Thoughts From The Void

What happens when we die? I know this sounds a bit morbid and not what anyone prefers to think about, but that is exactly why I wanted to discuss some thoughts about this topic. Many cultures are taught to fear death. It is implied that death is the end and that is it. It’s the great unknown. Not every culture has this relationship with death, some have a more uplifting approach to this very mysterious and unavoidable life occurrence. 

No one can know for sure what happens. Even those who have really cultivated their mediumship skills do not find agreement on the finer details surrounding this topic. All we can do is put our experiences out there and have faith in what resonates most with us. Even if what resonates with us is not what anyone else claims to be true. No one knows for sure, and I can’t stress that enough. Differences in opinions here do not contest personal beliefs – they can add to them though, if we can keep an open mind.

What about Heaven?

An example of this misalignment of beliefs, is the concept of Heaven. From where I sit, I see many flaws in this belief. It just does not resonate with me as it is depicted. Is there an ultimate place we can go and be in harmony and peace? I think there likely is something close to that, however, I do not think we could ever reside in such a place if there is turmoil within our soul. If you are at peace, everywhere you are would be like a Heaven. If you are not at peace, then even Heaven would be unpleasant for you. 

The other issue I have with the idea of this place we go, is the separation it implies. Some believe all things are energy with different frequencies; and all “dimensions” are not some far-off places to travel to, but rather all here layered upon one another. This idea of dimensions is something science, real science, studies every day. I am not a scientist though; I am a medium so I will stick to talking about what I know better. When we make it seem like Heaven is somewhere up in the clouds far away, it puts those we love and care for who have passed, very far away in some inconceivable place. This amplifies a feeling of loss in a way that feels unnecessary to me. Mostly because it isn’t the only thing people believe happens when we are no longer in our physical bodies. More importantly, my experiences don’t align at all with this idea of separation. 

There is always another way of thinking.

What if we embraced a different way of thinking? Some teach a contrasting concept and have a healthy relationship with death. There is no real fear, much less loss, and more appreciation when the end of physical life occurs. This is something I prefer to embrace because it just makes more sense to me. If it strikes you in a bad way, please disregard it because my beliefs are not here to contest yours. I only wish to add a level of comfort that perhaps might be otherwise lacking for some. The day will come when grief hits us hard. On that day, this alternative way of thinking might just help to relieve some of the pain we feel.

There is no greater comfort than trusting you already communicate with spirit.

The number one reason people contact a medium is to get in touch with a loved one who is no longer living a physical life. Pretty much every time there is desperation on the part of the seeker. They are hurting and in need of feeling like the person they care for is not gone forever. They want an interaction that is similar to how they knew their loved one when they were alive. Right here is the reason I write this post. This breaks my heart to see over and over. It is a pain we inflict on each other due to incomplete beliefs (my opinion). All too often, when people ask me to try to contact their loved one, the person in question is right with them the entire time. We are taught to ignore the subtle changes in our environment and our clair-senses, so we don’t always recognize spirit when they interact with us. When this time finally comes, when we seek a loved one in spirit, we now are expecting a physical interaction or even a Hollywood version of how it goes when you encounter spirit. This is just not my experience at all. Spirit is in the little things we ignore all day every day. Those clair-senses I wrote about are what pick up on the messages from spirit. They are gentle, subtle, and easy to ignore most times. If you want to find spirit, begin by cultivating those senses. 

Interaction with spirit is personal – not one size fits all.

Now, this is a tough area because it is different for everyone. Spirit is personal. I have spoken with many mediums and how each interacts with spirit differs. I feel this isn’t something you can try to do like anyone else does. If your experience mirrors the experience of another, I would question the root of the experience. There is a lot going on in the spirit world, more than we can really comprehend. I can say that just like people are good and not so good, what we find in spirit is just the same. Then there is human error to consider. Discernment is key here. With that said, I believe all people can communicate with spirit on some level. It is part of us, like our normal senses. Have you ever seen one of those wine tasters? They can swirl their wine and then tell you all of the things that are in it. Not everyone has cultivated their senses in such a way that allows for this level of identification. This is the same concept as a medium having an easier time understanding what spirit has to say. Some practice this skill and train themselves to better recognize and understand spirit. Some are “blessed” with the ability to see, hear, understand, and interact with the spirit world just the same as they can the physical. These people (I believe) require this and are not special. I do not believe they are put here to do some great good, I believe they require that connection to spirit for their own soul’s growth. I say that not as an insult, it is just my own assessment based on my own experiences. I know I require the connection to spirit in this way. I am a bit stubborn and refuse to learn my lessons without that close connection to spirit. If my belief doesn’t resonate with you, again, it is okay to just let it roll off you. 

We all have equal access to spirit, and no one is more special than anyone else in this area.

This is a really important part of the pre-set beliefs I would like to dissolve. Jumping back to the person who seeks a medium to contact a loved one; what if they believed they were capable of communication? What if it wasn’t trained out of them from a young age? What if they didn’t believe they required the medium to communicate but rather to help interpret. This is always what I try for when people come to me. I want to know what they are picking up. The messages they do not understand need clarity. I want to validate what they already know because I know they are capable, and spirit is telling me the person only lacks belief. I don’t want “repeat customers”. I want others to find comfort all the time, not just when someone tells them what they want to hear. That comfort only comes when we discover we can communicate with spirit ourselves. The messages we need from spirit are the little things. Like the feeling of comfort we feel when we go home. It’s a feeling, not an action or physical thing. The warmth and lightness we experience when near a loved one. This is how they communicate most of the time -through frequency shifts. That gentle nudge that says, “I’m with you and you’ve got this.”, that is spirit. I want to help the hurting people find their own way of communication with their loved ones so that they don’t require an outside source. 

It is no different than communication with the living in that
our clearest understanding comes when we communicate directly with each other.

What if every time you were wanting to talk to a living relative, you had to call someone else, leave your messages with them and wait for a reply. This other person would call your relative for you and then relay what they had to say back. Would this be a reasonable action for the living? To me, it is not a reasonable action when we are dealing with the dead. We can all communicate with our loved ones, and I can tell you one thing I believe for sure; they would prefer to talk directly to those they care for. This doesn’t make the medium obsolete, it just changes the role a bit and puts the power back in the hands of the person in pain. I will pause to say again, my beliefs do not have to be yours. There are many great mediums out there who provide comfort in times of distress. I just prefer a different path to healing for this particular application. 

We communicate with more than just words.

If we embrace a different understanding of energy and the depth of communication we as people experience every day, when the time comes and we need communication from spirit, we will recognize it far more easily. When we communicate with living people there is energy being exchanged. Pay attention to that energy, learn to recognize the shifts. When we begin to strengthen the connection we have to our clair-senses, we notice the little things that come along with our physical interactions. There are so many little things! When we notice this “in-between” stuff, we can then learn to catalog it in a way that helps us to understand the energy being exchanged, even when no one is physically around you.

We are all connected.

Some believe when we even think about others, we create an energetic cord that connects us to one another. I believe this happens if we are living or not. This is why I feel we can all communicate with spirit all the time. When we think of those loved ones that have passed, we likely are harnessing a lot of emotional energy as well and it would be hard to ignore. We are creating a powerful connection to someone’s energy. Spirit has not shut down this form of communication like we have here, so they would likely recognize it right away when it happens. If we see it like this, all we need to do to find our loved ones, is think about them. More often than not, they will lend us the energy that best suits as at that moment – even if they don’t get credit for the support.

Spirit is always around us.

The response from spirit will always be there, we just might be expecting something more physical. If we shift that expectation, all of the support we need is always right where we are. When it comes to communication with spirit, I have found that when you don’t expect anything at all but instead expect nothing and simply recognize those little in-between things that might occur; this is where we find the most profound interactions with spirit. These will always be things we can’t explain or articulate in a way that makes sense to anyone who didn’t experience it. This is why spirit is not agreed upon, there are simply no words that do it justice. Find your own understanding of energy and cultivate your own clair-senses and you will stumble upon your own way of communicating with spirit.

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