Thoughts From The Void


Various cultures approach the veneration of ancestors in very different ways. What we believe happens when we are no longer living is something people don’t quite agree on. I find there is beauty in all beliefs, but I prefer to keep things simple in my own practice. I feel one of the best ways we can connect to and honor those we love in spirit is to simply talk about them. Tell their stories, share our feelings, declare that we still love them. This seems too basic to actually be a thing that connects us to spirit, but I believe all energy has a frequency and spirit is energy. If you align yourself with a frequency you shared with loved ones, we strengthen our connection to them. Just by thinking of someone we connect to their energy. This does not change when we don’t have a physical body.

If there is someone in spirit you long to connect with, sometimes the best way to feel them is to remember them. They will know you are thinking of them regardless of the story; but if you find a story that you can recall in great detail, you just might help yourself overcome a huge roadblock the living tends to create for themselves. The preconceived notion is the biggest challenge we have when it comes to spirit – at least that is my experience. People want a message. People want a physical world sign. Spirit can’t be physical. It just can’t happen. While I believe just about anything is possible, there are laws that simply are too unreasonable to be broken. We can’t expect spirit to be like us, we can’t demand they communicate like they used to. We get stuck on this idea, and we miss what is right inside of us all along.


We don’t need to do anything special to communicate, we don’t need anyone who is chosen; our loved ones might not have a body, but we are spirit!

We already connect to people on an energetic level all the time. This we do without training, acknowledgment, or even belief. We just instinctually know how to do it. We only need to become aware of what we have done our entire existence. Just like we can become aware of our breathing, we can become aware of energy. If you learn to center, ground, shield, circulate energy & cut cords, and self-heal; we then know energy. We understand that we might not have all the answers, but we can use all aspects of communication.

Once you have mastered managing your energy, try to intentionally talk about your loved ones. Silence your mind, sit somewhere you feel safe and inspired, then tell your stories. This might feel odd at first because we frown upon talking to ourselves, but we are not talking to ourselves we are talking with spirit. Belief is imperative here. We are treating this no different than prayer, meditation, or any other form of spiritual practice. The moment we are done, we are no longer talking to spirit. We will bring our awareness back to the physical, but this story time will be a release and connection moment. We must be fully present and put all our faith into our ability to achieve a connection.

Once you begin to tell your story, just be still. Pay attention to how you feel. You must release what you want to happen, what you think will happen. You have to let go of it all. Trust and faith are what we need if we wish to gain comfort from our loved ones in spirit. Those in spirit who care for us will never do anything to cause us distress. They can often see the bigger picture that we can’t comprehend. So, we may want to see them, but in reality, if we were to see them it might cause us emotional distress that changes who we are and our ability to return to and function in the physical world. Spirit that is for us will NEVER do this to us. Not without just cause. This is why we must let go of what we want to happen. We have to trust that spirit is present, spirit will lend us what we need, but spirit who loves us is not going to cause us distress.

There is a shared frequency we experience with people. That “in love” feeling, mutual frustration, adoration, respect, whatever it might be; every story has a moment like that in it where our frequencies align. We might think it is one thing, I urge you to let that knowing go. Just remember every detail and allow yourself to be present in the story. Expect nothing. We will know it when we feel it. Just tell the story. Remember what it felt like to live it. When we get to that shared frequency part of our story, it can become amplified. It might be something that feels like it almost surrounds us. A noticeable shift in energy that makes you feel like you are not alone. If you feel this, this is the type of communication we are looking for. This is how spirit talks. Yes, our clair-senses can pick up lots of other more descriptive bits of information, but I like the simple way. A frequency will not lie. You can’t mistake a feeling.

What we want from our loved ones is a connection, to feel their presence. We might tell ourselves we want words but what words would really be sufficient? None. There are no words that could ever lend what we need. What we truly desire is to know our loved ones are not gone. That they are with us. This will be best conveyed with feelings – with energy. The frequency of intention will hold the guidance and comfort we seek every single time.

If your mother doesn’t agree with your choices, she doesn’t have to say a word. You just can feel it. If your father is proud of you but perhaps he is not the expressive type, you can feel it even if he can’t articulate it. We can absolutely understand each other without the use of spoken word. We can feel the energy of intention if we allow ourselves to. Communication with spirit is a time to utilize these skills. We can’t expect spirit to become physical but we are spirit, so we already know how to communicate “their” way.

Communication with spirit is usually subtle. One of the best places to start is the recognition of the energy of spirit. Your loved ones will feel like those shared frequencies in your stories. If you take the time to simply remember them, you might discover that they have never left you. Spirit is always with us, especially when we really need their support. If there is someone you wish to feel closer to, perhaps let go of how you want that connection to come and just tell some stories. Spirit will find the way that is best to let you know they are with you. All you have to do is believe.  

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