Thoughts From The Void

Whether we are practicing divination, interpreting dreams, or trying to make sense out of something that feels like something – but doesn’t make much sense; many people turn to symbolism. The internet is full of information that tells us exactly what our dreams mean, the significance of every animal, and then there are things like “angel numbers”. The trouble is, who wrote that information? Where did they get their ideas from? What makes someone else the authority of our personal experiences? This is my issue with symbolism. 

Let’s compare this to how we see colors. When I see the color red, is it exactly the same as the red you see? Not likely. There are numerous studies on this idea of perception and how everyone’s interpretation of color might be different. This I find is true for symbolism as well. What a butterfly means to me, I am very sure it doesn’t mean for you. The beauty of this shift in how we go about interpreting symbolism, is that we already have all the answers we need. We take the power out of someone else’s hands and place it in our own. Someone else’s experiences may be helpful for us, but they are still someone else’s experiences. 

If we feel we have had an “interaction” with spirit, or the universe is sending us a message; why do we think we must turn to someone else to tell us what it means?

We have the answers! 

If you want to figure out what something means, maybe a good place to begin is by asking yourself what it means to you? How did it make you feel? What do you think it means? Your insight holds just as much weight as anyone else’s, and it is even more valid when the “message” in question pertains to your own self.

Should we toss all predetermined symbolism to the curb? I don’t think so. It holds value when we encounter something that maybe we don’t have a comprehensive understanding of. I find that when I do not have a “meaning” assigned to an animal, for example, I will think about their physical qualities and how they conduct themselves in the world. If this does not give me clues as to what I can take away from the experience, then I might google the “symbolism” to see what others have to say. I do not take that as gospel. It just gets factored into my own interpretation. I have noticed this is typically where I find my answers. By blending the physical, with the experience of others, and see how it fits into what I am experiencing in that particular moment; I discover what guidance the energy has to offer. 

I could see a deer doing something very significant one day, but then a month later another deer could mean something totally different. Both deer could not mean the same thing. They are different. I am different. Maybe the first deer I was excited about something, but the second deer I was afraid. Each moment needs to be accounted for. This is why I do not feel we can just refer to a list and say it is so. The moment the experience occurred is the most valuable influencer to the message. This must weigh more heavily than all other contributing thoughts. Spirit chose that moment to interact, so that moment holds the message – not google. 

We are the key that unlocks the truth.

Yes, so many things can help us get to the understanding we need, but we are the key that unlocks the truth. We already own the message. When we encounter an event that seems like it means something, but we don’t know what at first, some tips can help us trust that we know the answer. Be it weird animal behavior, smells, dreams, or thoughts of passed loved ones; the answers we need are hidden in our own experiences. Think of it this way, would you speak Chinese to someone who doesn’t know the language and expect them to understand you? Not likely. Spirit knows how to communicate with us. It is us that doesn’t trust that we know how. If spirit has a message for us, it will deliver it in a way we can interpret. More often than not, the answer can be found through a comparison of previous experiences. 

It is also worth mentioning that what we are looking for as a message is not typically going to be what we get. Things like “Your path is to become a lawyer.” are not going to be the type of messages we receive. Spirit participates in free will from my experience, and statements that tell us what to do interfere with our free will. Any messages that influence our choices or tell us what to do; are often not from a source that has our best interests. Perhaps there is a suggestion as to the path that best aligns with who we are, but those seem to have a tone of “You already know the best path” as opposed to “You should do this.” Regardless of what our “messages” might be, we have the final say. 

If you have an experience you wish to interpret, perhaps try the following.  

Write it down.

Write down the experience in detail. Do this as though it is happening now. Every detail matters. The colors, the textures, the feelings, the smells, the thoughts, anything that you can recall; write it as though it is happening right now. 

Take a moment to read what you have written as though it is a story. Like watching a movie. Take note of anything that stands out to you. 

Ask yourself some questions:

~How did the experience make me feel?

~How do I feel now about the experience?

Positive or negative feelings do not dictate evil or good spirit interaction. Both can provide whatever feeling it is that needs to be conveyed. This is a huge misconception so assume nothing in that area. The who isn’t always as important as we try to make it. 

What has been on my mind? 

Think about your life right now, is anything weighing heavy? Is there doubt, conflict, drama, or big choices going on? Odds are, if spirit is lending guidance it pertains to something in your actual life. This is why others can’t give you your answers as effectively as you can.

Is there anything that stands out from the experience that I can compare to something from my past?  

This is often where the connection lies. Be it a bird, a flower, or a person; think of your previous experiences with the “thing” in question and keep that in the back of your mind as you proceed. 

What can I learn?

We almost always have something we can learn. Not some profound universal secret either. Small bits of personal growth are what we are talking about here. Could I maybe look at what has been on my mind differently? Am I influencing my situation in a negative way? This line of thinking falls under this question. Sometimes the thing to learn, is that we are enough. That we have the power to face our challenges. 

What can I change? 

This is a big one! Be honest, there are no victims when we are assessing our messages. Be accountable and think about what you can change to bring resolution to whatever it is that was is on your mind. 

What did the experience mean to me? 

This is where we go most wrong, I feel. We look for everyone else to tell us how we should feel about our interaction with spirit. We need to decide what it means to us. This is a moment of personal power. We are not less than spirit, we are of spirit, and we have the right to decide how we feel about our interactions with spirit. No one is more qualified to understand your experience than you. So, ask yourself what it means to you and if you struggle here, think of it as a real-world physical experience. If you encounter a living human and you have an interaction with them, do you consult others to tell you how you should feel about it? Or do you quickly assess the situation and make up your mind? Read your experience again. As you read the words you have written, treat it not as something mystical, but like a normal human interaction. What do you make of it? Compare all of the previous answers. Be honest, this is important. If you try to make it something, then you are missing the message. 

The answer is inside of us.

These experiences are rarely ever about the other people we share this world with. They are almost always about us and our inner conflict. If you get to this point and are really unsure of what to make of it. That is okay. Turn where you think you should for answers. Spirit is with you and when you can’t get to the answer you need, guidance is typically offered. At this point is when I would consult google or books to determine symbolism. I might read a few different ideas and see what feels right to me. I also will follow the path of anything that seems like it hits me in the belly. I might have seen a deer, but the deer was eating berries. I could follow the path of the berries, why they grow, etc. Or it could be the deer’s reaction to me noticing it. Follow where you feel you should go. What seems interesting to you. Anything that gives me the feeling of interest, I follow. I do not take anything as the absolute truth, but everything I read at this point will be a contributing factor. Once I have followed a line of thinking, I compare it to my life. Is there something I have just thought about that could apply somehow to what has been on my mind?

The deer was eating berries but then became afraid and ran when it saw me. Berries hold seeds. Seeds grow things. Eating is needed to survive. The deer was taking in something that it needed to grow but ran away out of fear even though I would not have hurt it. Compare this to my life. Is there an area in my life now that I might be running in fear from but, if I didn’t run it could help me grow? That comparison wasn’t some magical mystical thing, it was just a bit of thinking. The magic happened when my attention was brought to the deer in the first place. The rest is up to me.

Consulting others can be both helpful and hurtful. If you do not own a strong sense of self, then you will likely miss the entire message. Even an experienced medium can be wrong. We are all just people. Our current lives and situations can influence our frequency and as such, our ability to remain impartial. This happens often without anyone even realizing it. This does not mean the contributions of others is invalid. It just means we must be able to value our own word above the influence of others if we wish to determine our own messages. 

Once I feel I have read or consulted enough, I go back and ask my questions again. At this time, I have my answer- accepting it is usually where the trouble is.

It is okay to let it go.

If at any point determining your “messages’ becomes distressing, let it go. If it is important, spirit will find a way. Spirit that has your best interests will NEVER cause you distress in this way. Our focus must remain on the physical world, so if we begin obsessing over things in the energetic- it develops into an issue. If something does not promote support, balance, healing, and growth; it is likely best to ignore it. We are under no obligation to understand anything. If it is important, it will become unavoidable. 

Above all else, know you have the ability to understand your own experiences. Getting help from outside sources is great but know without question we are always enough just as we are.

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