Thoughts From The Void

If we take a look at pretty much any culture or system of belief, we will find the lore of some kind of special or significant tree. From The Tree of Knowledge to Yggdrasil, the tree has long dug its roots into many foundational spiritual beliefs. This is logical just from their immense physical presence they have in our world. With their life-giving qualities and their ability to withstand the tests of time, it makes sense that we hold the tree in such high regard within our various beliefs as humans. Just as our physical trees have many variations, so too do our spiritual trees. I am of the opinion that all of the mystical trees exist in some fashion. While they all hold variances, they all share similarities as well. In these similarities is where we find the energy and meaning of the tree.

While I enjoy all lore about everything, trees included, there is one tree in particular that I feel embodies the energy I associate with the tree. So put on your imagination cap and come with me a moment. Imagine a tree immense in stature standing all on its own. It is not attached to any Earth, just owning its own space amongst the stars. There is no way to tell how large this tree is as there is nothing to compare it to. This makes its size beyond comprehension. The tree has branches of various sizes, and they all seem perfectly placed. Below is a raging river ever flowing from an unknown source to the hollowed-out center at the base of the tree. This water goes into the tree and becomes a waterfall flowing water past the roots and into the cosmos until it just dissipates into seemingly nothing.

Take your eyes up the tree now and upon each limb we find various doors. Behind each of those doors is another world, all different from one another yet all linked to the same source. These worlds are teeming with life, blissfully unaware of each other’s existence. They pay no mind to the tremendous tree and all its splendor. For the most part, each world just remains focused on that which they can see around them even though all that separates them is a tiny door.

Everything the tree lends can be found in the brief description of this particular tree. The energy that is beyond comprehension, that of change and transformation, release, cleansing, strength, the interconnected nature of all things, the tree is a symbol that we are all one – even when we don’t see it. A symbol of knowledge because what one knows we all can know. Experiences of lifetimes buried within its roots. In my opinion, the tree is the connection to spirit and all things as its roots reach into the depths of the earth while its branches tower to the heavens – connecting all things in between.

Associated with grounding due to its innate ability to bring one to the present and mimic the stillness and stability that the tree resonates with. Even when the rivers rage below the surface, the tree stands tall and firm in its position. That ability to transmute that which brings us turmoil so that we can find grace, lies within the energy the tree holds.

Regardless of which spiritual tree you resonate most with, I think we can all appreciate the power, strength, and stability the tree has to lend us.

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