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Brow Chakra

Moving up to the next chakra we have the Brow Chakra. Often this one is referred to as the third eye chakra but early on in my journey I had a mentor who explained how this name can be a bit misleading. She said that just as the actual physical heart is different than the heart chakra, so too is the “Third Eye” different from the 6th chakra. Since this is a bit of a lesser-known part of the body with tons of mysticism surrounding it, I now prefer to align with this original teaching bestowed upon me. It just makes things less confusing for me personally.

The third eye references an actual physical thing in our bodies known as the pineal gland. While it serves a physical purpose, it is also believed to be the center of things like “psychic” perception. This is an area of discussion for another time, as I feel the energy center in question deals with so much more than just the “spiritual gifts” as many like to call them.

With all that said, we are talking about Ajna which translates from Sanskrit to “perceive”, “beyond wisdom” or “command”. This energy center corresponds with light. Now, this is confusing and a term that is often full of loads of bullshit. So, let’s take a moment and really think about what it means. Light is illumination and without it we would be in darkness. Not evil but lacking the ability to see with any level of clarity. Light is energy, clear, strong and pure. Built upon from the previous chakra’s meaning of purity, this is energy aligned with truth that is not rigid or harsh. This is the frequency that a balanced brow chakra resonates with. When this energy center is not functioning to its full capacity, we end up lacking light – lacking illumination and the ability to see with any level of clarity.

Disfluencies in this energy center are born out of illusion. When our perception becomes the only possible truth, this chakra becomes tainted and clouded with a disassociation from universal truth. We see here another example of how the entire chakra system works together. No one chakra can be perfectly balanced if the others are out of sorts. We can be close, there can be strength and disfluencies within the system; but harmony cannot be found if all chakras are not working together. They all build upon one another; they are a team. The brow chakra often becomes just about the psychic and spirit, but this is the center of our mind and perception of the world. In order to bring balance to the brow, we must ask ourselves where we are clouding our own perceptions. Where can we be more open to alternative views and possibilities?

*Excerpt from Crystals Book One Finding Your Way

Common Name: Brow Chakra                              

Color: Indigo                                              

Keywords: Psychic Abilities, Wisdom, Perception 

When an imbalance occurs in this chakra it usually affects things pertaining to the mind. Your thoughts, perceptions, imagination, dreams, creative pursuits, and psychic abilities. Below are just a few indicators to help you assess the functionality of the 6th chakra. 

Suggestive signs of excessive energy: Out of touch with reality, lacking good judgment, unable to focus, prone to hallucinations, overactive imagination, lacks judgment or sympathy, unable to focus 

Suggestive signs of energy deficiency: Rigid in thinking, closed off to new ideas, too reliant on authority, disconnected or distrustful of inner voice/ intuition, anxious, attachment to the past and fearful of the future, insensitivity, inability to imagine or visualize things, memory issues, anxious 

Here is a list of crystals that can help balance the energy in the Brow Chakra. I have listed a few keywords associated with each. A few of my favorite crystals for this chakra are:

 Amethyst, Iolite, and Purple Fluorite  

*I do find this chakra to be more subjective than all the others so please take your time to find the right match for this chakra. This one is I do strongly urge you to take your time and find the right match for you.

Crystals that resonate with Ajna 

Actinolite – Shielding, aura repair, recover from psychic attack 

Afghanite – Insomnia, problem solving, psychic abilities 

Agrellite- Alleviates writer’s block, spiritual growth, improves mood 

Albite- Activates the mind, promotes memory recall, lucid dreaming  

Amethyst – Clarity of mind, healing, emotional balance  

Ammonites – Filter negativity, stagnant or chaotic energy, promotes growth  

Amphibole Quartz- Meditation, guidance, lucid dreaming  

Ascension Stone- Protection, mediation, balance  

Atacamite – Self-confidence, motivation, release blockages 

Auralite 23 – Healing on all levels, guidance, balance  

Aurichalcite – Balance energetic system, clear communication  

Azurite – Tempers the mind, emotional balance, communication with spirit/guides 

Beryllonite- High vibrational, release from negative emotions 

Blue Aventurine – Anxiety, stress, decision making 

Blue Barite – Heals shock and trauma, psychic abilities 

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Quartz, release of emotional trauma, meditation, spirit communication, aura repair 

Cacoxenite Amethyst “Stone of ascension” – Spiritual awareness, healing, clarity, grounding 

Charoite – Transmutes negativity, protects from psychic attack, enhances natural abilities 

Cookeite – Psychic protection, problem-solving, meditation   Copper – Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, energy amplifier 

Cryolite – Kundalini, clair senses, psychic abilities 

Crystal Quartz – Amplification, substitute for any crystal, master healer 

Danburite – Healing, allergies, detoxification 

Diaspore – Stimulates mind, promotes memory recall, assists accepting change 

Dream Quartz – Telepathy, lucid dream, prophetic visions 

Dumortierite – Self-defense, intellectual abilities, amplify psychic abilities 

Eckermannite – channeling 

Eilat Stone – Wisdom, psychic abilities, emotional balance 

Green Diopside – Conservation, earth connection, empowerment  

Gyrolite – Mediation, healing/ pain relief broken bones and sore muscles 

Heliodor – Leadership, confidence, honesty 

Herderite – Awakens latent abilities, enhances psychic abilities 

Herkimer Diamonds – Purification, amplification, peace, healing 

Howlite – Insomnia, self-judgment, relieves anger  

Hypersthene – Boost psychic abilities, magic 

Indigo Kyanite- Psychic abilities, spirit communication, protection, balance  

Iolite – Guidance, intuition, astral travel  

Jeremejevite – Precognitive dreams, intuition, relieves grief 

K2- Higher self-connection, grounding, spiritual guidance

Kyanite (color, blue)– Guide communication, healing, balance, aura strengthening & repair 

Labradorite “Stone of magic”– Rapidly opens spiritual abilities, amplification, psychic visions 

Lapis Lazuli – Protection, magic, spiritual development 

Lemurian Quartz – Guidance, wisdom, higher self/guide communication  

Linarite – Release negative emotions, astral travel, clears meridians 

Lithium Quartz – Calm, clarity of mind, balances emotions 

Maori Greenstone (Pounamu Stone) – Strength, prosperity, protection  

Moldavite *May tear holes in aura* 

Mordenite- Abundance, release of negative energy, aids concentration  

Natrolite – Absorbs toxins, aids spiritual growth, harmonize 

Novaculite- Cord-cutting – Intuition – Guide communication  

Petalite – Guide connection, protection, stress relief 

Petrified Wood – Past life, grounding, ancestral healing, patience 

Phenacite – Personal growth, telepathy, guide communication 

Prophecy Stone – Calms emotions, clarity of mind 

Purple Fluorite- Clarity of mind, healing, meditation  

Purple Scapolite- Telepathy, compassion, psychic abilities 

Purpurite- Psychic protection, clear confident communication  

Rainbow Mayanite- Stamina, spiritual awakening, release negative patterns 

Rhodizite- Manifestation, energizing, power 

Sapphire – Wisdom, prophecy, faith                            

Satyaloka Quartz – Guidance, healing, amplification 

Scolecite – Communication with spirit, inner peace, and transformation 

Selenite – Cleansing, charging, auric repair, amplification, lunar energy 

Sillimanite (Fibrolite) – Stimulates feelings of euphoria, clairaudience, aligns 

Smithsonite – Psychic abilities, healing, stress relief  

Sodalite – Communication, honest evaluation of oneself, quiets the mind 

Stellar Beam Calcite (Dogtooth Calcite) – Harmony, relaxed sleep, high vibrational 

Sugilite- Creates a barrier between you and other people’s energy 

Tanzanite – Wisdom, meditation, psychic abilities 

Tiffany Stone – Passion, psychic abilities and communication 

Turquoise – Protection, wisdom, prophetic dreams 

Unakite – Compassion balance, grounding 

White Spirit Quartz- Harmony, alignment, amplification  

Witches Finger- Healing, protection, overcoming fears, grounding 

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