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Root Chakra

Often people ask what crystal to use for particular applications. My opinion on this is that suggestions are amazing, but nothing beats your own belly. If you feel a crystal is the right one, it is likely the right one – even if you don’t know why. With that said, I feel you can use pretty much any crystal to balance any chakra. They all attract or repel something, and sometimes our issues are not “standard”. Blanket lists are not going to work because our issues are not one size fits all. I do have some favorites that I feel resonate well with most disfluency issues. The crystals I chose for the first chakra, are selected for their ability to provide stability, strength, and support. 

Think of our energy system like a tower of blocks. If you put a triangle block on the bottom, you can’t very well build a stable tower. The base is crucial! So, stability is the name of the game for me when it comes to the root chakra.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara which translates to “Root of existence”, and it is associated with Earth.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Crystals Book One Finding Your Way, which is available on Amazon.

Common name: Root or Base Chakra                

Color: Red                                                           

Keywords: Grounding, Security, Survival                                                

An imbalance in this chakra means you experience the world through a filter of fear and insecurity. The effects of which can manifest in a multitude of different ways. If you find you are always in survival mode, you may want to take a closer look at this chakra. Below are a few indicators to help you determine the functionality of your first chakra. 

Suggestive signs of excessive energy: obesity, overeating, greedy, materialistic, egoistic, boredom, lethargy, insensitivity, pessimistic attitude, selfishness, indifference, fear of change, hoarding, stubbornness, addiction to security 

Suggestive signs of energy deficiency: excessive worry, phobias, fearful/panic, confusion, suspicious, uneasiness, underweight, hopelessness, poor boundaries, withdrawn, disinterested, absent-minded, chronic disorganization, disconnection from body, sense of not belonging, anxious, restless, can’t settle 

The following is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Root Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. My personal favorites for this chakra are:

Carnelian, Garnet, Red Jasper and Hematoid Quartz 

 That being said, you should experiment and find your own favorites! 

Crystals that resonate well with Muladhara  

Aegirine -“Stone of Integrity” Courage, Confidence, Stability, Protection, Ground 

Almandine Garnet -“Stone of Tangible Truth”, Protection, Strength, Security 

Alunite (Angel Wing) – Grounding, Stabilizing, Creativity 

Anyolite (Ruby Zoisite) – Intuition, comfort, protection, grounding 

Apache Tears – Protection from grief, psychic attack or other negativity 

Aragonite- “The Conservationist’s Stone” clears negative emotions, anxiety and blocked ley lines, grounding 

Black Amethyst – Auric protection and psychic development, grounding 

Black Andradite Garnet – protection, confidence empowerment, grounding 

Black Diopside – Balances the aura and aids connect with the elemental beings 

Black Jade – Transforms negative emotions and protects from negative energies/ intentions, strengthens the aura, grounding 

Black Merlinite – Luck, magic, duality of the soul 

Black Shamanite (Black Calcite) – Purification, protection, spiritual development, grounding 

Black Spinel – Empowerment, protection, grounding 

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) – Strength, passion and courage, grounding 

Brochantite – Connects to higher realms & stimulates Intuition 

Brecciated Jasper – Strength, vitality and mental clarity, grounding 

Cacoxenite Amethyst – “Stone of Ascension” spiritual awareness, healing, clarity, grounding 

Carnelian – Strength, courage, passion, grounding 

Chrysanthemum Stone – Good fortune and positive synchronicities, grounding 

Crocoite – Energizes, stimulates creativity, passion 

Cuprite – Will power, strength, security, grounding 

Dravite (Brown Tourmaline) – Courage, acceptance, protection, self-healing 

Ethiopian Opal – Strength, purification, balance, grounding 

Fire Agate – Stabilizing, strength, self confidence 

Flint – “Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”, grounding, lighting the spark, manifestation 

Pyrope Garnet – Protection, creativity, charisma, grounding 

Goethite – Grief, emotional and past life healing, grounding 

Hematite – Balance, protection, transmutes negative energy, grounding 

Hematite in Quartz – Balance, confidence, will power, protection, grounding 

Hypersthene – Boost psychic abilities, magic 

Ilvaite – Aids patience, perseverance, creativity, grounding 

Jasper – Comfort, stability, balance, grounding 

Jet – Magic, elementals, protection, grounding 

Kyanite, Black- Balance, cleansing, protection, grounding

Larvikite – Cleansing, protection, psychic abilities, grounding

Mt Hay Thunderegg (Star Agate) – “Amulet Stone” harmony, stamina, protection, grounding 

Luxurianite – Confidence, healing, stress relief, grounding 

Nebula Stone – ‘The Birthstone of the Cosmos,’ protection, cleansing, psychic development 

Nuummite – “Sorcerer’s Stone” Personal magic, luck, protection, strengthens the aura, grounding 

Obsidian – Protection, self-discovery, addresses old traumas, grounding 

Peacock Ore – Happiness, understanding, healing 

Petrified Wood – Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Poppy Jasper – Protection, positivity, grounding, balance 

PuddingStone – Balance, healing, grounding 

Pyrolusite – Clarity, hidden truth, transformation 

Que Sera – Calm, balance, psychic development, aura strengthening 

Red Aventurine – Manifestation, confidence, energizes, stamina 

Red Calcite – Detox, energizes, grounding, protection, provides zest for life 

Red Spinel – positivity, protection, grounding 

Red Tantalite – Protection, good decision making, grounding 

Red Tourmaline (Rubellite) emotional healing, grounding, protection, balance 

Rhodolite Garnet – Inspiration, emotional healing, grounding 

Rhodonite – Love, acceptance, forgiveness, grounding 

Ruby – Passion, protection, prosperity, grounding

Ruby Kyanite – Balance, protection, transmutes negative energy, grounding 

Rutile – Strengthens energy flow, strengthens aura, clarity 

Rutilated Quartz – Promotes spiritual growth, strengthens and cleanses the aura 

Septarian – Confidence, tolerance, grounding 

Shiva Lingam – Increases pranic energy, grounding 

Shungite – Healing, grounding, protection, aura strengthening 

Sillimanite (Fibrolite) – Stimulates feelings of euphoria, clairaudience, aligns chakras 

Smokey Quartz – Protects, grounds, heals 

Snakeskin Jasper – Dream recall, shamanic journey, grounding, protection 

Snowflake Obsidian – Balance, protection, healing, grounding 

Specularite (Specular hematite) – Dissolves negativity, grounding, assists mental function 

Spessartite Garnet (Spessartine) -Creativity, inner growth, grounding 

Staurolite (Fairy Cross Stones) – Grounding, communication with fairies, healing, dream clarity 

Suleiman – Absorbs negativity, aids channeling, grounds 

Tiger Iron – Grounding, physical vitality, stamina, courage 

Tiger’s Eye – Balance, strength of will, vitality, protection, grounding 

Tourmaline Black – Protection, grounding, cleansing, purification 

Tourmalinated Quartz – Healing, harmony, protection, grounding 

Turritella Agate – Past life, ancestral healing, patience, grounding 

Unakite – Compassion, balance, grounding                 

Vanadinite -Creativity, mental stimulation, personal power 

Witches Finger Quartz – Healing, protection, overcoming fears, grounding 

Wulfenite – Past life healing, transformation, grounding 

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