Thoughts From The Void

Sacral Chakra 

Associated with water, its Sanskrit name is Swadhisthana and translates to “Where your being is established”.

This energy center is often described as being linked to pleasure and sexual expression. I feel this never fully resonated with me. Recently I came across a deeper explanation of this that seemed to fit a bit more for my own understanding. While disfluencies can occur here due to denying or overindulging in the things that bring us pleasure, this is the center of creation. If you think about it, that is kind of what sexual energy is. I feel limiting this chakra to “sex” doesn’t fully do this energy center justice. Our will to create begins here.

The very first thing we create, before we can create anything external, is the self. By denying the things we feel bring us fulfillment and contentment, (both of which can lead to pleasure), we can create blockages in this chakra. An unbalanced approach to creation is what prevents free flowing strong energy here. This can be a lack of belief in ability to create, it can be a lack of self-control and creating in a way that causes harm to the self. Every action, every thought we make creates our existence. When we lack balance in these areas, we see it within this chakra. It is more than sex and pleasure, it is our foundational self, built upon the security that was established within the root chakra below it.

*Excerpt from Crystals Book One Finding Your Way

Common Name: Sacral Chakra                            

 Color: Orange                                                    

Keywords: Pleasure, Personal Power, Adaptability 

An imbalance in this chakra can affect your creative pursuits, healthy and pleasurable sexual activity, and all sensual and feeling activities. Below are a few indicators to help you determine the functionality of your second chakra. 

Suggestive symptoms of excessive energy: Overemotional, moody, dramatic, excessive emotional attachment or neediness, sexual addictions 

Suggestive symptoms of energy deficiency: Unemotional, closed off, lack of self-esteem or self-worth, stiff, frigid, pessimism or depression, low libido, sexual or pleasurable guilt/shame, lack of creativity, sluggishness, lethargy.

Here is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Sacral Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. A few of my favorites for this chakra are: 

Orange Carnelian, Peach Moonstone and Aragonite 

Again, you find the ones that resonate best with you!  

Crystals that resonate with Swadhisthana

Aegirine – Protection, detoxification, release from negative habits 

Alunite – Balance, creativity, grounding  

Amber – Balances mind and emotions, past-life recall, purification 

Analcime – Clarity of mind, cooperation, stimulates innate gifts 

Apache Tears – Grief, release of negative emotions, provides warning of psychic attack 

Aragonite – Grounding, clears blockages, shadow work  

Bastnasite (Bastnaesite) – Grounding, logical thinking, healing traumatic experiences  

Black Moonstone -Psychic gifts, grounding, balance, protection, blocks negative energy  

Bronzite – Compassion, psychic protection, forgiveness 

Bumble Bee Jasper – Protection, personal power, vitality 

Bustamite – Love, creativity, happiness 

Cancrinite – Confidence, strength, will power  

Citrine – Personal power, balance, manifestation 

Clinohumite – Pain relief, happiness, insomnia 

Cookeite – Psychic protection, problem-solving, meditation  

Copper – Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, energy amplifier 

Creedite – Purification, meditation, aura strengthening 

Crocoite – Psychic abilities, balance, passion  

Cryolite – Balance, spiritual awakening, kundalini 

Cuprite – Healing, grounding, life force energy  

Epidote – Release from negative behavior, healing, inner wisdom

Ethiopian Opal – Strength, purification, balance, grounding     

Flint – “Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”, grounding 

Golden Healer – Balance, master Healer, positive Change  

Golden Rutilated Quartz- Manifestation, amplification, release negative emotions  

Gyrolite- Meditation- Healing/ pain relief broken bones and sore muscles  

Heliodor- Leadership, confidence, honesty  

Hematite – Balance, protection, draws out and transmutes negative energy, grounding  

Hureaulite- Intuition – Release of anger or resentment, intuition, stimulates libido  

Leopardskin Jasper – Connection to the animal kingdom, grounding, nurturing 

Libyan Desert Glass *A form of Tektite and may tear holes in aura*  

Menalite – Past life recall, fertility, female energy  

Moonstone – Lunar energy, psychic abilities, aura strengthening 

Mt. Hay Thunderegg-  “Amulet Stone”- Harmony, stamina, protection, grounding 

Orange Aventurine – Good fortune, manifestation, innate abilities and talents  

Orange Calcite – Healing, confidence, positivity  

Orange Carnelian – Personal power, confidence, stamina 

Orange Kyanite – Inspiration, transformation, will power  

Petrified Wood -Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Picasso Stone – Optimism, weight loss, grounding

Pyrite – Protection, manifestation, personal power               

 Red Zircon – Lethargy, grounding 

Yellow Topaz- Manifestation, faith, clarity of mind 

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