Thoughts From The Void

We have the power to control how we feel.

Raising our personal frequency is something that comes up a lot when we talk about all things “spiritual”. Resonating with lower frequencies creates many obstacles, both seen and unseen. When we learn to raise our frequency, we also improve our energetic protection, manifesting capabilities, connection to inner guidance, and our overall well-being. It is something that might not be very exciting but is something imperative to master. We should be the only thing that can influence where we resonate. Sure, somethings will have to have an influence on us every so often if we wish to be a part of the world; but we have the ability to control where we resonate.

What does that mean? Resonate. In the simplest way of understanding, it is how we feel. Our energy is strongly linked to our emotional state, but it is also connected to our physical wellness. If you want to know where you are resonating, just pay attention to how you feel.

A good amount of what goes into raising vibrations is common sense. If it is good for your body, it is good for your vibrations. If it is not good for your body, it will not raise your vibrations. Pretty simple. There are no loopholes here. If your doctor would not say it is good for your physical health, consider it NOT on the list of things that help to raise your vibrations. Too many medications can also be detrimental for our wellness, so compare opinions on what people say is good for your physical body.

To be clear, I am not telling anyone to stop taking medications. I am only saying they have an impact on how you feel, and it isn’t always a good influence. Sometimes we take medications to take the “easy” way out. If you struggle to keep yourself feeling well, that might be an area to examine with the help of a medical professional. If we want to be the best us, we need to help ourselves out by taking care of our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic being.

Physical Influencers

Exercise, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, and keeping the things that don’t contribute to a healthy lifestyle to a minimum, is really the best course of action when it comes to keeping vibrations high and strong. Again, there are no loopholes here, if it is not contributing to good health, it is lowering your frequency. This doesn’t mean we can’t ever eat ice cream or have a glass of wine. If we exhibit self-control and moderation, the lowering of vibrations from these things is only temporary. Making our physical body strong in a balanced way is one of the biggest contributors to a strong energetic frequency.

Mental Influencers

Meditation is another really big contributor to this equation of wellness. I don’t mean you need to sit with your legs crossed and be still for hours a day to meditate, but rather take time to let your mind be still – even if all you can spare is five minutes a day. That five minutes of calm can help to stabilize your energy so that your energy doesn’t scatter, and your frequency doesn’t lower.

Our minds tend to wander and little bits of ourselves become “stuck” in certain places. Our thoughts are a part of our consciousness – our spirit. If our spirit is dwelling on that unfinished to-do list, or that goal you wish to one day achieve, then all of you is not present in the now. Again, temporarily this is natural and not a big deal. If we do not take mindful action to command all of our spirit back to our present moment, we will be a spirit divided.

Emotional Influencers

Paying attention to our emotions throughout the day and taking stock of the things that trigger us is one of the less obvious things we can do. Often, we get bothered by things and it shakes up our energy. Sometimes this lingers in our system. If we take the time to find the root cause of these triggers, the things that set us off will no longer imprint negatively on our system. When we start acting like a bit of a jerk, we need to address our own behavior instead of blaming the world around us. We are not victims of circumstance, very few situations fall outside of this truth.

The same is true for good emotions. If we allow the positive experiences we have to hold great influence over our energy, we will see a fluctuation in our frequency that will become noticeable over time. The trouble with this is that when we do not have the influencer present, we will begin to feel a sense of lack. We then end up feeling the need for the approval of others or behavioral patterns of this nature. Small fluctuations are fine but if we find that our positive feelings tend to come from outside sources, it is good to recognize that we are not taking control of our well-being. Notice how you feel when you get a compliment. If the compliment causes a significant shift in your feelings, it may be helpful to dig deeper into why that is. The energy and intentions of the world should not hold more power over your energy than you do.

We are in control

We are in control of ourselves and our energy. We choose how we react and if we habitually react in a negative way, or if we allow ourselves to be treated with less respect than we deserve, those frequencies reside within our system. If we want to raise our frequency, we must take steps to change our behavioral patterns so that we no longer align with negative or self-detrimental energy.

If we take stock of the things we worry about, where our mind wanders to, then we can also call our energy back to the present and decide if these things are within our control to fix. If they are not, then we need to try to let them go and trust in ourselves to be able to find the path to resolution when the time comes. If they are within our capabilities to remedy, then we should set aside time to make a plan. This way we are in control and fully aware of where our energy is going.

There is an exercise I enjoy, and it involves crystals. I prefer selenite, apophyllite, or satin spar for this job but you can choose any high vibrational crystal you like. This exercise is called Match the Energy. This is something we can all do! Have you ever seen that meme that says something along the lines of

“I match energy so you decide how we will act”

Yeah, I dislike that meme because it is a bit misguided in my opinion. Embracing the idea that someone else controls how you act doesn’t feel empowering to me. There is truth in it, although I will never intentionally lower my frequency to match anyone, the concept behind it inspired this exercise. So, with that said, if you have resonated with that meme, you already know how to do this exercise!


After I complete my centering, grounding, shielding, and circulating exercises (sounds like a lot but it only takes minutes), I sit with the crystal of my choosing. I know what my energy feels like as I have just become grounded, released all excess, set clear boundaries between me and the energy of the world, my energy system is clear and free flowing so now when I add the crystal to my auric field, I can feel its frequency. Don’t look for something huge here. It isn’t a buzzing or anything like that normally. Just notice anything different you feel, emotionally, mentally, physically – anything. I focus on this feeling. If you feel nothing at all, just focus on how the crystal feels sitting in your hand. You must still your mind and be aware of yourself. This may not happen the very first time or even the first few times. If you do not believe you can feel the energy, you likely will stop yourself from noticing it.

Feel the energy of the crystal go into one hand and make its way through your entire energetic system. It goes in the arm, down the side of the body, through the legs, and up the other side of my body, then out into my auric field. I continue this circulation until I can no longer tell the difference between my frequency and the frequency of the crystal. This helps me to match the frequency of the crystal. This is where I want to resonate. After a while, I ground again to relieve any excess energy within my system, and the frequency I remain at will be a comfortable and lighter vibration than I had previously been residing at.

We all already know how to do this!

This feeling of energy, thought, or emotion and then resonating with it is something we all do instinctively. When we hear a sad story, when someone else is confrontational, when someone compliments us; all of these shift our energy. That shift comes from us. We match the frequency. The idea that we can control our frequency is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. For those who have not been mindful about managing their energy, realizing they have the power is a bit like a Wizard of Oz moment. The notion that you have had the power all along can be a bit infuriating at first. Taking the steps to be intentional about our frequency and where we resonate is easier said than done sometimes. Be kind to yourself and be patient but most of all believe you have the power.

Give this exercise a try and see what you might want to add or take away to find your ritual to help you raise your vibrations.

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