Thoughts From The Void


There are different ways to define what an ancestor is. No one is right and no one is wrong. This is a topic of spirit and remember, spirit is unprovable. I want you to believe what feels right to you. I will share my perspective on what feels right to me. Some people feel that an ancestor is someone who is no longer living and of direct blood relation to you. Some believe that ancestors are someone who was in your family tree somewhere down the line. Then there are some who take it a little bit further. Some believe an ancestor is not only tied to our physical bodies but to our soul as well.

I entertain the idea of past lives to some degree, and if I am to do that, I can’t ignore the issue with the blood relative only being an ancestor. What about the people who cared for us in a previous life? Our blood relatives from the times before? Do they stop caring about our soul? Was the connection only skin deep? What happens if those blood-related ancestors reincarnate? Is there just no one left in spirit for us? This sort of squint fest happens when we apply logic to spiritual thinking sometimes. For this reason, I do not embrace the idea that an ancestor is someone who is only linked to the physical self. I think there are many in spirit who are tied to us. Many more than we will ever realize. In a way, I feel we are all connected. Ancestors are not an area that brings me a great deal of comfort, but I have a complicated family in the physical world so that could very well be why the idea of loved ones in spirit doesn’t do it for me.

I do not feel that if we reincarnate, we would be the same every time. I would not always be a white female. This would limit the type of experiences I would have. If reincarnation helps our soul to evolve, we would have to experience every walk of life. I also do not believe that time is linear for spirit. The soul I am right now could very well come back and be a part of something that has already happened. Who knows? Not me, that’s for sure. No one can know how it works. Not with certainty anyway. The other thing is, if reincarnation is a thing, I am someone’s ancestor. Can my soul assist someone living right now? These are the places my mind goes when I contemplate ancestors.

I feel that our soul operates with a higher level of efficiency than we do in our physical bodies. The physical world is slow. It is confusing, with many steps required before manifest occurs. Communication takes time and is often misconstrued. Spirit doesn’t seem to be this way. Things are faster. Even communication is different, there is no need for words. Energy communicates our thoughts before they are even really thoughts. There is understanding before articulation. When my soul needs something, it calls out for it. It does this without me trying to do it. It does it even if I try to not do it. Spirit responds. When spirit lends what we need it isn’t usually in slow words. It is with energy. The frequency we lack is provided and we often don’t recognize anything has happened. Spirit does this, but we do this too.

When we come across someone who shares their story and it is a story of struggle, we feel something. Even when we don’t know the person, when the person’s situation will never influence us directly, we feel their pain. When this happens, more often than not, we send them energy. If you are not fully aware of your energy you may not notice you are doing it, but we all do it to some degree. Lending strength, hope, prayers, love, healing, passion; we send the frequency we think the person needs. We do this without trying. Spirit does this with intention.

What if some of those people are linked to us? What if we are their ancestors in some way? Who can say for sure that my soul is not your grandfather from a previous life? If a stranger has pulled on our heartstrings in such a way that our soul calls us to lend them our energy, why would it be so unreasonable to think that perhaps we are connected? There are some people we encounter that we just feel connected to. From my perspective, it is because we have known them before. This resolves many of the issues I came across when forming my beliefs on ancestors. I feel that our soul is more active than we realize. When we sleep, we could be visiting others in their dreams and lending them the support and advice they require; just the same as we could be getting advice from living ancestors and ones in spirit while we are at rest. Our soul is far more aware of spirit than we are in our waking lives.

So, this leaves us with the thinking that many spirits are lending us support and guidance. We are never alone. We don’t always need to understand or even be aware. The energy we need is always present. If we wish to strengthen the connection to spirit and ancestors, we simply have to believe they are there. This is the most difficult step but the most important one. Understanding communication is where many lose faith. We won’t always understand. Spirit isn’t slow like we are. You will not get slow physical world interactions. Spirit is quick and spirit is subtle. A shift in energy, like a breeze that fades as quickly as it comes, this is spirit. It is a feeling, an immediate knowing. This is not something we can always put into slow words. It is personal and it is something the individual has to trust without articulation.

We get caught up I the “who” and the “what the message is”, this is not where we find what we need though. Everyone in spirit we long for is with us – and more. The “who” is irrelevant. The “who” is someone who cares. The “what” is also not as important as we make it. When we lose a loved one, we want a message. We want a slow physical world interaction. We can’t have that. That is no longer how our loved ones communicate. What they do now is far more perfect. Everyone wants to know the message; the message is pretty much always we are not alone. That spirit believes in us. That spirit has our back. That we are loved. To trust what we feel is right. Our loved ones, our ancestors they are with us especially when we feel turmoil -those in spirit and those living. If you want to know what they have to say, pay attention to your energy. The messages are not found in google descriptions of hawks, ravens, and feathers; the answers are already in you. The spirit of our ancestors will lend the energy of intention when you have chaos within. They help to illuminate the path we already know is right. They lend us the backup we need to harness our own strength and guidance.

Whether you like to believe in blood relation ancestors or a more complex version of connection to spirit, our ancestors are there, and they lend us what our soul calls out for. We are never alone. The only thing that separates us now is belief.

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