Shielding is when we use our will to create a barrier between our energy and the energy of the world. There are varying beliefs concerning this practice. Some think shielding isn’t all that great because it keeps “everything” out. Some think shielding doesn’t really do very much at all. Some swear by a bubble of protective light. Some believe all of our energy is connected; the plants, animals, and people of the world all share one source of energy, and we inadvertently will blend all of these energies together at some point. I am somewhere in the middle of these ideas. Again, a clear representation that this stuff is all very subjective and there is no right or wrong that can be proven.

There are benefits to shielding, especially for those with anxiety or panic disorders. It can prove to help keep outside chaotic energy from intermingling with your own. This will facilitate stability within our auric field. The best part about learning to find your own shielding method is that it doesn’t cost you anything and you can hold whatever beliefs you prefer to align with as it really is not a practice that belongs to any one system of belief.

White does not equal good and black does not equal evil.

Now, I don’t get down with the “white light” idea. It just doesn’t suit me. I feel this is important to say because it seems to be the common belief that white light is good and everything healing and positive is all white light. Energy comes in all colors and every color has negative associations just the same as they do positive. This is a very human thing to separate them, but if you want to visualize gold or blue or green or fuchsia then you do you. It is good to remember that white light is a combination of all colors. So white doesn’t equal good just by default. It is everything.

Be your own guru

When we are shielding, we are looking to reinforce our energetic field and establish a clear boundary between where our energy stops, and the rest of the world begins. Some people don’t even try to see a color, but rather just try to feel the energy. Some even hear their shield and don’t see anything at all. If it feels right to you, it is likely your way -within reason. If any part of what you are doing feels “off” then it is not your way. Listen to yourself, not your favorite guru when it comes to this topic.

I will share my technique but as always feel free to take the parts of it that resonate with you and make them your own!


The times I feel I need to shield, I first center and ground myself. As I pull the energy up from the Earth and it circulates through my system, I do my best to use a combination of “visualizing” and feeling, while I follow the energy up until it gets to my center. The energy continues all the way up to the crown and then circulates out into my auric field- but I do not focus on that. It’s just kind of what happens naturally. The key here is not to try to see or manipulate anything but rather to notice where the energy is going and how it is moving. This will also clue you in as to where there are issues within your auric field.

My focus stays at my center. The place just between my heart and my belly. This will be a combination of the seat of our will and the strength of our feelings, the energy from our heart and solar plexus chakras. I focus on bringing more strong energy up from the Earth and I gather it in this spot. Then I have another one-two punch here, I cut cords as I shield. There is kind of a lot that happens in a split second of activity so a belief in yourself and the power of your intention is key here.

Before I send the energy out, I make my will clear “I remove all cords that do not facilitate the frequency I want to resonate with”. As I do this, I focus on how I want to feel. Then with an exhale I shoot that gathered energy out in all directions. With that energy, goes the release of any cords that are attached to me that hinder my goal of resonating at the strong frequency of my choosing.

With the end of that breath, I “visualize” where the energy stops. I declare where my energy ends, and I see the strong boundary between myself and the world. I then reinforce this shield by repeating my previous steps of drawing, gathering, and sending out my strong energy. As I do this, I state my intention that those cords return to their original source.

I take a moment and feel the strength of my “shield” and know I am protected from outside energetic influence.

A stronger approach

When I am feeling as though I require a more specific type of protection, I do not envision just a circle. Although to be honest I never really shield with just circle, the bubble is just not my thing. Prior to energy work, during psychic attack, or anytime I need a really strong approach I alter my process a bit. Instead of gathering energy at my center, I pull energy up from below me and make a pyramid. From there, I will create an inverted pyramid with high vibrational universal energy that overlaps the first to create the Merkabah. I continue to both lift Earth energy from below and draw down universal energy from above to reinforce this shape and then once it is strong, I spin it. This creates several shapes layered on top of one another and ultimately does create a circle around the outer edge of my shield.

My way might not be your way

My method might not work for everyone and that is okay! My method evolved from years of trying to do the common advice of imagining a bubble of white light. I would do this over and over and over and it was never a good fit for me. It just didn’t resonate with me, but it did help to lead me to my way. It is a great place to start if you haven’t really found your method yet. Starting by just trying to “visualize” your bubble, or the energetic boundary that surrounds you is always going to be a safe place to begin.

A couple of key points.

Energy can teleport

~This fun thought was not something I came across until years after failing at shielding. You can’t just create a line. Part of what makes shielding effective is that you are creating an area that resonates at a certain frequency. That frequency will be jarring to anything resonating at a different frequency. More often than not, the alternate frequencies will either change or leave. This is where the protection comes from. When we do not fill our shield but instead just visualize a barrier, we are only making a line for energy to have to get across. Which, it can easy peasy. If we fill our shield with a strong high frequency, we create an environment unpleasant for anything that resonates lower than we wish to. This makes it less likely for anything to want to stay within our space.

Intention does not need to be spoken out loud

~When I state my intention, I do not find it necessary to do so out loud. The mind is powerful, our thoughts carry energy just the same as words do. I think spoken word carries a bit more punch for certain applications but for something happening within your own energetic field that doesn’t require universal assistance, I think a silent statement of intention makes total sense. You do you though, if it feels better to shout it or whisper it you do what feels right.

Visualize doesn’t always mean what we think it does

~I put visualize in quotes because it isn’t quite the right word for me but there isn’t really a word to describe it. I see the energy, but I don’t try to see the energy. For me, it is simply looking. It is no different than watching something in the physical world. That is just how my clair-senses manifest. Yours might manifest differently, so begin with visualizing and if the day comes that you don’t actually try to see the energy but rather happen to observe it, great! If not also totally fine.

Nothing supersedes free will

~Most importantly a shield will not keep anything out that has free will. This is a tough one for people to grasp and accept. Mostly because on the surface it is a scary statement. However, we are going to apply logic here. If you have a house, it works as a shield from the elements and invaders. Most of us will not endure an event that will result in someone penetrating our fortress. Most people will be safe just due to the fact the house exists. Some people might encounter a break-in and then have to defend their space. These are not overly common occurrences, but they happen, right? If our home is built with a strong foundation and we do all we can to protect and reinforce its boundaries, the odds are much less likely someone will want to put in the effort to break into it. The payout just isn’t worth the effort and risk.

The same logic applies to our shield. If we own our power, if we manage our energy, if we defend our energetic space with firm boundaries, the odds are very slim that anything will put in that effort to break into our home. If we do not manage our energy, if we work against keeping healthy and strong energetic boundaries, if we do not believe in the power of our own will, then we make it very easy to become victim to energetic “parasites”.

This was something I learned the hard way and I felt like I was weak because of my failure. This simply is not true and is faulty logic. I did not own my power. I did not take care of my body or energy, and I had no boundaries. I could not then just decide I would start making a bubble and it would fix everything because my energy was already weak. The issue was already there. This is sort of like hosting a house party with drunk young people. Imagine letting in all the guests and then deciding “Oh shit this was a bad idea.” and thinking everyone will just happily walk out upon a polite request to vacate. Maybe a couple would leave but most of them would just be drunk and probably break a bunch of stuff in your house. This is what it is like to start to apply shielding after you have already gotten an issue within your energetic field. In order to fix this issue, and begin a strong shielding practice, you must first cleanse – sometimes this can require outside assistance from an experienced and trusted professional. Sometimes this just requires faith, determination, and strength of self. Every situation is different and even people who are hyper aware of their energy can find themselves in a situation that requires mitigation from an outside source; just the same as a novice can clear their energy under the right circumstances.

When do we shield?

This is absolutely personal and should be done when you feel you need to strengthen your boundaries. Maybe in a crowd of people, maybe when you encounter highly emotional situations or people, whenever it is you feel your own energy could be threatened or encroached upon. Anytime you feel you want to draw a line in the sand that says

“NO, you will not touch my energy!”

This is a practice that is unrivaled when it comes to learning to manage overactive clairempathy or for those who call themselves “empaths”, as well as any of the overactive clair-senses. A strong shielding practice allows us to identify what energy is ours so that we don’t carry the baggage of the world as our own. In my experience, shielding does not prevent spirit from communicating with us. Our energy is reinforced by both universal and Earth’s energy (at least that is what I see), if spirit has a message for us, they can get it to us no matter how much we shield.

Shielding will not prevent spirit communication – especially the positive kind

Shielding cuts down the chatter and the extra – there is so much extra! A good shielding practice can allow us to quickly establish boundaries or lower them if we choose to connect with energies that do not originate from within ourselves. It is not a deterrent but rather a tool that can be used to remain in control of whatever communication it is you wish to participate in!

Trust yourself

I hope you can find something helpful within this content and develop your own method that helps enhance your personal will and energetic boundaries. Above all else, trust what you feel. If ever something makes you squint or doubt yourself, it is worth paying attention to. A no will always be a more noticeable reaction than a yes. A yes often feels like “maybe that was right” but a no will always make you take notice. Something that doesn’t feel right will poke at you. When you find those things, don’t panic. Address them until you find a way to make yourself comfortable without question. You have the power to do that! You are capable of protecting your own energy!

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