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Heart Chakra

This heart chakra is by far the most confusing in my opinion. This is due to both its power and what it primarily deals with – emotion.

The Sanskrit name for this energy center is Anahata which translates to “unstruck”, “unhurt”, or “unbeaten”. Associated with the element or air, some say the energy the heart chakra is capable of producing, is stronger than any other location in or around the body. For me this is one of those conflicting ideas that I flip flop on because while I believe the chakra system is a system of balance and equality, I also know the unrivaled power of emotion. I find emotion is the driver, the power behind action. The trouble is, there is rarely balance found in this chakra so being able to harness the power behind our emotions is a tricky thing.

Energy disfluencies within Anahata occur due to grief. This is difficult to resolve sometimes because grief has so many layers to it. Denial is something that keeps us from even recognizing there is a problem at all. The obstacles of the heart run deep and most of us think we can’t endure the turmoil and pain required in order to heal these issues. Instead, walls are created that don’t allow us to access these parts of our history. The trouble with this is, if we can’t access parts of our emotions, we can’t access our full power. We can never have emotional harmony.

If we want to restore strength and balance to this chakra, we must look our grief in the face. The areas of lack and loss that we hide from must be addressed in order to let them go. Compassion must be found. We must take the lesson and leave the pain. This is how we begin to heal this energy center.

It is not easy, and arguably the most difficult chakra to bring lasting, stable, strength to.

*Excerpt from Crystals Book One Finding Your Way

Common Name: Heart Chakra                               

Color: Green                                                    

Keywords: Empathy, Transformation, Harmony 

An imbalance in this chakra can affect our ability to give and receive love and affection. It can result in either a detachment or over-attachment to the people in our lives. A few indicators to help you assess the functionality of the fourth chakra are listed below. 

Suggestive symptoms of excessive energy: Loving in a clingy, suffocating way; lacking a sense of self in a relationship; willing to say yes to everything; lacking boundaries, letting everyone in 

Suggestive symptoms of energy deficiency: Cold, distant, lonely, unable or unwilling to open up to others, holds grudges 

Here is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Heart Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. A few of my favorites for this chakra are:


 Green Opal, Emerald and Morganite 

Guess what I am going to say? Yup, there is a crystal match for you, and I implore you to find it! 

Crystals that resonate with Anahata 

Alunite (Angel Wing) – Grounding, stabilizing, creativity 

Amazonite – Calm, confidence, truth  

Amegreen- (Prasiolite and white quartz) compassion, emotional healing, stimulates psychic abilities 

Anandalite (Aurora Quartz) – Psychic abilities, love, high vibrational  

Aventurine – Luck, prosperity, wealth  

Brochantite – Intuition, healing, balancing  

Bustamite – Love, creativity, happiness 

Chrysocolla – Empowerment, comfort, wisdom 

Chrysoprase – Optimism, joy, contentment  

Clinozoisite – Forgiveness, heartache, clarity  

Diaspore – Stimulates mind, promotes memory recall, assists accepting change 

Dioptase – Past Life / karmic healing  

Eilat Stone – Wisdom, psychic abilities, emotional balance 

Emerald – Love, harmony, hope, wisdom  

Epidote – Release from negative behavior, healing, inner wisdom 

Fluorite – Clarity of mind, healing, calm  

Fuchsite “The Fairy Stone” – Boundaries, awareness of elementals, intuition  

Gaspeite – Psychic visions, healing, weight loss 

Green Apatite – Balances all chakras, kundalini, balance Yin & Yang energies, healing  

Green Apophyllite – Forgiveness, healing, letting go of that which doesn’t serve you 

Green Calcite – Healing, purpose, change, forgiveness 

Green Datolite – Eases ease stress, fear, anxiety, grief, enhances problem-solving abilities 

Green Diopside- Detoxifies negative energy, healing 

Green Kyanite – Healing, love, growth  

Green Opal – Peace, love, healing  

Green Tourmaline – Calm, cleanses the energetic system and clears blockages, healing  

Hiddenite – Emotional healing, love, gratitude 

Jade – Harmony, good luck, self-sufficiency  

Kutnohorite – Speaking the truth, harmony, calm  

Kunzite – Release of emotional walls, bonding, trust, loving communication  

Lepidocrocite -Hyperactivity/ADHD, protection  

Lepidolite – Calm, mood stabilizer, comfort  

Lithium Quartz – Clarity of mind, emotional stability, sedative  

Malachite (Stone of Transformation) – Healing, positive change, protection 

Mangano Calcite – Release from negative emotions, letting go of the past 

Moldavite* may tear holes in your auric field 

Morganite – Love, healing emotional trauma, life path  

Moss Agate – Weather and environmental sensitivity, abundance, cleansing  

Ocean Jasper – Releases negative emotions, positive communication, personal power 

Peridot – Prosperity, happiness, manifestation 

Petalite – Guide connection, protection, stress relief  

Phosphosiderite – Healing, spiritual growth, promotes calm  

Pink Chalcedony – Trust, luck with love, clarity of mind  

Pink Danburite – Spirit guide communication, spiritual enlightenment, patience  

Pink Opal – Healing subconscious emotional trauma, relieves stress, promotes calm  

Pink Spinel – Positivity, confidence, talisman of love  

Pink Tourmaline – Cleansing, release of destructive feelings, support for children  

Prasiolite – Connection with nature, spiritual development, healing  

Prehnite “The stone that heals the healer” – Love, precognition, magic  

Quantum Quattro – Release patterns, clears blockages, healing  

Rainforest Jasper – Connection to nature, change, healing 

Rhodochrosite – Healing unresolved issues, love, maturity  

Rhodonite – Love, acceptance, forgiveness, grounding 

Rose Quartz – Love, healing, anti-inflammatory  

Rubellite Tourmaline – Emotional healing, grounding, protection, balance 

Ruby – Passion, protection, prosperity, grounding 

Ruby Kyanite – Balance, protection, transmutes negative energy, grounding 

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) – Appreciation, abundance, vitality

Samadhi Quartz (Pink Nirvana Quartz) – Peace, comfort, love, healing                                                        

Seraphinite – Self-healing, spiritual enlightenment, angelic guidance  

Seriphos Green Quartz – Release negativity, earth connection, healing  

Serpentine – Kundalini, healing, abundance 

Star Ruby – Healing, magic, full moon *plus ruby properties 

Stichtite – Forgiveness, alternative viewpoints, kundalini 

Thulite – Eloquent speech, passion for life, overcome shyness 

Tugtupite – Removes sense of neutrality or apathy to love, wakens passion  

Tunellite- Meditation, forgiveness, allows us to see things for what they are  

Unakite – Compassion, balance, grounding 

Uvarovite Garnet – Self-worth, detoxification, anti-inflammatory 

Variscite – Problem-solving, peace, compassion  

Vesuvianite (Idocrase) -Spiritual growth, overcome ego, higher self 

Yttrium Fluorite – Communication with spirit, spiritual development, mediumship 

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