Thoughts From The Void

(Clear Tasting)

Clairgustance is when you taste something that isn’t physically in your mouth. Resonating with the throat and brow chakras, this one is arguably the weirdest of all of the clairs to experience. With that said, it is from my experience, one of the best ways spirit can get our attention and make us pause. Smells we might dismiss, the things we see we are even quicker to pretend we didn’t, and feelings are hard to understand; but a foreign taste typically stops us in our tracks.

This sense could come through while you are eating or drinking and what you are enjoying will just seem like something totally different. Coffee tasting like liquor even if the person drinking it hasn’t had alcohol in years, or you could suddenly taste cigarette smoke, but you are not a smoker.

When intentionally utilizing this clair for communicating with spirit or performing psychic readings; this sense can provide some pretty profound insight. Although, it still may be something that you never quite get used to. It can help to reinforce a message or provide direction and clarity for the other clairs you might be utilizing. Clairgustance often works in tandem with clairalience (clear smelling) and is usually a backup for one of the other clairs.

When these experiences happen at random, they often leave as quickly as they came and may not bring a ton of clarity as to why, but rather just bring a moment’s pause. Clairgustance & clairalience are the clairs I find our loved ones in spirit utilize most in our waking life, (as in not sleeping – dreams are the top form of communication for most in my opinion). Scent and taste are often tied to memories and a quick taste of grannie’s apple pie might bring you the support you need for just a moment without scaring the crap out of you like some of the other clairs might.

Crystal can help!


If you would like to develop or manage this clairsense, crystals can help your efforts! My top pick for this clair will be topaz but pietersite, black tourmaline, blue apatite, and citrine also are great choices and will resonate with this clair to help strengthen and understand it.

There are techniques you can use to practice using clairgustance!


After grounding and shielding, sit quietly and think of a loved one who is no longer here physically, and try to remember a food or drink you might associate with them. Remember what it felt like to enjoy whatever the food was, and be still. You may or may not notice anything the first few times you do this but if you don’t try too hard, you might be surprised by the sensations you experience.


To practice alone, try to focus on only the real sense of taste. Really focus on the flavors while eating and drinking. Then go further. Notice how the food makes you feel. Ignore the thoughts and just feel what it feels like to eat and drink. This is sort of like creating a catalog of “symbolism” for yourself. Messages from spirit are going to usually resonate with something that makes sense to you, not something predetermined by someone else. The more associations you have to work with, the more chance you will have of understanding a message from spirit.

With a Friend

You can also practice reading the living by speaking with a friend on the phone. Again, ground and shield and don’t try too hard! Speak casually with your friend as they eat or drink something, don’t ask them what it is but try to feel for yourself. Pay attention to anything you notice, remember clairgustance typically works with another clair, so be receptive, don’t try to decipher. You are not looking to “know” or understand you are just hoping to experience.

Be patient

Whatever technique you choose it is important to not try too hard. If you look for something in particular you are likely to miss the actual “messages”. This is an area for patience, faith, and trust. Simply take note of anything you experience and in time you will gain a better understanding and see that you have more ways of connecting to the world around you than that which you can explain.

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