Thoughts From The Void

(Clear Hearing)

This is the sense that allows you to “hear” sounds that may otherwise be inaudible or do not have a perceived source. These are sounds that fall outside the frequencies the human ears can hear. Some believe this to be the same as telepathy, however, in my experience, there are some significant differences between the two.

Clairaudience and telepathy are not the same

Clairaudience allows us to hear energy and gather messages through various sounds, not simply just words. Telepathy is more like the act of communication. Telepathy utilizes all of the clair-senses to communicate and deliver a message. When we can understand and interact via non-verbal “conversation”, this is when we utilize telepathy. The main difference here is telepathy is not a clair-sense but rather a name for communication that takes place without the use of our “normal” senses. Both resonate with the throat chakra, but telepathy resonates with the entire energetic system.

Clairaudience can be VERY alarming when it is not managed. From hearing unknown voices as you try to sleep, or bizarre sounds with no known origin, remaining grounded is imperative when learning to maintain this particular clair-sense. Ringing of the ears and high-pitched buzzing sounds are common during times of energetic shifts. It is always important to rule out possible medical reasons for any bizarre symptoms you experience but once you discover that there is no physical reason for what you experience, black tourmaline will be your number one ally when trying to get things under control!

Crystals can help bring balance to the clairs!

Wearing tourmaline earrings or laying with tourmaline near your ears when clairaudience is a bit out of control, will help to restore balance to your energetic system and facilitate whatever shift you may be experiencing. This will provide some relief from the strange sounds.

After that, blue kyanite is my next go-to for bringing balance and facilitating an understanding of this clair-sense. Keeping some within your aura can help provide the support you need to decipher the messages that are coming through, while also providing added energetic protection by raising your vibrations and strengthening your auric field.

We all can strengthen this sense.

If you would like to work on developing your own clairaudience; ground, and shield in whatever way you like then try sitting quietly and really hearing the sounds around you. By shutting down the reception of input from your other senses and focusing only on listening; you will begin to heighten your normal sense of hearing. Try to isolate the noises you hear and identify them by sound alone. Feel the energy of the sound. Once you have identified all known sounds be still and try to tune those sounds out. Keep listening. In time, you will notice sounds that don’t have an identifiable source.

Should you encounter any kind of unpleasant sounds or frequencies, keep a black tourmaline handy to help stabilize your energy field and this should help to alleviate any unpleasantness that may occur. It is important to remember that sounds can’t hurt you. This seems logical and maybe even unnecessary when reading this statement on the computer, but I assure you that hearing sounds with no origin can become alarming sometimes. While hearing them can be scary at first, just remember there are many frequencies we humans can’t hear and we unknowingly coexist with them with zero issues. Just because you hear something, doesn’t mean you must respond to it, and it certainly doesn’t have any power over your well-being – unless you choose to forget you are in control of your own energy. That is what the crystals are for. I do believe they help harmonize energy, but they also give you something to focus on. When and if things become unpleasant, you need only hold the tourmaline and focus on the physical world again. This is why the grounding part is so helpful.

Little by little, over time you will start to notice you are capable of hearing so much more than you may be paying attention to right now.

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