Thoughts From The Void

As the year draws to an end, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the lessons and blessings of the past 12 months. I know there will be many who feel drawn to the idea that this year was garbage. Social media is already flooded with memes half joking about what a trainwreck this year was, and that next year will be the same. Before you embrace those memes, I call you to think a little deeper about what it means to align with those words.

I know the memes are supposed to be a “joke”, but the thing is they are not. Even if the poster doesn’t fully realize it, on some level they resonate with the idea that this year was bad, and the next will be too. Those are feelings we should not hide from. If we acknowledge the things we don’t like, see them and address them; that is how we harness our power. That is how we fix the things that make us unhappy. Passively sharing bad jokes about our sadness or lack is not a way to take charge of our lives.

If you look for the bad, you will always find it. The same goes for the good. Every day is a blessing – even the days that are dreadful. Find the good and build upon it!

As you scroll along over the course of the next week, challenge yourself to reject the ideas that every year is just trash. It is quite literally every single year this happens. If every year that passes is bad, and every year to come is doomed – what are you really saying about your life? Catch yourself before you align with the notion that the year was only terrible and there is no hope for the next 12 months. Those ideas are not funny. They are not edgy. They are not clever. They are just a little bit sad and depressing.

It is okay to feel disappointment. It is more than okay to recognize the challenges life lays at your feet. See all of it and know that you are still here! You are amazing and flawed. Every day is a new opportunity to leave an imprint on this world. Every day holds blessings and challenges – which will you choose to focus on?

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