Thoughts From The Void

(Clear emotion)

This is a topic that is debated and held very close to many “sensitive” people. My thoughts on the “empath” are not always the most popular. Please feel free to agree, disagree, or just don’t read this if this is a topic you are overly sensitive about.

In my personal opinion, clairempathy is very similar to clairsentience. Empathy is likely to be present with sentience, but sentience is not always present with empathy. Clairempathy stems from the heart chakra and is more emotional and mental than clairsentience is, it is also more confusing. Clairsentience is often more physical and comes with more clarity and the ability to discern the message or meaning behind what you are feeling; where clairempathy can be overwhelming and for lack of a better explanation, emotional. It can become difficult to tell what emotions are yours, and what feelings belong to the world around you.

Empathy is something we all have on some level. Everyone can feel other people’s feelings. What we do with them is what varies. This is where we find that separation between “The Empath” and everyone else. Narcissist and empath alike use this sense we are talking about here. Even the people who don’t fall into either “category” can and do use this sense. Most of us do it without realizing. Clairempathy allows us to feel exactly what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes. To feel a situation as though it is our own experience. This can be a wonderful tool in helping others navigate life’s challenges, but it can also seem like a heavy burden without proper management. Feeling the world around you with such intensity, and often without the intention to do so, can lead to the manifestation of physical ailments. The entire experience can become so emotionally taxing that the world’s lack of balance becomes your instability. On the flip side, clairempathy can also be used to manipulate. What we do with the information we gather is up to the individual. How we get the information though is through a sense we all have! Many disagree with me, but I have yet to find anyone who pokes a hole in this logic. Just because someone doesn’t allow emotion to control them, doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the emotion.

Knowing yourself and your energy is key.

Developing excellent grounding, shielding, and cord cutting practices is imperative for those with this clair-sense. Working on knowing your own energy is very beneficial. Strengthening your “self-worth” is also a huge help! Without these basic practices, there simply is no managing the sense of clairempathy. However, once these simple basics are mastered, clairempathy is a blessing to those who choose to use it to help themselves and their loved ones. The simple notion that someone understands exactly how you feel is the greatest comfort you can lend to someone who is experiencing one of life’s challenges.

If you struggle with discerning your emotions and energy from the world around you and have been working on the above-mentioned tips, I also suggest carrying crystals that strengthen your natural shielding. Satin spar is number one for this because it helps cleanse away residual funk, strengthen your aura, and promotes your ability to discern yourself from others. Once you can tell what is yours, you are then free to release all that does NOT belong to you.

Something to remember is that it is a choice when to help and if helping hurts you, it’s not the time to help.

So simply ground all that excess emotional baggage and cleanse more often until you are comfortable utilizing your clairempathy. It really is that simple. Yes, some moments can be trickier than others; but it is your job to maintain your energy so when it feels chaotic, recognize it and take the time to care for yourself and ground, shield, and cleanse. Once you have balance, clairempathy is not such a daunting curse any longer.

How can we strengthen this clair? 

Until you know how to identify your energy, you might not get too far in this department. Learning to feel your own energy, identify it, ground it, reinforce it, cut cords, and self-healing are first on the to-do list here. Once you have become very comfortable with these practices you will already be noticing a huge improvement in how you feel. We don’t typically strive to just survive though. Clairempathy is one of the most useful clair-senses for everyday applications. Being able to understand the “why” people behave a certain way, can help to facilitate a more harmonious existence. Some crystals and exercises can help this clair tremendously! You can find my thoughts on the crystals here and general management of clairempathy here.

Identification of energy is the first and most important step in working with this sense. Emotions and their root cause are a very complicated area, and it is never going to be easy to navigate the troubles that come along with this topic. If we remember that we are not a victim and we are in control, we tend to have a much easier time embracing and utilizing the senses we have to work with. A great place to start is actually allowing yourself to feel the emotions you encounter. Give them a name and understand them. When you feel something extreme go deeper don’t stop at “I feel jealous”. Explore the why behind the emotion. Feel the energy of why you feel a certain way. Look for the energy to counter it. What needs to happen to bring balance back to this particular energy.

The extreme emotions can often be sorted out this way. When we identify it in ourselves, we also will quickly identify it in others. When we know why someone acts out of anger, or jealousy, or self-doubt, we tend to have more compassion for them. We also have a much easier time not allowing their storm to influence our energy. We understand better that they are working through something, and it has nothing to do with us. 

The energy of the world does not have to control us

Taking the time to really explore your own feelings is a great way to help yourself learn to use your clairempathy. We can also do this from memory. We can match the energy of a particular moment in time. If we think of something that brought us great joy, we can explore the emotion. Find what energy it brought to us that influenced us in such a memorable way. This can be beneficial if we wish to help influence the world around us or even our own self. When we are feeling down, we can match that frequency of when we were feeling more positive. This can help provide the emotional endurance needed to address whatever issues we may encounter. Emotional endurance is something that is required if we want to not feel like a victim and stand in our full “power.

Clairempathy is not a curse, it is not a special gift given to a chosen few, it is a sense we all carry on some level. A sense that can be cultivated into a useful tool for our normal lives. Finding the strength to not become every emotion we encounter is the tricky part. Belief in our own strength and power is the place to start. Knowing that everyone can manage this clair-sense will be the key to success when working with clairempathy.

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