What is emotional endurance and is it what you are looking for? If you become overwhelmed by emotions, this might be the intention you need. Emotional endurance is sought after when you are feeling too much. Many assign this the label of being an “Empath”, however, we all can become overrun by the chaotic energy emotion can bring. Avoiding emotions or people is not the answer, nor is making yourself a victim with that label of empath; but rather finding a way to acknowledge what we feel and bringing balance to it all is the path to harmony. Emotional endurance might be the intention for you, if you long for emotional stability.

What can crystals do to help? You might be surprised to see just how far a little bit of belief can get you. Often the thing we need most when we seek emotional endurance is awareness of the self. If we are aware of what we feel and why, we can also insert some logic and find compassion for ourselves. Regardless of what your personal beliefs are, the serenity prayer is very much something that aligns with this intention. The serenity to accept what can’t be changed, the courage to change what can be, and the wisdom to know the difference. This is what we must align with if we wish to have emotional harmony. Crystals can help facilitate that connection to our own feelings and why we feel them. Once we can recognize what feelings belong to us, we can release all that does not. The weight of the world can be quite heavy, but it is never for just one person to carry it all.

For more information on the crystals used in each piece, please visit the crystal information page.


Sterling silver, Aquamarine & sapphire

on an 18-inch sterling silver chain



copper, dravite & quartz on an 18-inch cord.



copper, quartz, golden rutilated quartz, heliotrope, garnet on a 23-inch cord



copper, prehnite on a 17.5-inch cord



sterling silver & rhodonite on a silver filled chain with amethyst bead



sterling silver & scapolite on a sterling filled chain and amethyst bead



copper, black tourmaline & shattuckite on a 21.5-inch cord.



copper, aventurine & carnelian on a 21-inch cord.



copper, pyrite, rainbow obsidian & amethyst on a copper chain. Measures 22 inches * adjustable.



copper electroformed feather, blue kyanite, quartz, gold sheen obsidian, unakite, black moonstone, heliotrope, smoky quartz & shungite on a 20.5-inch cord.



jasper, chrysocolla & copper on a 20.25-inch cord



sterling silver & chrysoprase on a sterling filled chain



sterling silver, shungite, fluorite, rutilated quartz, amethyst, iolite, sodalite, mookaite, seraphinite, sunstone, & garnet on sterling chain. Measures 22 inches



Sterling silver & black kyanite on a 19 inch leather cord with sterling findings



black & blue kyanite mixed wrapped with copper on a leather cord



Copper & sodalite on a 17.5-inch leather cord



Copper wrapped green kyanite on a 13-inch leather cord.



Copper, ammonite & blue apatite on a 17-inch leather cord



Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “Path” made from copper, with sodalite accents on 16.5-inch leather cord with iolite accent with an amethyst bead.



Sterling silver, chrysocolla, basalt, abalone shell, labradorite, black tourmaline, gray moonstone, rainbow moonstone & amethyst. 8.75-inches



Sterling silver, hematite, basalt, garnet, silver sheen obsidian & amethyst. 7.5-inches.



Chrysocolla & morganite stainless steel wrap bracelet with sterling silver & amethyst. 13-inches long.



Picture jasper, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye & sandalwood stainless steel wrap bracelet with amethyst and sterling silver. 12.5-inches



Copper & emerald 6.25-inch cuff (Including the gap) $60.00


Chrysocolla, sandalwood, tiger’s eye, amethyst & sterling silver. 8-inches



sterling silver & dravite (brown tourmaline), size 6


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