Thoughts From The Void

This question might be taken more seriously by some people than others and yet, we all practice some form of energy work – whether we realize it or not.

We assign energy to everything, even things that don’t seem personal at all – such as keys. You could be leaving your home to go for a walk with people you live with; and if someone shouted, “Hey grab the keys!”, you will likely take your keys, right? Why? You only need them to enter the house and the person in question didn’t say get your keys, they said the keys. This leaves it open to touch all keys that will be useful for re-entry. So why would most people look for the set they assign as their own? They are just keys, totally replaceable metal objects but somehow our keys feel very personal; they are our keys. I know they are our property, and we shouldn’t touch anyone else’s stuff, right? Only, we had permission to and again, they are just pieces of metal nothing at all of a personal nature. We won’t likely treasure those keys for our entire lives, they are not an important keepsake. What they do have is assigned energy. This is just one small example of how we engage in energy work without realizing it every single day.

Do you pray? A prayer is a petition, and a petition is magic. Do you hear some sad news and empathize with the person it is about? Do you hope things work out ok for that person? Well, that is energy work. Do you have your children make a wish and blow out candles on their birthday? Again, this is magic.

Magic is when we set an intention and assign energy to it. “But on my 17th birthday I wished for a car, and I didn’t get it” Yeah, sometimes it is hard to believe in magic as it doesn’t work that way. Just because we want something doesn’t mean we get it. However, putting the intention out there does up our odds. On our end, when we set our mind to something we work on a subconscious level to take steps towards achieving that goal. The more we believe we can achieve it, the more we commit to our efforts and the universe responds accordingly.

“The universe helps those who help themselves”

Have you ever heard the saying “The universe helps those who help themselves”? It holds much truth. When we take steps towards our goals with the confidence that shouts “This will happen”, we find more success than if we were to take the same actions in a passive way full of doubt. The experience is just always different and that has to do with the energy we assign to it.

We all have hopes and wishes, some people are just ok with referring to how they go about achieving them under the label of magic. This is really the only difference, but with a label or not, we all engage in performing some type of magic. Just imagine how much more successful we would be if we actually believed it.

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