Thoughts From The Void

As we grow as people, our views should evolve. What we believe often shifts as our awareness expands. Sometimes when this shift occurs, we must tear down everything we believe, and rebuild. I had experienced just such a rebuilding of my views on some foundational ideas behind Out of the Void. Guidance on crystals is one of those notions I had to address. 

Most people have come across a bracelet or jewelry item that was labeled with an “intention”. Catchy wording telling you exactly what the crystal means or does, is something I am sure we have all come across before. There is a HUGE flaw with this sort of marketing tactic, and yes, it is absolutely just marketing. It robs the user of power and confidence. Am I saying crystals don’t help with intentions? No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is that every crystal can help with every intention. It is how they work, that changes from crystal to crystal. What each person needs is personal. What I need in order to facilitate protection and what you need will not be the same. A huge part of what “works” comes from within, not from a label. 

Now, I engaged in this form of marketing for a long time. Then one day I noticed I was making pieces based on how I could market them and not how I used to make them. My pieces originally planned that way, they more just happen. For a while, every piece seemed to have a trendy meaning. The day came when I recognized that telling people what a piece of jewelry does, was also stripping people of their power. That is the opposite of what my company is about. I want people to think for themselves. I want to provide all the information I can and leave the ball in your court. We like what we do for a reason. Sometimes that reason is a flaw or imbalance within ourselves. Other times we subconsciously seek out what will bring us balance. Becoming self-aware is how we harness our power and take the most control of our lives. If someone else is dictating to you what you need and all the reasons why, there is no self- awareness or self-reflection – thus there will be no growth for the “self”. I didn’t like the turn my business had taken. I didn’t want to market my magic. Magic can’t be mass produced. I had to rethink how I did things here.

“How will I know what crystal I need if someone more informed doesn’t tell me?” I understand this logic and it is why I used to put keywords on all of my pieces. Having a place to start or suggestions is helpful. The problem is, I do not subscribe to the tribe mentality on all things spiritual. I believe that each crystal does work in a particular way. I believe they each resonate at a certain frequency. I do not believe they bring something to you that you don’t already have within you. I believe they inspire us. The more you know about them, the more they can remind you of your goals and what you need. The more informed we are, the more we understand why we select certain crystals. The “why” is what changes, not the selection. I have seen this time and time again. The pieces that are for us, will connect to something inside of us. We might not understand “the why” but we will feel something. Even if it is just an “Oh, I like that”, feeling. Once we follow that feeling we can discover the meaning behind it. That is why I stopped putting suggestions on my pieces. I don’t want to tell you or anyone what is right for them. I want others to make the selection and then I can help them figure out why they made it. 

My crystal write-ups are still just as valid as ever, but they are my perception – not fact. There are no facts when it comes to all things “spirit” related. I can tell you I spent many hours coming to my conclusions on each crystal. I compare all the lore, the physical properties, how I feel, and I consult with spirit. They do not come from memes I have seen or other people’s thoughts. Still, my write-ups are my perception. They should help lead you to yours, even if we aren’t in agreement. By reading my thoughts, you might get a feeling of opposition to something I say. That will be you forming your beliefs. That is you understanding how a crystal resonates with you. My words aren’t to just be agreed with. They are just something to contemplate. The entire goal behind everything I do here is to be an ally for other people as they find their own way “Out of the Void”. I can’t very well do that if I do anything that takes the power out of the hands of the individual – that includes deciding what crystals mean for other people. 

This might seem silly or not significant, but I can tell you that in times of great darkness sometimes the things that help light our way appear insignificant to those on the outside. Learning to trust yourself in those times brings about a strength that can never be taken away from you. That matters to me.

So, with all that said, I ask that you try to not get sucked into marketing schemes. Crystals are little bundles of magic. It isn’t because of something they do exactly; most of the time, it is more that they inspire in us. I want you to think about that next time you come across an intention piece. Maybe it is a bracelet that says protection on it; ask yourself “Why?” Who determines these meanings? What is their logic based on? Most people are reciting information from someone else. Most people are pulling those meanings from the internet and not at all from what they feel or experience. Most of the time, there is no logic behind the meanings. I urge you to follow what draws you and then figure out the why. When I share my thoughts on crystals, share yours back. You never know who your words might inspire. Above all else, always keep your power. Don’t assume someone else knows more than you about spiritual things. We are all equal in this area. I have done many “crystal courses” and read pretty much everything there is to read on the topic, and I can tell you that I don’t know more than you about how a crystal makes you feel. Trust yourself and then find the “why”. 

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