Thoughts From The Void

This is a topic we could spend quite a bit of time on, as the concept that lies behind this energy can be found in many belief systems. There are those who say it is the shapeless form of divine feminine energy, others feel this is where our true individual power lies, some believe it is the energy of universal knowledge, and a few even say it is a double headed energetic snake. As with all things, I feel it is best to decide for yourself what resonates best with you. Keep an open mind as likely there is truth to all the ideas that surround this name. 

Kundalini is one of those topics that can accidentally lead to self-imposed imbalances. Often people become obsessed with what some call the “Kundalini Awakening”. If we look only on the surface, we tend to associate this with spiritual enlightenment. This is a tricky topic for me as I feel there is no such thing as being “enlightened” in the sense of knowing or being more energetically or spiritually superior to anyone else. We are all equal. This area of spirituality is a hard one to navigate, even for the most humble. From my current perspective, I see enlightenment as awareness- and it is a journey not a destination. If you are aware that there is something more than just the physical tangible world, then you are on the path of enlightenment. By remaining aware of both ourselves and how we influence the world, we allow ourselves a better opportunity to find contentment.  

Some believe there is a great and wise energy that lives within us all. Connected to the divine power of creation and destruction, this energy manifests as a snake – but this is no average snake. Just as the snake produces venom that can hurt, so too can this venom be used to heal. The application and intention decide the end result. The process to pain is quicker and more simple; but if one were to take that venom and dedicate the time, they could transform it into medicine. The double headed snake of the Kundalini is very similar to this concept. Within us all is the power to create and destroy. How we apply ourselves influences our existence. The self we create determines the majority of our experiences. Keep in mind that nothing can be created without the destruction of something else. 

I find this energy resonates with both the snake and sacred geometry. I mean no disrespect to the cultures that associate certain named energies with this idea. My personal thoughts are that titles and names tend to create boundaries between us. Often, we are all talking about the same thing. I prefer sacred geometry for this reason as no one can claim ownership of numbers. It is a bit easier to remain objective and open when names are not present. 

The snake in general sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap. In many stories the snake is seen as the villain. From another perspective, the snake is one that holds knowledge and wisdom. This is where I find the energy of the snake – in the hidden and unknown knowledge. The snake we are talking about now is thought to lay at rest coiled near the base of the spine. It is believed to have the ultimate journey of traveling up the chakra system to reconnect with the divine masculine – who waits above the crown chakra. I know some might initially not enjoy the idea of the female traveling and not being whole without a male. We must take our ideas of girls and boys out of the equation though. We are all masculine and feminine. In order to be balanced there is an equal and harmonious blending of the two energies within us. This isn’t a desperate female thing; it is the longing to be at balance type of thing. The journey is one that harmonizes the feminine and masculine traits within us and the energy that goes along with them.

For those familiar with sacred geometry, this concept is not dissimilar to the journey traveled to return to the “one”. There is so much beauty in creation, but in order to create there also must be destruction. The “two” separated from the “one”. All things that followed are a result of this original act of separation. Nothing can be created out of nothing. In order to create something, we have to have ingredients. This idea of no longer having what was previous whole is at the center of the journey in sacred geometry. At least, from my point of view anyway. So, in order to find that ultimate feeling of “oneness”, the Kundalini must take a journey. Right here is where we go wrong sometimes. 

Think of a long road trip. In order to get to where we are going, we must travel a sometimes-annoying journey. However, the road trip is classic for a reason. Often, more time is spent traveling than at the actual destination. When we make the journey as important as the long drive, the entire experience holds more positive memories. However, when all we think of is the destination and we want to surpass all the pit stops or late-night diners one might need to stop at, the journey feels long and tedious. The journey itself is the destination. Being aware of Kundalini is very much the same as this concept. 

All stops this energy makes are needed. Somethings must be experienced, otherwise the journey wouldn’t be a thing at all. Embracing the moment we are in, finding peace in all stages of growth, and accepting that the journey, is just as important as the destination. This is the life changing way of working with the Kundalini.

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