Thoughts From The Void

We perceive the world through our senses. Humans have 5 senses that we all agree exist. We might not all have good functionality in all of the senses, but we can pretty much all agree that they are a real thing. Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing are the main senses that help us understand our world. What about all the in-between stuff? We understand more than the tangible world. We interpret emotion and unseen or unexplainable “feelings”. What senses do we use to interpret those experiences?

For all of the things we encounter that fall outside of the purview of our main senses, we utilize the less understood and not so agreed upon clair-senses. This is an area of belief and faith, not necessarily a place we find a scientific explanation. Science can’t explain everything. As we talk about this topic it is good to remember that there was a time when real things, like modern medicine or bacteria, were nothing more than unprovable ideas or theories. Just because we can’t quantify something doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. For now, the proof is in personal experience.

Click on the images below to find more information on each of the clair-senses.

How manage clairempathy with crystals

Managing Empathy

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