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Crown Chakra

The next energy center is one that I feel requires us to let go. The 7th Chakra known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, translates to “thousand petaled” and is said to be in the form of a lotus with a thousand petals arranged in twenty layers. And here is where the spiritual connection to the lotus and our energy feels right to me. It is thought that this chakra is where our connection to “spirit” resides. When we connect to the energy within this chakra, we have access to the self which has the objective view of our journey.

Much like the lotus travels through darkness to reach the place it eventually blooms, so too must we traverse the challenges of our lessons in order to fully reconnect to the energy of spirit.

There is much debate about the how chakras work, and if they are “open” or “blocked” etc., etc.; but I have found that regardless of the status of the other chakras; this one is one I just observe and don’t try to heal or influence in any way.

Typically, when working with energy, some chakras or nadis require some assistance. However, after the brow is always where I stop having intention and start having faith. I simply watch, wait, and know that if there is something that needs to be remedied in this area, spirit will facilitate the healing. My experience in this area only furthers my belief that this chakra is the area of faith.

Blocked by earthly attachments; this chakra can find balance if we release the will to control our physical world. When we let go of manipulating our thoughts, actions, or our reality; when we just trust that there is a bigger picture and that we are all an equal part of it, then we find peace and strength within this energy center.

When we struggle with the notion that there is more than what we see, that we are not alone, that we are all loved equally; we choose to shut down our connection to spirit and thusly create disfluencies within the crown chakra. In order to restore balance here, all we need to do is have faith.

All other chakras require some action, intention, focus, or mindfulness; but in my opinion the crown chakra needs only trust and faith.

*Excerpt from Crystals Book One Finding Your Way

Common Name: Crown Chakra                              

Color: Violet                                                   
Keywords: Consciousness, Understanding, Transcendence 

An imbalance in this chakra can put us out of sync with the universe. When a dis-fluency in energy flow occurs here it affects all other chakras and can lead to depression or nervous system disorders. 

Suggestive signs of excessive energy: Addicted to spirituality, neglecting bodily needs, having difficulty controlling emotions 

Suggestive signs of energy deficiency: Not very open to spirituality, unable to set or maintain goals, lacking direction 

Here is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Crown Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. A few of my favorite crystals for this chakra are: 

Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Apophyllite 

I am sure you get the point by now, but I am serious, it is important to experiment and find the right match for you.  

Crystals that resonate with Sahasrara 

Afghanite – Insomnia, problem solving, psychic abilities 

Albite – Activates the mind, promotes memory recall, lucid dreaming 

Amethyst – Clarity of mind, healing, emotional Balance 

Amegreen- (Prasiolite and white quartz) compassion, emotional healing, stimulates psychic abilities 

Ametrine – Clarity of mind, emotional balance, manifestation 

Amphibole Quartz (Angel Phantom Quartz) – Meditation, guidance, lucid dreaming 

Analcime- Creativity, clarity of mind, change  

Apophyllite – High vibrational, aura repair, guide communication  

Arfvedsonite- Meditation, life path, manifestation 

Atacamite – Self-confidence, motivation, release blockages 

Aurora Quartz- High vibrational, love, meditation *Natural 

Azurite – Tempers the mind, emotional balance, communication with spirit/guides 

Beryllonite-High vibrational, release from negative emotions 

Blue Barite -Heals shock and trauma, psychic abilities 

Blue Euclase – Intuition, communication, joy 

Blue Kyanite – Healing, balance, aura strengthening & repair 

Botswana Agate – Comfort, protection, grief  

Cacoxenite Amethyst ”Stone of ascension” – Spiritual awareness, healing, clarity, grounding 

Celestite – Spirit guide, angelic communication, spirit communication 

Celestobarite- Guidance, personal power, shamanic journey

Charoite – Transmutes negativity, protects from psychic attack, enhances natural abilities 

Citrine- Personal Power, manifestation, emotional balance  

Clear Quartz- Amplification, substitute for any crystal, master healer 

Colemanite- cleansing and clearing away energy 

Cookeite- Psychic protection, problem-solving, meditation 

Creedite – Purification, meditation, aura strengthening 

Danburite – Healing, allergies, detoxification 

Datolite – Eases stress, fear, anxiety or grief, enhances Problem-solving abilities 

Dendritic Agate – Abundance, self-examination, self-healing, connection to nature 

Diaspore- Stimulates the mind, promotes memory recall, assists accepting change 

Ethiopian Opal- Psychic development, precognition, astral travel 

Eucryptite- Harmonizing, stress relief, abundance 

Galaxite (Larvikite) amplification, psychic abilities, magic 

Gyrolite – Mediation, healing/pain relief broken bones and sore muscles 

Heliodor- Leadership, confidence, honesty 

Herderite – Awakens latent abilities, enhances psychic abilities 

Herkimer Diamond – Purification, amplification, peace, healing 

Hureaulite- Intuition – Release of anger or resentment, intuition, stimulates libido 

Hypersthene- Boost psychic abilities, magic 

Ilvaite – Aids patience, perseverance, creativity, grounding 

Indigo Kyanite – Psychic Abilities, spirit communication, protection, balance 

Kammererite – Balance, harmony, protection  

Kauri Gum (Copal) Prophecy, psychic ability, astral travel 

Labradorite “Stone of magic” – Rapidly opens spiritual abilities, amplification, psychic visions 

Lemurian Quartz (Lemurian Seed Crystals, Star Seed Crystals) – Guidance, wisdom, higher self  

Libyan Desert Glass (Libyan Gold Tektite *May tear holes in your aura) 

Lepidolite – Calm, mood stabilizer, comfort 

Lithium Quartz -Calm, clarity of mind, balances emotions 

Moldavite *may tear holes in your aura  

Mordenite – Abundance, release of negative energy, aids concentration 

Natrolite -Absorbs toxins, aids spiritual growth, harmonize 

Nirvana Quartz (Growth Interference Quartz, Lemurian Scalar Quartz, Himalayan ice quartz)- Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, meditation  

Novaculite – Cord-cutting, intuition, guide communication 

Okenite- Forgiveness, understanding karmic debt  

Petalite – Guide connection, protection, stress relief 

Phenacite – Personal growth, telepathy, guide communication 

Pollucite – Release of toxins both emotional and environmental 

Powellite – Creativity, task completion  

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) – Connection with nature, spiritual development, healing

Purple Scapolite (Purple Wernerite) – Telepathy, compassion, psychic abilities 

Purpurite – Psychic protection, clear confident communication 

Pyrolusite- Clarity, hidden truth, transformation 

Quantum Quattro- Release patterns, clears blockages, healing 

Que Sera Crystals- Calm, balance, psychic development, aura strengthening 

Rainbow Moonstone- Psychic abilities, clairvoyance, energy amplification 

Red Muscovite – Eases symptoms of psychic and spiritual awakening 

Rhodizite- Manifestation, energizing, power 

Scolecite – Communication with spirit, inner peace, and transformation 

Selenite – Cleansing, charging, auric repair, amplification, lunar energy 

Seraphinite – Self-healing, spiritual enlightenment, angelic guidance 

Sillimanite (Fibrolite)- Stimulates feelings of euphoria, clairaudience, aligns 

Smithsonite (Bonamite) – Psychic abilities, healing, stress relief 

Spirit Quartz– Harmony, alignment, amplification 

Stellar Beam Calcite (Dogtooth Calcite) Harmony, relaxed sleep, high vibrational 

Stilbite- Insomnia, grief, encouragement  

Sugilite -Creates a barrier between you and other people’s energy 

Tanzanite – Wisdom, meditation, psychic abilities 

Thaumasite – Creative thinking, understanding, intuition

Triplite- (Vayrynenite)- Creativity, personal power, manifestation 

Tunellite – Meditation, forgiveness, allows us to see things for what they are 

White Heulandite- Meditation, karmic release, inner journey  

White Howlite – Insomnia, self-judgment, relieves anger 

Witch’s Finger – Healing, protection, overcoming fears, grounding 

Wollastonite- Clairaudience, precognition, meditation  

Yttrium Fluorite (Lavender Fluorite)- Communication with spirit, spiritual development, mediumship 

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