Thoughts From The Void

(Clear Touching)

Also referred to as psychometry, which means “measuring the soul”, this is the ability to gain insight by physically touching an object. You know, like those psychics on TV who touch a murder weapon and instantly understand the events that have previously taken place there, that is an example of this clair-sense.

The power center for this clair is the sacral chakra. Clairtangency often works in tandem with the other clairs, especially clairvoyance (clear seeing). In my opinion, clairtangency is another sense that most people have experienced to some degree.

Being in a cluttered space, or a place like a second-hand or antique shop and feeling claustrophobic could be this clair at work. Having many different objects all piled up in one space is overwhelming. This isn’t just because it is unpleasant to look at, but also because there is different history and energy tied to each object. Being in an area like this is like trying to listen to a room full of people who are all telling you their most important stories, all at the same time. You couldn’t possibly take it all in at once and would feel overwhelmed. These objects are telling their story, only they do it with energy and not words.

Another example of clairtangency at work is if you purchase an item and shortly after you feel you just don’t want it. You might even like you need to be rid of it. Without logical explanation, it just makes you uncomfortable. This could be you picking up on the vibrational imprint left behind by someone who handled the object previously.

Crystals can help!


Working with crystals is a great way to enhance and understand the clair-senses. Aragonite, peach moonstone, and Chiastolite are some of my favorite crystals to help enhance your own clairtangency.

This sense can be enhanced!

If you would like to practice developing this sense, there are exercises that can help. One place to start is just holding different objects and noticing what you feel. Again, not trying to look for anything just observe.

Practice with friends

If you have a few friends that want to give it a try there is an activity that can help strengthen the connection to this sense. Have everyone anonymously bring an item that holds a story. Keep each item in a bag, box, or something that keeps its identity a mystery. The important thing here is that everyone has the same container, this way you do not know who brought what item. Do not discuss the items prior but have everyone write down some information about the piece they brought. Place all items on a table and have everyone select one to work with. Each person will sit and “meditate” with their selection and take any notes of things they experience. After a while, everyone is to attempt to identify who brought the item they are working with. After attempted identification, you can then relay any “messages” you may have picked up on while holding the piece and compare notes to see what resonates and what doesn’t.


You can also practice using an item you already know something about. By holding it and “reminiscing” you can take the time to catalog what you are feeling. Pay attention to all you experience while you think back to the event the item makes you think of. The more information you can catalog, the better you will understand objects you have no real connection to.

This is a great clair to start with if you are looking to read and understand energy on a deeper level!

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