Thoughts From The Void

System of Cartomancy

Cartomancy is the art of using cards for the purpose of divination. There are many different methods and systems involving cards that have been used over the years. While the tarot might be the most popular now, most of the oracle cards we use today originated from cards that were used for entertainment or storytelling a long time ago. 

The Lenormand system is named after Marie Lenormand who was the most famous French psychic of the Napoleonic era. She used a standard deck of French playing cards paired with tasseomancy, and she never actually practiced with the cards that carry her name today. The origin of today’s Lenormand system is linked to the “Game of Hope” and “The diversions of the Court of Vienna”. This system is unique in that it is very direct with each card holding specific timings and keywords. The cards are used to form sentences and provide insight and clarity into the past, present, and future. For example, if you pull two cards the first will be the subject and the second will give details about the subject. If coffin (end) is your first card and clouds (confusion) is your second, you could read it as “the end of confusion”. 

You can use as many cards as you like. One card might be the trend of the day, where you might find the answer to something on your mind, or even something to be mindful of. Five cards together might paint a picture of a situation in depth. With the second card describing the first, then the second card would become the subject and the third card would describe it and so on. All the way up to the Grand Tableau which utilizes all of the cards in the deck.

As with any system of divination you could make it as simple or in-depth as you choose. You are only limited by your own imagination and inspiration. Below you will find the key details of each of the 36 cards. 

You will find there is an extra card in my deck. While drawing them, I “accidentally” made two of the “woman” card. I do not believe there are any accidents while working with spirit, so I use this card to symbolize all things associated with creation, “goddess energy”, the number 2, feminine energy, any significant messages from spirit, and the keywords on the card. If unsure how to gain a message from spirit – pause and reflect on the first thing that comes to mind when you wonder what the card means. Don’t try too hard, just notice what pops into your mind or your surroundings.

*These cards are my personal artwork and copyright material. I do not authorize any duplication or replication of the images or text you find here.

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