Thoughts From The Void

This symbol always perplexed me because it seemed to be called the very thing it was intended to defend against. Not only that, but it can also be used to send out the energy many feel it wards against. That said, the evil eye is a concept that dates back to antiquity. One of the oldest known beliefs is that people had the ability to harm others through nothing more than a gaze. Sometimes this was done intentionally and other times without awareness. Either way, many believe the harmful glare of some could curse another causing misfortune, distress, or even injury.

 A form of apotropaic magic used to defend against such evil glances was the use of a talisman or amulet in the likeness of an eye that could reflect the harmful intentions of another back to the originating source. Whether the malice was sent due to jealousy or spite, with intention or without awareness; the evil eye has been used to provide protection from the “evil eye” since the dawn of civilization.

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