Thoughts From The Void

Arguably one of the most divisive symbols known to man, the cross holds many misconceptions. Some shy away from it altogether, while some claim ownership of it. Regardless of the meaning you associate with it; the cross belongs to no one and everyone.

Aligned with the number four, the square, and the cube; the cross transcends spiritual beliefs because it is born out of sacred geometry. People can’t claim ownership of numbers. I mean, they can try, but the idea is kind of silly.

If we fold the cross, we get the cube. Through the lens of sacred geometry, the cube is thought to represent the physical world we live in. Associated with stability and enduring power, the cross is a symbol of profound strength and has been used by multiple systems of belief.

To understand the cross, think of the cube. Unlike a sphere it is unyielding, it will not roll or shift position. Unlike the pyramid, which is also known for its stability, the flat surfaces allow you to build one upon another. We can create and bond many cubes to create a larger surface to build upon. If we were to stand within a cube we could harmoniously align with others without confusion as everyone would have their own space, while no space is wasted between us. This is a strange thought I know, but these qualities all lie within the cross.

When we unfold that cube, we expand that energy of strength, stability, creation, protection, and harmony. We connect with each other while still maintaining who we are. This is where the energy of the cross can be found.

To better understand how this and other sacred geometry symbols work, please read the Creation – through the lens of sacred geometry article that can be found here.

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