Thoughts From The Void

Reincarnation finds its way into many systems of belief. This statement might be heavily contested by some; but I think the definition of the word is what is in question and debated, not so much the belief that there is something more. From resurrection, the transmigration of souls, and the idea that the soul comes back to a new body when ready; all find their way into the idea of reincarnation. All of which find themselves in the major religions and belief systems of the world. This is a tricky topic! It provokes some interesting discussions though. 

The past life is something of a “trendy” concept at times. Some will believe they were a certain kind of something due to psychic readings, personal experiences, or gut feelings. My experiences lend an alternative perspective, one that is for sure incomplete. 

When I began my “spiritual” journey, the past life was an area of great interest to the people I was friends with at the time. The idea that our past lives held great secrets pertaining to our current self, is a common belief. Early on, I embraced these ideas and for me personally, it did me no good. Visions and experiences with spirit are not always what they seem. There is so much more at play than what we can comprehend at all times when we interact with spirit. We understand what we need to, we take in what makes sense. What we “see” is often an illusion, but it is an illusion to help us gain insight.  

Many people will experience visions or “dreams” that provide “flashbacks” to past life experiences. These experiences reveal patterns in their current life that they need to address. These memories are so real, and most of the time they are intended to help us. With that said, the true nature of them is up for debate.  

No one can refute or contest a personal experience.

Now, before I say another word, let me clarify something. I am not saying that past life experiences, be it from a reader or a vision, are not authentic. I am saying there is more than we can ever comprehend, so the truth is – I don’t know. No one can know. I think these experiences can be tremendously helpful and an integral part of deep spiritual healing. I, however, try to base my beliefs on what makes sense to me. If there is a part of something that makes me squint, I can’t ignore it. Past lives are this way for me. It is not that I don’t believe it is possible, it is that I believe the understanding of them lacks depth. There are flaws in the “plot” for me.

Do we fully understand all there is to know about time?

First, let’s look at time. The idea that time is not linear is one of my biggest squinting factors when it comes to the idea of past lives. What does this mean? What was time before we invented the measurement of it. If we take away the comparative beginning and endpoints, measurable time is not so much a thing. When we begin to travel this road of thinking, we get to a point of confusion. This is because nonlinear time is beyond our conception. If we tiptoe these waters, we can get to the idea that there are many potential realities. The world we know is this way because it is how we quantify it. It is what makes sense as a collective people. If you experience enough in the spiritual world, you see that anything is possible, and this makes it difficult to believe there is any set way things “are”. The possibilities are endless.

What if time is simply not a thing how we see it; and all of those “past lives” we believe we have had, are all happening right now. How could that be? That is a dumb idea, right? Well, not so much. Do you know where your consciousness goes when you sleep? Does it just turn off? If you recall enough from your “dreams” you might see that there is a whole world you experience while your conscious mind rests. Who says there is not more? Who says that what you experience when you wake is not really the dream? If you recall enough, you find the two experiences of waking and sleep, both feel real. This is an impossible possibility. Yet, this is something I know many have experienced. This causes me to question what we call reality – which is a dangerous path to travel. This is why I lessened my belief in the concept of past lives. It can cause us to warp the current universal reality and even diminish our current experiences.  

The “now” is what matters most.

Ever since I was young, I would feel this feeling of lack when I could not experience certain things I wanted. Now, I am not talking about toys or vacations; I am talking the basic human things like love and security. There was a certain detachment I felt when my reality became unpleasantly complicated. There was always a feeling of “Next time will be better.” to which the response I always heard was “You only get this one.” Now, it wasn’t until recently I accepted this other voice was spirit. I always just thought it was part of my conscience or something of that nature. This message has been unyielding since childhood. In these recent years when I embraced the idea of past lives, I also embraced the idea that; if I don’t get to do something in this life, I will just do it in the next. This made it okay to not try. This made it okay to accept defeat. To take more pain than I should because next time it will be better. Again, I was told quite firmly:

“We only get this one.” 

This very clear message from spirit was hugely contradictory for me. My friends believed otherwise. I even have had a past life reading which proved extremely useful and related tremendously to my current life. The memory of the experience was mine, I felt them, I saw them, they had no difference from memories I have for sure experienced in this life. This posed a huge issue because what happens when reality contradicts itself? Am I just crazy? Maybe, but not likely. I have tested that theory as far as I could take it. I tend to confuse doctors and they are left with nothing to diagnose me with. I walk the line of confusion, but I am very much in this reality. I have two choices here; I can ignore the experiences of the people I trust, or I can ignore spirit. Both are not good options for me. Mostly because my experiences have supported both ways of thinking. This brings me to the understanding that I simply can’t understand. This is a topic of spirit and spirit simply can’t be defined and understood. 

Past life readings are awful and traumatic, but invaluable

I have a friend who does past life readings. A friend I trust even after questioning every last thing she says. I religiously try to prove her wrong or disagree with her. Time and time again, when put to the test, trust is earned here. I know the past life reading I have had was “accurate” as it related so strongly to my deep hidden issues. I hated it and will never want to get another one again. She didn’t tell me some wonderful story of where I lived and who I was. The stuff that came up was so painful and highlighted behaviors that I avoid at all costs now. The type of personal proof stuff that simply can’t be explained is what this reading held. I also know that someone close to me had a reading as well and shares my thoughts on this. The idea that some will be shown “visions” from spirit about the lessons a person needs most now, is at the heart of this type of past life reading. If there are no past lives, how could this be so effective? How could there be so much merit to something like this? 

Spirit is the answer

Even the seasoned medium can’t know the “truth” of spirit. It is simply beyond our understanding. Yes, some can see spirit, communicate, and describe what they see. The thing is; what they describe is what spirit wants them to see. Spirit is not physical; it doesn’t look like anything. It looks to us how we will best receive it the way they want us to. The form they present is the form that best suits the ultimate goal. This is my experience with spirit. Maybe somewhere in some dimension spirit has a definable form, but from what I have seen, it is changeable depending on the situation. Depending on the intention and goal. Perhaps there is a form that its individual frequency creates more often than not. Like the composition of the various elements in our physical world. Different ingredients equal different physical things. Perhaps energy is this way too. I can’t say for sure. I do know that if spirit changes the basic things like its appearance to best suit our needs, who says they can’t also influence the messages they deliver and how they deliver them? People are difficult creatures. We refuse to see what is right in front of us sometimes. What I know without question, is that spirit finds a way. If we need healing or growth, spirit finds a way to help us. This is one of my personal truths I know without question.

Is a past life reading simply a manufactured experience so that spirit can facilitate a lesson learned? Maybe. Is the past life really a current life in another dimension or branch of time? Maybe. Do we all just return to the same “source” and the past lives of one, are the past lives of all? Are we all working to heal different parts of the same thing? Maybe. Is it all just made-up nonsense? I don’t think so, but maybe. Maybe it is a shared experience between consciousness to help achieve the healing of repressed traumas. Maybe it is something else entirely. The point is, we can’t know. No one living can know. It is just beyond our comprehension. What I do know is the healing and awareness that occurs when we entertain the validity of any of it is profound. I can’t understand it all, but I do know if healing happens it can’t be a totally bad thing. 

When it comes to the idea of past lives, I entertain the idea that all of it holds merit; but we are here now, and this life is the one that matters. As far as we are concerned, this is the only life we get.

Be sure to live it!

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