Thoughts From The Void

Recently I came across an interesting thought about how we state our intentions. When it comes to working with energy, many will agree that our will is the most important factor in finding success. A big part of our will is stating our intention or telling the universe what we want. Whether we state it out loud or recite it in our mind, how we word our intention matters.

There is the energy behind our words and the universe isn’t going to fill in the gaps of our incomplete wording. We will get what we ask for or we will get what the energy of our words aligns with. The other major issue is often we state things in such a general way that there is much wiggle room for things to go not exactly as we intend.

The perfect example is the phrase “For my highest good”, this one I know many have used. We want things to align with our highest good, our soul’s purpose, etc., etc., but who is the judge here about our highest good? Is it us? Is it spirit? What I think is best for you and what you think is best for you are not always going to be in alignment.

This phrase in particular is one I used while cutting cords. “I cut all cords that don’t serve my highest good.” What does that really mean? The intention is flawed. It is incomplete. I know, on the surface this may sound confusing. If we ask for something good, how could it be bad? I have had many lessons taught to me the hard way from “spirits” that don’t exactly resonate at the highest frequency. To these energies, how they presented lessons for me was for my highest good. From my perspective they did not always act in my best interests; and yet, I learned what I needed to learn. Knowing this, I now prefer to keep the power and choose the words I mean very carefully.

Now when cutting cords, I think of the particular person I want to cut cords with, or I know I am cutting all cords that do not resonate at the frequency I want to resonate with. I think about the frequency I want to be at and that is where I stay. This means a precise feeling is what I focus on. Anything that interferes with that resonance is then removed. I choose, I am in control.

This is what it means to be specific with your intentions. Know what you want. Know how you will get it.

Leave nothing open to interpretations.

If we are going to take the time to heal, manifest, protect, or in any way work with energy, we must be clear and precise with what it is that we want if we hope to achieve a particular result. If we are indifferent about the results we get, then why bother manifesting at all? We might as well just leave it up to the universe if we aren’t going to be the ones calling the shots!

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