Thoughts From The Void

Everyone has their own ideas about divination. Some believe it is a thing done by opportunistic frauds looking to make some easy money. This is sometimes true. Others think it is something only a select gifted few people are capable of. This is never true. Then there are those who believe divination is not something quite so farfetched. They believe we all can, and do, engage in divining the guidance we seek. I fall into the last category of believers.

To me, I know we all engage in divination – we just don’t all recognize it by that name. Just like anything, when we have the intention and focus, we find success with more clarity. Yes, there are many forms and levels to the art of divination. From simply paying attention to how we really feel, trusting our “gut”, dream interpretation, or even the more mysterious act of communicating with spirit; we all perform some type of divination in our everyday lives.

The answers we seek are already inside of us

I feel strongly that we all know what is best for us. The trouble is, we also know what we want, and those things do not always align. We are capable of connecting to spirit and the guidance or support we require. However, our judgment is easily clouded, or we can become filled with doubt. Even the most confident and self-assured of us feel a little lost from time to time. Sometimes it is just a lack of faith and belief that prevents us from embracing what we already know deep inside of ourselves. This is exactly what a reading is for. A reading helps us to find clarity and reinforce what we know to be true already.

Can a reading tell your future? I suppose it can. In my opinion, that shouldn’t be what we seek a reading for. We should always be the ones who determine our future. We get to choose the path we take. No one should tell us our future is set in stone. Knowing where to begin, what to change, or what direction to travel is often the place we become stuck. A reading can help to connect you to the clues that you are temporarily unable to see.

I feel that the expectations of the sitter should be to align with the message that their own self has been trying to get through to them. Our soul knows us best after all. Having an impartial person help us to see past our own bias can often be the most profound and beneficial experience we could ask for.

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