Thoughts From The Void

A prediction for the year to come.

We live in a weird world. If we pause and take a look around us, there is so much we can’t fully make sense of. The bizarre nature of our existence at the moment can be overwhelming to those who pay attention. It is so easy to become consumed by defeat and see only the negative side of things. The darker side of humanity has been prevailing for a while now. At least, here in the US, I can say that is the truth.

Everyone seems to believe they are fighting for the “right side of history”, and yet, they are all wrong if you take the time to reconcile all of the beliefs on the table. So, is this it? Is this the downfall of our way of life? Will we spiral into oblivion and destroy ourselves? That does seem like a real possibility right now. However, when I look at the potential for 2023, I see another path.

You see, some believe we can engage in divination, and we will see the future. This is only partly accurate from my perspective. I believe we can see all of the possibilities if we try. Divination can show us the most likely path to unfold. The path that will come to fruition if nothing changes. It isn’t just some mystical practice, there is a blending of both logic and spirit. When I look now, I see two paths that are battling; two paths that are fighting for the spot of most likely outcome – and one does seem to be gaining ground. The destruction of all we know is possible, but I don’t think it is the path that wins out this time. This year I see change on the horizon.

Sometimes people like to think of change like a switch. That all of a sudden, things will just be different. This isn’t really how change works most of the time. There are subtle clues of what is to come hidden all around us. Right now, the clues say people are about to make a choice. We can double down on only our beliefs and not try to reconcile the differences between us and those we oppose; or we can take a step back and find the flaws in our own thinking so we, as people, can come together as one to grow past this moment of turmoil.

The path we take is determined by all of us. So many feel their actions amount to nothing. That what they do doesn’t impact humanity as a collective. I disagree. I think every action and every inaction, contributes something. Every time you turn a blind eye to something that is wrong, it allows the opposition to gain momentum. Every time you do not listen to or validate those who have views different than yours, you drive the wedge between us a little bit deeper.

Validate does not mean you must concede. It does not mean the opposition is correct. It just means you can see why they think the way they do. To validate doesn’t mean we all need to agree; however, understanding why people think the way they do is imperative if you want to make sure your beliefs aren’t greatly flawed. If we wish to find resolution, we only get there when every idea is reconciled. Shifting how we fight for what matters to us can be all it takes to tip the scales and have our path this year be one of redemption instead of destruction.

When I look now for predictions for the year to come, I am going to embrace the path of change. The path that leads us to see where we have been wrong. The path that brings us back to center. That path is there. It is just waiting for us to decide to take it.

People are not inherently good. We are flawed by nature. When push comes to shove though, I believe wholeheartedly in the goodness of people. When people can see the truth around them, and the impact they make; most people choose the path that does the least damage to others. There will always be those with nefarious intentions. There will also always be those who are righteous. Most people fall somewhere in-between the two. Most people don’t accurately assess where they really fall on that scale in every situation. Try to keep that in mind as the challenges of this year come your way.

My prediction for this year is that clarity will find us and the rifts that divide us so harshly right now, will be smoothed over enough that we will find some common ground to stand on together. Things are going to get a bit darker before that light starts to shine through; but mark my words, by the time this year has come to a close, we will be living in a place that makes a whole lot more sense. 2023 will bring change – a change that will come close to breaking us, but in the end, we will be stronger together. Maybe we as people will finally learn a lesson that will actually stick with us and change humanity for the better.

My advice for the year is to be aware. Know the impact of your actions and beliefs. Follow them to the end of the line. Be sure they don’t have collateral damage. Right now, people aren’t doing that. Behave as though your fellow man is not your enemy. Because they aren’t. We must start to think more collectively and a little less personally if we wish to take the path that doesn’t lead to destruction. Your choices do help determine what path we all take.

I wish you all a good year. May the blessings you find be greater than the lessons. Whatever it is you are wishing to achieve this year, know that I believe in you all. Have faith that better days are coming!

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