Thoughts From The Void

We all can and do communicate with spirit. Some seek answers to life’s mysteries or guidance for every day life; but the real benefit to learning how to communicate with spirit comes when we face the end of life. Death is something we all face eventually and the loss of a loved one can be devastating. One way to soften the blow is to have a connection to spirit and understand your own way to communicate with those who don’t live in the physical world.

Below you will find a series of articles that might help to get you started on your path to finding your way of communicating with spirit.

*This post is under construction. All articles in this series should be uploaded by the end of the month.

Part One – Balance
Part Three – Spirit Guides
Part Five – In The Darkness
Part Seven – Practive Makes Perfect
Part Two – Of the Light
Part Four – There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Part Six – Ancestors
Part Eight – Remembering Spirit

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