Thoughts From The Void

The idea that we control our energy is a difficult to learn. It is a concept that is much easier said than done. The idea that people or circumstances should not shake us is something we can all agree on, but we don’t always find success during application. The opinions of others, both good and bad should not dictate what happens within our energetic field. One’s value is not determined by the level of importance other people bestow on us. Also, the storms others may be weathering only can influence us if we choose to let them.

This is one of those things we all do and very rarely pay much notice to; unless of course, it has a negative impact on us. Think for a moment about how much energy you give away. How much control you hand over to others. I never gave it much thought from this angle but think of how you feel when someone pays you compliments. Think about when you unintentionally seek approval from other people. If we feel unsure of ourselves, we might look for validation. This is natural, but that feeling of self-approval that comes from a source other than the self is not really the best practice. It is one thing to enjoy a compliment, but it is another thing entirely to require them.

When we look for validation in others, the control over how we feel is no longer ours.

We control what energy we allow to influence us. Very few situations fall outside of this truth.

The same goes with the negative side of this. It is ok to say, I am not participating in this. There is nothing wrong with recognizing someone else’s storm and deciding you don’t want to weather it with them. Then simply walk away from that bit of turbulence until the time comes when you are comfortable to revisit it.

Remember, it is our energy, and it is our job to maintain it.

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