Thoughts From The Void


The age-old concept of good vs evil is something that many find themselves embracing on some level. Sometimes the ideas we discuss regarding this ever-present war, are not in alignment with the idea of balance. Some believe that good always wins, or that balance is good prevailing. The notion that things will work out because there is balance is flawed. Things can go either way because there is a balance to this world. The scales tip in either direction, in a constant struggle for balance. Balance is not something that is always achieved, it is something the world strives for.

If we think of a scale, the kind where we weigh one object against the weight of another, each side must be in perfect equivalent shares for the sides of the scale to be at rest and level. This is not usually instantaneous. When we place objects on this type of scale, the objects are set in motion and the sides float up and down until they find a resting place. Until the force behind them settles. Once settled, we can then determine which side holds more weight. Then, if we wish to make them equal, we make adjustments as needed. From my perception, this is exactly how things work on an energetic level.

There is always more good or evil to be added to any scenario. The particular amount of each in every situation or every individual battle, varies. These measurements are not always in equal proportions. In some battles good prevails and others evil wins out. The war continues on either way. This war is the struggle for balance and if there is balance, neither side can be truly victorious. This is the issue I hold when it comes to believing good always wins. This opposes the idea of balance. Good does not always win. Good is not all-powerful. There is an immeasurable amount of both forces available to our world and how we decide to apply our energy often dictates how our scales are adjusted.

Many people do not like this way of thinking. This notion can be scary to some. The idea that the evils we encounter or “imagine” could overpower the positive, is frightening to many. The truth is this does happen. We see this in our world every single day. We also can find examples of tremendous good for the sake of good. On an individual level, sometimes it seems one side is in control. One side is more powerful. However, if we look at the bigger picture and see all of the individual battles, we find there is far more balance than we previously thought.

We hold power here; we are not helpless. Once the momentum of a particular battle slows, we can pause to see which side holds more energy on our individual scale. If there is a heavy load of “evil” influencing a situation, sometimes we must apply more force to the opposing scale. Change how we participate. If we add more of the same energy to a situation, we will get more of the same results. If we change and add energy to the opposing scale, we might just find that balance that the world is ever questing to find.

Neither good or evil is stronger or better. They are equal and both are needed. We get to choose what we align with and how much of each we contribute to our own scales. As we engage with spirit, it can be helpful to remember that there is a scale, and all spirit finds itself contributing to one side or another at any given time. This doesn’t mean anything is all evil or all good. It just means everything is capable of both.


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