Thoughts From The Void


Why do children do fire drills in school? Most schools don’t ever catch on fire but still, we prepare our children for the potential fire. We do this because a fire is scary and overwhelming. If you have not been in a fire before you will likely panic. There will be confusion and extreme emotion influencing your behavior and who knows what will happen. This makes sense, right? We prepare for confusing times that will be filled with high emotions that could impede our ability to function properly. There is an event we will all encounter eventually that we do not prepare for. One that is filled with chaos, confusion, fear, and extreme emotions that clouds our judgment. We pretend it isn’t a thing until it blindsides us and we have no choice but to suffer through the turmoil completely unprepared. I am talking about death. Death is unavoidable, it is not like the preparations for the hypothetical fire, it is real, and it comes for us all. While we can’t ever be fully prepared to lose someone we love, we can soften the blow. This is the entire reason for this series of articles “Talking with Spirit”. I will link them here just in case you have not read them yet and would like to.

I have seen so many people fall into despair when they lose a loved one, only the person they care for is not lost at all. They are still right there lending them love and support when possible. Spirit is real and we can ALL communicate with spirit if we choose to. Healing from the death of a loved one is not easy. There is so much that comes to the surface and there is no way to plan for it. Not unlike a fire, we can’t tell exactly how a fire will burn; we can guess, but we aren’t always right. There is always more fuel than we thought. Each interaction we have with someone leaves a bit of energy behind. You might be surprised to find how many bits of energy, how many single moments, are left unaddressed. When someone we love is no longer living, all those moments come to the surface. Amidst all of the confusion, pain, and feelings of overwhelm there is also the realization that there will be no more single moments to add to the list. This is often what many struggle with the most. They can’t heal anything at all because they can’t get past this realization. Not only is the person not someone they will encounter ever again in the physical world, but one day they too will be gone. One day their interactions will also come to an end. This is the natural progression of thoughts that we frantically try to stuff down. These ideas are flawed, they are incomplete. These thoughts are non-truths to me. I feel that in the depths of my soul.

Managing the awful monster that is grief is personal. It will be different for everyone every time they experience it. This we can’t really prepare for. This part we have to just go with the flow and be kind to ourselves. We have to have faith and patience. The part we can prepare for is the idea that we will never again encounter our loved ones. This, I feel, is simply not true. How we encounter them is all that has changed, but we know their energy; if we love them, we share a bond, we know and can recognize their energy. Belief is what we lack.

By embracing our clair-senses and learning to manage our own energy, we also provide ourselves with the greatest tool for coping with loss. Spirit is our best ally when navigating grief and chaos. If we learn to communicate with spirit, we take away the major pain we encounter when someone dies. We lose that feeling that we will never interact with them again because we can feel them, and we can feel their support. It is different but we gain great comfort in knowing they are still available to us. We also can heal faster because they can lend the energy needed while we address those unresolved moments we reflect on.

How do we get there? How do we learn to talk with spirit? We don’t need to learn how, we already do it naturally. We have to learn to be aware and we must believe. That is much more difficult than it sounds. I have been working up to this series for quite some time now. I have shared information about the clair-senses, managing energy, reading energy, divination, astral travel, and dreams. All of the “how-to” information is subjective and all anyone needs is their own self. If you want to prepare yourself to better understand spirit, you must let go of how you think spirit will talk to you. You can have no preconceived notions or ideas. You can’t hope for it to be any certain way. You have to let go, be still, and embrace what is. The best place I have found we can start is our own energy. If we learn to manage our energy, we also can recognize when something is influencing it – good or bad. The answer for us all might be different, but we each hold that answer. Pay attention to how you feel and build up from there.

Not everyone will see apparitions or hear spirit in clear words. Those things are not necessary. They are not the most valuable thing either. The answers we seek lie in the energy. Energy will feel like something. Not just emotions but an overall feeling. Spirit utilizes all of the clair-senses to communicate. Learn how yours manifest and you will better understand what spirit is saying to you.

This is one of those “practice makes perfect” scenarios. If we engage in energy management and interpretation when we don’t need it, we will be best prepared when the time comes that we do. That time will come and there is no substitute for experience here. When people come to me in the depths of despair asking for a connection to whoever it is that they have lost, I always tell them the same thing: the connection they seek is already present. Unfortunately, they can’t see it because they are already in a state of panic and turmoil. Spirit is a topic that is difficult to process. I feel it is best to find your understanding when you don’t need it. This takes the urgency out of things and the entire process of understanding becomes much less daunting.

I hope that this series will shed some light so that others might begin instating some fire drills of their own. You don’t need to spend all day talking to spirit. You don’t need to talk at all. I do recommend people take the time to become familiar with their own selves. Learn what your energy feels like. Learn how others influence it. Learn how you feel when you are in the company of people you care for. Learn how your clair-senses manifest and then should the time come when you need spirit, you will realize your connection to spirit has been there all along.

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