Thoughts From The Void

(Clear Vision)

Likely the most well-known of the psychic senses, clairvoyance may be a bit misunderstood by the masses. I personally lumped all psychic-type things together under this category. This is really not accurate and is the main reason I have written a little bit about each of the clair-senses. Before recognizing my own clairs, I only understood what movies told me. At times movies hold a ton of truth, but they also do some damage. Behind the razzle dazzle of the vast unknown, we have real-life issues that arise surrounding all things spiritual. Demystifying all of the clairs might prove helpful for those who struggle with these issues.

When your clair-senses are out of control, it feels very much like you are losing your mind. Most people don’t want to be labeled as crazy, so they suffer in silence. My hope is that these short posts might help cast a shadow of doubt for those who don’t believe so that maybe they could be a source of strength and support for loved ones who find themselves lost, confused, and afraid as they try to manage something that the general public refuses to accept is real. Again, I will always say that a medical doctor should always be consented prior to assuming the issues you are having are spiritual or energetic in nature. More often than you may realize, our problems can be resolved through mindfulness and exercises aimed at controlling and managing our own energetic system.


All of us, every single last person in the world has them. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge, accept, and advance them is another story. Clairvoyance is the sense that allows us to perceive visually, energy that does not have a physical form. This one is the sense that makes us look a bit like we have lost our marbles. The lack of acceptance concerning this sense is the main cause for this. The fear that we could just be hallucinating or losing our minds prevents many from speaking openly about the things they see. There are countless studies on this topic, and it has been proven to exist. The proof however is not exactly clear-cut to some.

Now, as I have said before many times, I am not a scientist, but I do like to listen to real science people talk about their research. According to physicist Russell Targ (who spent many years researching, testing, and training people to remote view for the US government); when we look at the “effect size” of testing, things that fall into the “ESP” category do pass with flying colors. What is effect size? This is the data that measures the relative power of an experiment and not just their probability. Simply said, this is a way to quantify the difference between two groups.

For a better understanding of why this matters, let’s look at something very physical. When testing was done to see if aspirin was beneficial for men to take for heart issues; the effect size of the test was proven enough to stop the testing to allow the “control” party to receive the benefits of taking aspirin. To be clear, they thought aspirin had proven its effectiveness, so they wanted the people not taking it in the test to be able to take to it.

The effect size of the testing performed on clairvoyance and remote viewing was ten times higher than that of the testing done on aspirin.

If it were any other topic, we would be happy to consider it proven. The trouble is, accepting the results and the proof is frightening. Accepting there is more than we can see with our eyes, is scary. We can understand the physical world, so we really don’t fear it. When we don’t understand something, when we can’t fully control something, or when we can’t find an explanation; often fear is our response. We feel we can control the physical world because we can touch it, but we really have the same level of control over our energetic being that we do of our physical world.

Third Eye?

Regarded by French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes as “the seat of the soul” and thought to be where all of our thoughts are formed, the Pineal gland is believed to be the center for the sense of clairvoyance. The Pineal gland also sometimes referred to as “The Third Eye”, is an actual gland located in our brain that works to produce melatonin and its energy center is the brow chakra.

When looking to strengthen or manage our clairvoyance, bringing balance and strength to the brow chakra is a great place to begin. To ensure this energy center is strong and balanced, all chakras below it must also be in harmony.

My personal belief is this should not be the first thing you do when traveling down your own spiritual development path. It should be just about last on your list. Although it may seem the most exciting, when your clairvoyance is fully “activated” before you have learned to manage your energy, shit gets really fast. Recognizing when there are disfluencies in your energetic system takes focus and mindfulness. When your clairvoyance isn’t supported by a strong energetic foundation, you will find yourself in a fight for your sanity. This is not a place anyone wants to be, I promise.

It is my opinion that there is a fine line between some things that are perceived as mental illness, and one’s own inability to reground and get present in the moment they are physically in. It is very easy to float off into the beautiful world of spiritual confusion, and when that happens you lose yourself and reality. This is why it is imperative to approach clairvoyance and all psychic senses from a very grounded perspective. We are here, in the physical for a reason and we do need to be present as much as possible. That being said, once you learn to remain balanced and grounded, expanding and developing clairvoyance can allow for insight and growth that can’t be achieved any other way.

Crystals can aid your efforts

crystals to manage

I will go ahead and say it one more time for those who think they might be the exception to what I have stated above, grounding, shielding, and knowing how to balance your own energetic system should be MASTERED prior to trying to really develop clairvoyance.

I do not approach this clair from the angle of “opening up” or “developing” like the other clairs. I am a little overly cautious about this one and believe pretty strongly that if you are ready to really expand this sense, you will just know how to do it. You will feel what is right, your other senses will help, and your “inner guidance” will show you the way. I approach this sense from a strong balanced foundation and management approach. Some people don’t have a choice in how quickly this sense develops, and for those people, these are the crystals that can help bring balance and stability through the confusing time of developing clairvoyance.

The top choice is Amethyst as it brings clarity of mind, aura strengthening, overall healing, and energetic protection. All things that are really important during a time where your mental clarity will be challenged.

Black tourmaline is another must as it will help to provide protection and ground you which can be required more for this clair than any of the others.

Rainbow moonstone, which technically is a form of labradorite, but it is gentle and while it is an amplifier it also helps prevent one from getting stuck. We could find ourselves sort of trapped at the “I see dead people” phase instead of accepting and moving past the shock and awe part of developing this sense so rainbow moonstone helps gently persuade one to keep moving forward. Sort of like when you walk out into the ocean and at first you get slammed with waves; you could stay there because it is scary to move forward and just keep getting pummeled or you could push through that unpleasant part to where the waves are gentler. That is the job of rainbow moonstone here.

Iolite is another great crystal companion for this clair as it will help balance, provide clarity, and direction as well as understanding. It facilitates a connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Last will be satin spar due to its unrivaled ability to strengthen the aura and raise vibrations. These are things that are basic but so very important. Our frequency determines the experiences we have. When we are dealing with the very confusing area of clairvoyance, we want to have the clearest energy field possible.

There are others that are wonderful for growing and expanding this clair such as smoky quartz and apophyllite, but the primary goal, again my opinion, is slow, steady, strong growth. When it is time to select other more specific crystals, you will know the ones you need. Remaining grounded and in control with grace and clarity are arguably the hardest challenges when working with clairvoyance.

Exercises can strengthen this sense!

If you would like to exercise your clairvoyance there are many techniques you can use and as you grow you should follow your own intuition to try the ones that feel right for you.

A very basic one can be performed with nothing more than a deck of cards. Ground and shield and then place a deck of cards in front of you. Taking one card at a time, hold the card in your hand and see in your mind which card it is. You may or may not get any pictures in your mind to start, but again if you are here and trying to develop clairvoyance, you have already worked with all of your other clairs so listen and feel for any clues. Be patient and don’t try too hard, you may not see an actual card but maybe an indicator as to what the card is. Maybe you will think of Alice in Wonderland, this seems a bit random but you very likely could be holding the Queen of Hearts in your hand. So again, don’t try too hard and have no expectations.

Our clair-senses are not like Google, you won’t get an answer in a direct way every time, and you likely will not get the answer as you expect it to come. The key to understanding your “messages” lies in your understanding of yourself and your own energy. When you are finished with this exercise be sure to ground again! That is the most important and easiest part to forget of working with this sense. Getting yourself totally back in the present moment every single time you adventure away from it is something that must be done.

Patience, practice, and faith is what develops strong and useful clairvoyance

Like I suggest with the other clair-senses, cataloging your experiences and personal symbolism will prove helpful while trying to interpret what you pick up through clairvoyance. There are no exceptions here. Time, patience, and personal experience is what will bring strength to this clair. No one can tell you how your clairvoyance manifests. No one is going to provide a magic solution to improve this sense. This can only come from within and with patience.

However you choose to approach your clairs, try to remember you already have the answer you need inside you. Most of the time it is just a matter of trusting yourself.

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