Thoughts From The Void

(Clear Smelling)

Sometimes also referred to as clairolfaction or clairessence, clairalience is the sense that allows us to smell what is not physically present. This is a sense that most people have likely experienced at some point in their lives but never really paid too much mind to. The faint smell of perfume when no one is near, the whiff of cigarette smoke without a smoker in sight, or the scent of flowers for no explainable reason; these are all examples of your sense of clear smelling.

Some believe this sense has a strong connection to our memories and as such say clairalience resonates with the brow chakra. There is also a belief that it resonates strongly with the throat and root chakras as well. My personal thoughts are that all the clairs will be enhanced and balanced if the root chakra is strong and balanced; this chakra is sort of a key player in the foundation of our energetic flow, so it is only logical that it would have an impact on all of our senses. That being said, I am of the party of thinkers that believe if you would like to enhance your clairalience, it would be best to work with the throat and brow chakras.

So, how can we strengthen this extra smelly sense?

One exercise is to gather some photos of things you have smelled at some point in your life. After doing your grounding and shielding rituals, sit in a neutral smelling area and gaze at the photos one at a time. As you do this, try to imagine what they would smell like, really focus on the smells. If you are looking at some chocolate chip cookies, for example, really feel what it is like to be in a kitchen with freshly baked cookies. When you walk into a room where there is a strong smell like that, one that may be associated with memories of your past, you do more than just take a quick sniff. There are smells that seem to touch all of our senses and this is what we are looking to tap into. The energy of the smell.

You may also notice sensations or taste weird things at this point; and that is because clairalience often works in tandem with the other clair-senses, especially clairgustance (clear tasting). Take notes of the things you experience for each photo and in time you will begin to notice many smells and scents that don’t have a physical origin. Recognizing and understanding these smells can be a great way to enhance the understanding of your environment as well as receiving inspiration and messages from loved ones who are no longer here physically.

Crystals can also help to balance, manage and enhance the sense of clairalience!

My top pick for this job is pietersite. It helps to balance and connect the root, throat, and brow chakras while stabilizing and strengthening the auric field, which will all be beneficial when working with this clair. Tourmaline is another crystal that is very helpful concerning all things smell as it enhances the sense of smell. The blue variety, referred to as indicolite, is the color of choice when it comes to developing your sense of clear smelling. Aragonite, lapis lazuli, and k2 will also be some of the crystals that can best help facilitate the development of this psychic sense.

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