetic protection, clarity, and understanding. It lends the courage needed to travel into the darkness, past the limits of the known so that we might find the answers and guidance we are in need of. Some might be put off by the use of the word “darkness” however, I want you to think of it like going to sleep. We don’t typically sleep with all the lights on. We rest in the dark. Our body needs that balance of light and dark. Going to sleep isn’t evil, is it? Well, neither is exploring the darkness. Evil can be found in the light just as easily as it can in the dark. This crystal helps to bring clarity to the misunderstanding we find in places where we might not be able to fully grasp the entire situation. 

I want you to imagine you need to find your keys. You walk into a room and the lights are off. The room is filled with items, things you can’t see but they are still there. You could turn on the light but that will only shine light on every item in the room. This will be helpful in that you can see, but there are hundreds of items there and it might feel overwhelming to see them all at once. You might think “Where do I start?” You would need to process all that you see in order to start looking and locate your keys. What if you turned those lights back off and instead used a flashlight to navigate the dark room. Only, your flashlight resonates with exactly what you are looking for and will shine directly onto your keys so you can find them within the darkness. This magic flashlight works just like smoky quartz. Smoky quartz helps to illuminate what is relevant to understanding a confusing situation. It does not remove all the things that are not relevant, it only prevents them from becoming a distraction so that we may find what it is we are seeking. It helps us to understand what we need, what is helpful, and what simply is irrelevant at that moment. It lends the strength and courage needed to be honest and know the truth of our reality.

Some applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Harmonizes the auric field 

-Facilitates spiritual journeying

-Strengthens connection to spirit

-Aids astral travel and lucid dreaming

-Aids effective shadow work 

-Helps resolve deep seated traumas and emotional wounds

-Helps release negative behavioral and thought patterns

-Aids divination efforts 

-Facilitates meditation 

-Helps combat nightmares

-Helps release fear, stress, and anxiety 

-Promotes the release of fear related to spirit

-Provides protection from EMFs

-Helps eliminate feelings of chaos or confusion

-Helps one to see the truth

-Promotes detoxification 

-Promotes energy circulation through the entire system

-Cleanses, repairs, and stabilizes the auric field

-Promotes rational thinking

-Helps alleviate communication issues

-Helps facilitate emotional stability 

-Facilitates an understanding and healing of negative emotions

-Connects one to inner and divine guidance

-Helps bring balance to clairsenses

-Brings balance during times of emotional overload

-Facilitates clarity of mind

-Promotes an understanding of difficult situations and lessons

-Helps connect one with their own true self 

-Allows one to harness all of their personal power 

-Facilities a raising of frequency