Thoughts From The Void


Do you ever stop and wonder if there is more to the world than what we can see? Do you ever pause and contemplate if spirit is influencing us from behind the scenes? What if there really was a battle between good and evil? What if there is some kind of wager for the souls of humanity? Who would you put your money on? Who would you say is winning right now? These are two tough questions to answer. I would call it a draw, I think. If it goes to a tiebreaker, I am sorry to say but I think evil might win out this time. Right now, they are for sure in the lead. 

There are so many righteous people fighting for the “cause” these days. How could evil ever prevail? Well, that is exactly why I think they would. So many people on the side of the righteous fight for everything that opposed “good”.  It is as though good and evil have been flipped and mashed together. What was once good is now nonexistent. And what was evil has been masquerading as both good and evil. There is simply no real good at the moment. How dreary a thought, I know.   

It is true though. If you think you fight for the side of good right now, check again. Do you listen to your opposition? Do you hold their views with merit? Do you reconcile the differences between what you believe and those who stand against you? Do you evaluate your position to ensure you are fighting for something that helps all people? Are you working to bring people together or vilify your opposition? If good were a real thing, they could see both sides of a story, they could understand their opposition. They would act in a way that helps bring people together. They would find a way to facilitate harmony. In all the debates out there right now, there isn’t a single group doing this. There is no side that is good. There are just many sides of evil. 

Regardless of who wins right now, the only thing that is certain, is that evil prevails. What if we went about our lives believing we were players in a battle between good and evil? Would you choose differently? Would you choose more carefully knowing your soul was on the line? Would you make sure that what you fought for was good for all and not just good for you? Would you work towards peace, or would you fight to prove your opponent is evil? If we conducted ourselves this way, by weighing these options, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation, we might just find ourselves living in a better world than we are occupying today. We might just bring back some good.

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