Thoughts From The Void

I could see the visceral reaction to the title of this piece even before I wrote it. I ask you to tame that gut impulse for just a moment. I think it would be good for us to analyze why people get so sour about the word “God”. I am working on a deep dive into all of the structured beliefs we as people share, and while it is not quite ready yet, I wanted to plant the seeds of conversation about our relationship with God and religion. This is a topic you kind of have to ease your way into. Otherwise, we might stop ourselves from viewing the topic with objective eyes. 

If I were to take a poll, I would be comfortable betting that most people I reach have a negative association with religion and often they think God is a thing of religion. Thus, they get turned off the word “God” entirely. The truth is, religion is a thing of man. Something created to align us with the divine. A way to understand something that simply can’t be understood. Even doctrines that were revealed to man by “God” are still a thing of man because a human had to work as the medium between the divine and the rest of us. Humans are only capable of a certain level of shared understanding. The fallible nature of humans will be involved whenever people are. For this reason, religion will always have flaws. That doesn’t mean there is nothing good for us in religion. While the negative aspects of mankind are many, so too are the positive attributes. We can see this clearly reflected in shared beliefs. 

For now, I invite you to think about religion. Contemplate your beliefs, how they align with and how they oppose the different structured beliefs of the world. Take some time to ask yourself, “What do I believe?” and more importantly, “Why do I believe the way I do?” What portion of your belief system is negotiable? What parts are foundational and absolutely can’t be questioned? What religions do you hate? Why do you hate them? Is it because of a personal experience with flawed humans? Or do you loathe a belief because of an interaction with spirit? If there is some truth to all religions, and there is something good that can be found in all beliefs, maybe there is more wiggle room than we think when it comes to what we believe. What if the lines that divide us are nothing more than human error? 

The ineffable nature of “God” can be found in every system of belief – structured or otherwise. The study and analysis of this is a big part of why I have been so silent for a while. I went as far as I could with sharing the “basic” spiritual information. The information that comes next really should be learned from careful personal experience. There are good reasons why organized religions warn against working with spirit in certain ways. This is an area of religion that I KNOW holds merit. While the scare tactics applied might not always be the right application of force, the underlying message that there are those in spirit that do want to and can harm you is real. Whatever you choose to believe, there comes a time when you have to face a big question – even those of you who believe in nothing. You have to determine what your place is in relation to the divine. Whether you are a practicing medium or just someone who maybe has lost a loved one; we all eventually contemplate the question “What happens when we die?” This question will always bring us to think about God on some level. Even if it is just wondering if your perception of the topic is accurate. If for no reason other than this situation; religion, spirituality, and God are worth thinking about. 

Every single time I contemplate which belief system is the closest to being “right”, I hear the same message from spirit. The response I get is “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” You draw the conclusions you want from that, and I am very open to hearing all perspectives on this topic. Stay tuned for discussions on this topic and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I happen to think all beliefs hold merit. I think they are all correct and incorrect at the same time. More than anything, I think “God” is about to make a comeback. We have entered a time where faith in something greater than ourselves must be found, because without it, our connection to each other will be completely severed. If we want to strengthen our connection to one another, the best place to start will be that unexplainable something that connects us all. That something, is referred to by many names and regardless of if you call it nothing, spirit, universe, energy, frequency, divine, or God; we are all talking about the same thing that we can’t quite explain or understand – yet we know it is there.  If you ask me, that is something worth thinking about.

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