Thoughts From The Void

If you have been to the beach then you have likely found yourself some treasure of the sea, also known as seashells. What is a shell really though? They are hard, protective exoskeletons of mollusks. In other words, they are self-made protection for their soft little bodies.

Shells are the epitome of self-reliance, determination, ingenuity, and protection. “What’s that? I have a squishy delicious body. Hang on a second while I grow myself a thick non delicious outer defense.” That right there is self-sufficiency at its finest!

Shells are pretty close to perfection. They are strong, beautiful and then there is the mind-blowing mathematical precision (go ahead and compare a Nautilus to the Fibonacci spiral) There is nothing random about a shell’s makeup and that in itself is something to be in awe over.

Shells also signify luck, prosperity, and abundance. In the past, they have been used as currency and some cultures relied entirely on the sea for sustenance. As far as luck goes, even though there are many seashells it is nearly impossible to find one without having that “oh I found a shell” reaction. As though luck was shining on you for that moment and gave you this tiny treasure.

While each different type carries different strengths all shells will embody all that is listed here. Strength, protection, luck, abundance, and self-reliance just to name a few of the key points. However, I do not think anyone needs any real reason to enjoy the magic of seashells. Even without any back story, lore or knowledge it is hard to deny the magic contained within these tiny treasures of the sea.

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