Thoughts From The Void

(Clear sensing)

This is the ability to gain insight based on feeling things that are not of the physical world. Think of it sort of like being a human barometer in that this sense allows you to recognize disturbances or changes in the energy of an environment.

This is a very relatable clair-sense because everyone has experienced this at some point. Have you ever walked into a room and without seeing or hearing anything you could tell there was tension? Ya know, that awkward moment when you know you walked into something but not sure what. That is an example of clairsentience at work. Those gut feelings that provide insight without any physical cues are likely your clairsentience at work!

This particular clair is excellent for aiding intuitive efforts and understanding messages from spirit.

The Sacral Chakra is the power center for this sense. I feel clairsentience helps us to know things on an instinctual level. We require a little less interpretation as there is more of a basic understanding of things when this sense is contributing to the conversation.

Crystals can help!

crystals for

Crystals such as topaz, orange kyanite, dumortierite, smoky quartz, moonstone, and petalite can help to manage and develop Clairsentience. My personal favorite here is smoky quartz as I feel it harmonizes all of the energy we are working with in a way that allows us to decipher it through this “just knowing” sense.

To strengthen your clairsentience

If you want a simple exercise to begin to strengthen your clairsentience, sit in a room that is not cluttered and has been cleansed. We want a blank slate of a room. Just pay attention to how you feel in your surroundings. Look around the room and really gain an intimate understanding of how it looks and feels. After a few moments, close your eyes and feel the room. We want to do this without moving our physical bodies. To do this, just be still. It might feel like you are doing nothing, but nothing is what we want. The goal here is to feel only our energy and the empty room as it is.

The feeling we are looking for is similar to that feeling of being close to people. Perhaps you have been in an elevator with a stranger before. They were just minding their business, but you feel extra not alone. There is something odd about being in an elevator with people. Especially less people. I believe it is more than having an awkward interaction with a stranger. We can better feel another person’s energy this way. We feel us, the blank room, and the other person. It creates a bit of conflicting energy. That feeling of “feeling energy” is what we are experiencing here. Sometimes it is energy that feels jarring, and other times it is comforting, or even neutral. Right now, we are trying to expand our auric field so we can feel the energy of the room and anything in it.

After you have a good feel for the room add something to the room and move things around the room if you can. Now sit and see what feels different. Identifying the differences and feeling the energy movement is the practice that will help to strengthen this clair-sense in a less controlled environment.

Be mindful and pay attention

The more you pay attention to how different environments make you feel, the more in touch you will get with your clairsentience.

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